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Published at 22nd of July 2020 11:55:12 AM
Chapter 3373: 3373
Chapter 3373 Su Yu is the Type I Like 3

“I never go back on my words . Come on . ”

Lu Yan was ready to torture Huo Siqian to death .

Huo Siqian dashed up and fought viciously to survive .

At the beginning, Lu Yan just dodged his attacks to consume his strength .

When he was weakened, Lu Yan began to fight back .

She looked fragile, but Huo Siqian heard his ribs break when she punched him .

Suppressing the pain, he charged again . Before he could get close, Lu Yan sent him flying with a kick, breaking his ribs .

Then she walked up and stepped on his wrist .

“You deserve to die 100 times . ”

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“You… you’re Lu Yan?”

Huo Siqian finally realized who she was . After all, he had never heard that Qin Chu had such a strong female killer; her fighting moves were unthinkably difficult to deal with and deftly executed .

Usually, Lu Yan would wear a thin human skin mask when she was out on missions; the mask was hand-made and looked like a real person’s face .

It made her look like a different person, which was why Huo Siqian hadn’t recognized her at first .

If he had known, he’d probably not have fought her at close-range .

In less than five minutes, Huo Siqian got many bones broken by Lu Yan .

“Very good . You even know I’m Lu Yan . ”

Lu Yan pulled off the thin mask and revealed her face .

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“Ahem… It’s indeed you,” spitting out blood, Huo Siqian said with sudden understanding .

“Hello, Huo Siqian . No, I should say Jack . ” Lu Yan stared at him coldly .

“Hehe! Qin Chu defeated me with the help of his sister-in-law…”

The moment Jack said it, Lu Yan reached out and caught his neck .

“Don’t provoke me… You can’t fool me with your little tricks… You’ve lived long enough and it’s time for you to go to hell…”

Lu Yan strangled Jack’s neck and stabbed his belly with her dagger .

“Ugh…” Jack groaned at the sudden pain, his face distorted .

“I’m sorry . I’m not as kind as my sister… I just want to stab you 20 to 30 times… and… you’ll feel each of them . ”

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Then she stabbed again swiftly .

Since Lu Yan caught his neck, he couldn’t scream and had to bear the excruciating pain .

Lu Yan was indeed vicious; all her kindness was reserved for her loved ones .

Huo Mian might pity Huo Siqian, but Lu Yan felt nothing about him and could kill him as if he was just an ant .

“Huo Mian will hate you… if she knows… you treated me like this…” Jack sneered with blood on his face .

“You flatter yourself… You might not know it but it was my sister who decided to kill you… She couldn’t bear to kill Huo Siqian, but you… are Jack . ”

“What’s the difference? We share a body…” He continued to sneer .

“You still babble with death upon you . If I got my hands on you earlier, I’d have fed you to dogs…”

Then, Lu Yan stabbed him again…

By now, Jack was almost on his last breath; under Lu Yan’s merciless stabbing, he might not be able to take 30 stabs before he died .

At this moment, the sounds of a helicopter came from the dark night .

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