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Published at 19th of July 2020 04:30:07 AM
Chapter 3362: 3362
Chapter 3362 Second-hand Women Aren“t Valuable 6

The whole room fell silent when Wei Liao and his sister walked in .

Everyone looked stupefied .

Wei Liao’s expression showed that he hadn’t expected to see so many people here .

Wei Ying was dressed in a simple light-yellow nightgown with laces on the hem; the small V on her back made her look petite and adorable .

“Old Wei is… here, too . ” Su Yu had a faint feeling that something wasn’t right .

At this moment, Shen Mingxi stood up .

“Second Brother Wei . ”

“Stop . I’ve never been related to your Shen Family . Why did you call me brother?” Wei Liao wasn’t a bit softened by this greeting .

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“In the past, Ying and I…”

“As you said, it was in the past . Are you mentioning the past to anger me?”

“No . I took the liberty to invite you to this place because I want to do something I’ve been thinking about for a long time . ”

Shen Mingxi took the microphone from his assistant .

Under everyone’s gaze, he looked at Wei Liao and then at Wei Ying .

He said, “What I did in the past was despicable and deeply hurt the Wei and Shen Families… I want to apologize for it . ”

“It’s not necessary to apologize . Mr . Shen, get to the point . We’re busy,” Wei Liao interrupted him since he didn’t want to hear Shen Mingxi’s sentimental words .

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“I admit to the mistakes I made . But we’re not saints and thus are not perfect . I don’t want to ruin our future because of past mistakes… Second Brother Wei, forgive me for saying so shamelessly, but I still love Ying . ”

“You’re indeed shameless . ” Wei Liao looked at Shen Mingxi coldly .

“Brother…” Wei Ying tugged at her elder brother’s sleeve, thinking he was a bit too harsh .

“There’s nothing wrong about love . I was mistaken that I didn’t cherish what I had . Second Brother Wei, since Ying and I are both single, I hope she and the Wei Family can give me another chance . ”

“In your dreams…”

“I know this request is rude . So, I thought for a long time and invited people including Young Master Su as my witnesses . I ask you guys to oversee me . If I do anything to hurt Ying in the future, I’d take any punishment . ”

“You won’t be able to hurt Ying, because you won’t have the chance… We won’t give you the chance . ”

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“Second Brother Wei, I truly love Ying…”

“Shen Mingxi, a smart man never looks back… We won’t make you pay for what you did to Ying, but we’ll never forgive you, either . We won’t forget the things you and Huo Yanyan did . A broken mirror can’t be repaired to its original state . I think you know it . If you’re putting on this drama because of the recent crisis the Shen Family is facing, I advise you to give it up because the Wei Family will never help you… So, don’t try to make use of my younger sister again . ”

“It’s not what you think . I’m not trying to use her . I’m sincere…”

Shen Mingxi took out a small silk box from his pant pocket .

It contained a Cartier diamond ring .

“Ying… I’m sorry… If you can give me one last chance, I promise I’ll never lose you again . ”

Under everyone’s gaze, Shen Mingxi knelt on one knee, holding the ring before Wei Ying .

Wei Ying looked stunned . With his reserved personality, Shen Mingxi usually wouldn’t do such a thing . It showed how determined he was this time…

Su Yu was also caught by surprise completely .

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