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Chapter 3361: 3361
Chapter 3361 Second-hand Women Aren“t Valuable 5

“Humph,” Su Yu replied arrogantly with one word .

“You’re ungrateful after I left you so many delicacies in the fridge…” Zeng Rou replied with a voice message .

“I didn’t eat them . An had them all . ” Su Yu blamed everything on the unlucky An .

“Can you swear that you’re a puppy, no, a Husky, if you ate even one bite of it?”

“You are a damned Husky,” Su Yu retorted in a huff .

“Hahaha! You can’t deny it . I knew you ate some…”

“How’s your trip?”

“If I’m out of money, you’ll transfer some to me right, our rich Young Master Su?” Zeng Rou joked with a chuckle .

“Impossible . I don’t have money, either…”

“Miser . Humph… This place is fun but it’s a bit too hot…”

“Okay . Enjoy yourself . ”

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“Then… when can I return?” Zeng Rou wanted to say that she’d like to end her trip but was afraid that Su Yu didn’t want her back . It would be awkward .

In fact, Su Yu didn’t think much about it . After all, Zeng Rou didn’t take all her luggage with her when she left .

He had never thought to take this opportunity to kick her out of his house . After all, he wasn’t a guy who’d dump people when they were no longer useful to him .

“You can return when you want,” Su Yu said without hesitation .

“Really? Have the rumors settled down now?” Zeng Rou asked cautiously .

“You mean the thing with Nie Lingxuan?”

“Yep . ” Zeng Rou nodded .

“It passed long ago . It’s the era of new media . Not to mention this, even news about a male movie star cheating on his wife would settle down after two days on trending hashtags . The thing between me and Nie Lingxuan is not real anyway, so no one took it to heart . If you’re done touring, you can come back anytime . ”

“Okay . I’ll return in a couple of days . ” Zeng Rou felt warm inside when she heard that he welcomed her back whenever she was done touring .

It seemed he didn’t want to use this opportunity to kick her out of his house .

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“Okay . I must get back to work now . ”

Then, they ended the voice call on WeChat .

– In Singapore –

In a mall selling luxurious brands, Zeng Rou looked at a white shirt for men and said, “Please pack this up for me . ”

“Okay, Miss . ” The salesman put it in a bag deftly .

In the evening, Su Yu was driving home in his Lamborghini when he got a call from Shen Mingxi .

“Young Master Su, would you come out and have a drink?”

“Okay . Tell me the place . ”

“Monarch . ”

“Okay . I’ll be there in a moment . ”

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After they resumed their friendship, Su Yu and Shen Mingxi had gradually fallen back to their previous habits .

Tang Chuan liked to organize drinking parties; but a few days ago, when he saw Qin Ning post a picture of herself with a male friend, he got angry and booked a ticket to fly to Los Angeles that night .

Wei Liao was reserved and seldom organized drinking parties; Su Yu had been busy and hadn’t gotten together with friends lately .

Now that Shen Mingxi invited him to have a drink, Su Yu accepted it since he happened to be free .

Entering the private room, he saw quite a few second-gen rich guys in their circle; some of them brought girlfriends .

When Su Yu walked in, they all stood up and greeted him .

“Hi, Young Master Su . ”

“Hello, Young Master Su . ”

“Hi . ” Su Yu nodded at them and walked toward Shen Mingxi .

“What’s the occasion? Today isn’t your birthday, right?” Su Yu was puzzled .

“No . ”

“Then why organize such a party?” Su Yu felt bewildered .

“You’ll know in a moment,” said Shen Mingxi .

“What’s up? You are acting so mysterious…” Su Yu felt Shen Mingxi was up to something .

At this moment, the door opened again .

Su Yu was surprised when Wei Liao entered with Wei Ying .

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