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Chapter 3363: 3363
Chapter 3363 Second-hand Women Aren“t Valuable 7

“You’re really a drama queen…” Wei Liao sneered .


“Ying, if you want a ring, our family can afford it… If you take it, you’ll lose your brother forever . ”

Afraid his sister would accept Shen Mingxi’s proposal, Wei Liao issued this threat .

“I say, Old Wei…” Su Yu felt Wei Liao shouldn’t be so blunt and embarrass Shen Mingxi like this in front of everyone . After all, Shen Mingxi was a top figure in the city .

But Wei Liao looked determined .

“Young Master Su, stay out of it . It’s a family issue . ”

Hearing his words, Su Yu couldn’t say more about it; resigned, he turned and sat back down .

“Second Brother, I was wrong . You can hit me or rail at me, but please give me another chance because I truly don’t want to live my life without Ying . In the past, we were young and immature, and I made many mistakes . As time goes on, we finally see each other’s true hearts . ”

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“Brother… Mingxi is truly sorry about his mistakes . I think…”

“Shut up . ” Wei Liao was enraged when he saw Wei Ying had been swayed by Shen Mingxi .

“Have you forgotten all the pain you went through?”

“No . Brother, I just think… I made mistakes, too . My behavior at that time could drive any man crazy…”

Wei Ying had done some reflection on her past behavior .

Shen Mingxi was wrong to cheat on her with Huo Yanyan, but Wei Ying knew her behavior wasn’t impeccable, either .

If she had been reasonable, Shen Mingxi wouldn’t have fallen for Huo Yanyan’s tricks .

The most important thing right now was that they still cared for each other .

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The Shen and Wei Family had been on good terms . Wei Ying had loved Shen Mingxi secretly since she was 15 years old . After so many years passed, she still loved him . It was quite rare .

“Don’t find excuses for the scumbag . You’re my sister, the little princess of our Wei Family… We have power and money, and you have an excellent educational background and good looks . You can have any man you want . Why can’t you forget him?”

“Big Brother, in fact, I…”

“Ying, let’s go . ”

Before his sister could finish, Wei Liao took her hand to leave the room .

“Big Brother, I’m not finished talking yet . I…” Before she could continue, Wei Liao dragged her out of the room .

Shen Mingxi was still kneeling on the ground on one knee holding up the ring . It looked weird .

“Ahem… Brother Shen, you can stand up now…” Su Yu spoke .

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As Wei Ying didn’t return, Shen Mingxi looked disappointed . He stood up slowly and put away the ring and then returned to his seat, looking lost .

“You were too impulsive . Why didn’t you talk to me about it?” Su Yu asked him in a low voice .

“I just wanted to give Ying a surprise and end the suspense between us . ”

“Then you should have invited only Wei Ying . Why did you ask Old Wei to come here?” Su Yu thought Shen Mingxi would have succeeded if not for Wei Liao .

“I hoped Second Brother could forgive me,” Shen Mingxi said with his head lowered .

“F*ck… Don’t you know how much he hates you? Even if he could, he wouldn’t forgive you so soon… You popped this on him so suddenly; how could he forgive you? This was a bad plan . But don’t get discouraged . I see Wei Ying still loves you . If you want to get her back, you must take it slow . ”

“Okay . ”

Drinking some wine together in low spirits with Su Yu, Shen Mingxi returned to his house alone .

Sitting in the living room, he picked up the phone and dialed an international number .

“Get Tiantian to the phone,” he said to the housemaid on the phone .

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