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Chapter 3360: 3360
Chapter 3360 Second-hand Women Aren“t Valuable 4

“Right . ” Lu Yan nodded .

“Is it in yuan?”

“Do you think it’s in Japanese yen?” Lu Yan chuckled .

“My goodness… Auntie… I love you so much…” Little Bean had never seen such a big amount of money before .

When she heard that Auntie had given her sister a gift, she thought it was about 100,000 yuan, so she begged for the same treatment .

If she had known it was 10 million, she wouldn’t have dared to ask for it . When she returned, her mother would give her a lecture .

“Auntie… It’s too much . I can’t accept it; Mom’s going to rail at me…” Little Bean felt guilty .

“Don’t worry, Little Bean . Your account is yours only in name since you don’t have absolute control of it… Mom supervises it for you, and you can’t use the money in it freely until you’re 18 years old . So, don’t worry about it . ”

“Damn it… You’re right . It’s too early to feel happy about it…” Hearing her sister’s words, Little Bean understood the situation .

“Huh, Sis, how can you use it freely?”

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“Because I use it in the stock market… to buy and sell stocks… I don’t cash it out…”

“Humph! I despise you…”

The sisters began bickering again . Lu Yan found it quite entertaining while she watched them with a glass of fruit juice in her hand .

“Come, Auntie… Let’s have a selfie . ”

“No . I don’t look good in photos . You two go ahead . ” Lu Yan seldom took photos because she was afraid that the photos would expose her whereabouts to her enemies .

“Since we’re so happy today, shall I call Handsome Su and invite him to join us?” Little Bean said while doing selfies .

“No,” Lu Yan objected immediately .

“Why not?”

“Because… I’m not familiar with Su Yu . It’s awkward to play in the water with someone you’re not familiar with…”

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“It’s fine . You’ll know him better . ”

“No . I won’t enjoy myself with strangers among us . ” Lu Yan was firm .

“Little Bean, don’t mess around . The three of us are having fun . Auntie said she’d take us to eat sushi in a moment . ”

“Okay . I’ll have a video chat with Handsome Su then . ”

Finally, Little Bean gave in and had a video chat with Su Yu .

But Su Yu was busy and ended the conversation after chatting with her for a little while . Then Little Bean didn’t bring up the topic again .

In fact, Lu Yan didn’t dislike Su Yu, but she felt a bit guilty after receiving Qiao Fei’s message .

He was jealous when he knew that she went to the nightclub and had drinks with a stranger .

If he knew that Lu Yan played water in her swimming suit with Su Yu, he’d blow her up with a rocket launcher…

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After all, she couldn’t push him too hard since it was she who had come up with the plan .

Qiao Fei had objected to this plan fiercely when he learned that they had to separate to make the plan work .

She had badgered him and lured him into agreeing to her plan by letting him take advantage of her a couple of times .

They were doing this to draw out the big figure behind Qiao Nan…

Psycho Qiao would feel pathetic if she played with another guy .

“Auntie… What are you thinking? I called out to you but still, you didn’t hear me,” Little Bean yelled .

“Oh… My mind was wandering . Baby, what’s up?”

“Can you go and get a bath towel for me? I’m cold…”

“No . I can’t leave your side for even one little moment . ”

There were lots of people around them, so Lu Yan was very alert; after all, the twins had been kidnapped twice .

“Fine . Auntie, you are so beautiful, so everything you say is right . ” Little Bean looked defeated .

Meanwhile, Su Yu was signing some papers in his office .

His cellphone beeped, signaling the arrival of a WeChat message .

“Hi, Su . Did you miss me?”

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