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Chapter 3355: 3355
Chapter 3355 Mian, Just Kill Me 10

“I might not trust other children, but they are my nieces . I’d give them anything . ”

Lu Yan operated her watch and transferred an amount of money .

“Okay . You’ll receive it when the bank opens . I transferred the same amount of money to you, so never say your auntie is unfair . ”

“Auntie, I love you . I’ll take care of you when you’re old…” Little Bean said earnestly .

“Thank you, Miss Qin Mumu . ” Lu Yan laughed .

“Auntie, don’t believe this flatterer . She might not even take care of our parents, not to mention you…”

“Qin Zhaozhao, don’t kick up dust . You’re trying to ruin my relationship with Auntie because you’re jealous… It’s immoral . Do you remember what the teacher taught us about the traditional class? We must be kind and full of love for each other, understand?”

“Whoa… Our Little Bean looks like an old scholar now . ” Huo Mian chuckled .

“Okay . Now let’s talk about the next topic . Auntie, where do you plan to take us today? We don’t have school . ”

“Where do you guys want to go?”

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“I want to go to Water Land . Let’s go play with water, okay?”

“No problem . I’ll have the whole place booked for us,” Lu Yan said airily .

“Please don’t . It’s fun to have more people playing in it,” Little Bean added .

“You’re so demanding . What a drama queen…” Pudding said .

“I think you’re more qualified to be a drama queen . ”

The sisters began to bicker .

Huo Mian was used to this and ate her breakfast calmly .

Finishing breakfast before the others, Qin Chu drove to work .

“Mom… Will you come with us?”

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“I must go to work today . I have a meeting this morning . ”

“You can ask for a leave…”

“Forget it . You guys go and play . In my condition, I can’t play with you anyway… I can only carry swim rings for you guys . ” Huo Mian touched her round belly .

Lately, she had a great appetite and began to gain weight; less than 4 months along, her belly was now showing .

“Right… Mom is under special protection now . Okay, the three of us will go…” Little Bean said cheerfully and drank a big mouthful of milk .

“It’s Saturday; Boyuan is home, too . Would you take him with you?” Huo Mian teased her daughter .

“Good idea… Sis, will you take Wei Yunchu?” Little Bean looked back at her sister .

“I’m fine whether he goes or not…” Blushing, Pudding was a bit shy .

“Damn it… Do you want to take your boyfriends? No, no! If you do, it will leave me as a single dog . No, I don’t want to be the third wheel . ” Lu Yan objected firmly .

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“Hahahaha! Auntie, you’re so funny…” Little Bean giggled uncontrollably .

After breakfast, Huo Mian left for work in an RV with bodyguards .

Lu Yan took an orange Land Rover from Qin Chu’s garage and drove the twins to the Water World .

– At South Side Rehabilitation Center-

After the meeting, Huo Mian was about to go to the cafeteria for lunch when she received a call from Gao Ran .

“Chief Gao, what’s up?”

“Mian, would you mind coming to the prison?” Gao Ran sounded solemn .

“What’s up?”

“Huo Siqian… has been low in spirits since he was released from the hospital; he doesn’t eat . I think he won’t last long in this state…”

Hearing his words, Huo Mian went silent .

Gao Ran never exaggerated . Hearing his serious tone, Huo Mian knew Huo Siqian must be in a very bad state .

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