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Chapter 3356: 3356
Chapter 3356 Mian, Just Kill Me 11

“Then… I’ll go and see him in a bit . ”

“Okay . I’ll go with you . In your condition, if anything happens to you, Qin Chu won’t forgive me,” Gao Ran added .

“Does my husband know about it?”

“No . I didn’t tell him; I think he won’t like the idea of you seeing Huo Siqian . ”

“Okay . Don’t tell him . ”

Huo Mian always treaded cautiously around the feud between Qin Chu and Huo Siqian .

Huo Siqian was evil and deserved to be shot 10,000 times, but she would still have complicated feelings if he died .

During the lunch break, she changed out of her white coat and went out .

“Mrs . Huo, where are you going? We’ll escort you . ”

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“No . Gao Ran will pick me up . We’re going for an errand . ”

“Okay . ”

Qin Chu’s bodyguards all knew Gao Ran . When they saw Gao Ran drive his black Jaguar to pick her up, they didn’t insist on going with her .

Gao Ran drove to the prison with Huo Mian .

“When did this start?” Huo Mian asked .

“He had been like this after he was released from the hospital . ”

“How is his hearing?”

“I’m not sure since he doesn’t communicate with people . ”

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“Okay . I see . ” Huo Mian let out a heavy sigh .

“Mian, I’ve been wanting to say something to you but was afraid you’d misunderstand me . ”

“Go ahead . We’ve been friends for many years . The four of us, you, me, Mr . Qin and Lingling, have known each other for more than a decade . You can tell me anything . ”

“I think you must end things between you and Huo Siqian… It’s not good to delay it . I think Huo Siqian is so deranged that nothing can bring him back . He’s unredeemable . ”

“I know . But my husband still wants to use him to draw out another force and then eliminate all of them together… So, he can’t die yet . ”

“I think this method is a bit risky . A mere Huo Siqian has tortured us for so many years; I’m afraid the force behind him is more than we can deal with . ”

“Mr . Qin must know and understand this point better than us . Since he made the decision, I believe he has a plan . ”

Obviously, Gao Ran didn’t agree to Qin Chu’s risky method .

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But Huo Mian supported Qin Chu unconditionally despite the risks .

Then, they stopped talking about it .

Arriving at the prison, Gao Ran talked to the prison guards and led Huo Mian into the innermost cell .

Imprisoned in the cell, Huo Siqian couldn’t have contact with any other prisoners; the only people he could see were the prison guards delivering meals to him .

“When you go in, remember not to get too close to him,” Gao Ran instructed again .

Huo Mian nodded and walked into the meeting room with complicated feelings .

It was a small room without windows, and surveillance cameras were mounted on the walls .

Huo Siqian was led in with heavy chains on his hands and ankles .

He was locked on the chair, so he wouldn’t be able to harm Huo Mian .

When Huo Mian walked in, he raised his head with a big smile .

“Little Sister Mian, you came to see me again…”

“I heard you’re starving yourself and are quite low in spirit . What? Do you want to die?” Huo Mian asked bluntly .

“Mian, if you think I’ve been good to you in the past years, please kill me,” Huo Siqian said the words with a smile, but Huo Mian felt very bad .

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