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Published at 17th of July 2020 04:15:06 AM
Chapter 3354: 3354
Chapter 3354 Mian, Just Kill Me 9

“Yeah . ”

“You’re crazy… She’s still young . Why do you give her so much money?” Huo Mian found it hard to accept that Lu Yan gave a gift of 10 million yuan so casually .

However rich Lu Yan was, she couldn’t do things so casually .

“I think Pudding is very good at financial management; I’m just showing some support to her as her auntie . ”

“That’s too much . ”

“Sis, I’m loaded . ”

“I know, but you earned your money with your life . I won’t allow you to squander it like this…”

“Giving money to my niece is not squandering . You didn’t see me lose hundreds of millions at a casino in Singapore…”

“Lose hundreds of millions…” Huo Mian felt she’d have a heart attack if she continued talking with Lu Yan .

Probably because she had grown up in an ordinary family, Huo Mian was still not used to deals concerning astronomical numbers .

But Qin Chu, Lu Yan, and Su Yu were different; they just regarded money as numbers .

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“Sis… Go to sleep now . I’m sleepy . Yawn . ”

To stop her sister’s nagging, Lu Yan closed her eyes and pretended to sleep .

Seeing her closed eyes, Huo Mian shook her head in resignation . She sat up and pulled up the covering and tucked it around Lu Yan .

– On the next morning –

It was Saturday and there was no school .

The twins got up early for breakfast in a good mood .

“Auntie, would you take us out to play today?” Little Bean looked at Lu Yan with a grin .

“What do you want to play?” Lu Yan chuckled .

“Whatever you want; don’t restrain yourself…”

“Hahaha…” Lu Yan burst into laughter .

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Pudding ate her breakfast calmly .

“Pudding, how is your company doing lately?” Lu Yan pretended to ask .

“It’s fine . Influenced by the U . S . stock market crash, the domestic stock market isn’t very stable . ”

“Oh, I see… It seems my gift for you is timely . It can help you stabilize your stock prices . ”

“A gift?” Pudding looked up at her auntie in confusion .

“Yeah, a gift . ”

“What gift?” Pudding was puzzled .

“You’ll know in a moment . ” Lu Yan glanced at her watch . The money would appear on the account after the bank opened; she guessed it would come after 8:30 .

“Auntie, what gift? How come I don’t have a gift?” Little Bean asked immediately .

“Ha! You’ll have your share… After all, your sister’s money is yours . Anyway, you’re the only one who doesn’t work in the family . Just wait and they will give you everything you want . ”

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“It’s not the same . My sister will turn on me any moment…” Little Bean obviously didn’t trust Pudding .

“It’s fine . You have your mom and dad . ”

“They will betray me, too… Whenever I eat sweet stuff, they will join hands and criticize me . ”

“Then you still have Grandpa and Auntie,” said Lu Yan .

“So, Auntie, where’s my gift?”

“Hahaha… You’re a smart kid and can’t forget about your gift…” Lu Yan touched her head with a chuckle .

“Little Bean, you can’t ask Auntie for gifts,” Huo Mian scolded her immediately .

“But Mom, my sister has a gift, but I don’t…”

“I gave your sister stocks . You don’t understand how to handle them . ” Lu Yan tried to find an excuse .

“But I can have cash… I have a personal account… I’ll send my account number to you . ”

Earnestly, Little Bean sent her account number to Lu Yan’s WeChat .

Lu Yan rarely used WeChat . She just used it to read her sister and the twins’ updates on the Moments .

She always felt that social media wasn’t safe and might expose her whereabouts .

“Fine, fine . Kiddo, I’ll give you cash . ”

Then Lu Yan turned on her watch to do some operations…

“Yan, she’s just a child; you can’t take her seriously . ” Seeing Lu Yan begin the operation, Huo Mian immediately objected .

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