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Published at 16th of July 2020 03:30:05 AM
Chapter 3349: 3349
Chapter 3349 Mian, Just Kill Me 4

“How to put it? Dr . Huo’s sister… is really something special . ”

“Is she more special than me?”

“As special as you,” An said earnestly .

Su Yu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry .

“Oh, President Su, I must transfer the money to you . ”

“Money? What money?” Su Yu was so rich that he forgot all the miscellaneous amounts .

“The 100,000 yuan you transferred to me this morning . ”

“You got money left?” Su Yu was surprised .

“How could I spend it? Instead of spending it, we earned 80,000 yuan . ” An was excited as he remembered the winnings from the slot machine .

“What happened?” Su Yu was surprised . Walking to the fridge, he pulled open the door to get a can of Coke .

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He froze when he saw it was packed with fruits, vegetables, noodles, and frozen beef steaks .

“Um… Did you buy those things?” Su Yu pointed at the contents in the fridge and asked An .

“Impossible . ”

“Then… Zeng Rou did it?”

Su Yu hadn’t eaten at home after Zeng Rou went abroad to travel, so he hadn’t noticed the things in the fridge .

“She’s the only one who’d do that . Really, Miss Zeng is a nice girl . ”

“You think she’s nice because she bought you food? You’re shallow,” Su Yu mocked An .

“It’s not because of the food, but her thoughtfulness . I think she’s a woman with a mind for details . When she lived here, she cleaned the house like a housemaid and even bought food with money from her own pocket to cook for us . Now she got involved in your scandal and had to go abroad to avoid conflicts . She even filled your fridge before she left . There are few women like her now . ”

“So, do you want her for yourself?” Su Yu asked .

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An: “…”

“Okay . Let’s not get distracted . Go on and tell me about Mian’s weird younger sister . ”

“It began when I picked her up this morning…”

Then, An told him everything that had happened today while Su Yu enjoyed it with great interest, nursing a can of Coke .

An murmured to himself, “We spent over 100 yuan on tokens at the arcade hall and then I bought more than 3,000 yuan of tokens but she didn’t take any of them and even won 100,000 yuan . Then we went to have Claypot Rice Noodles for lunch which cost only a bit more than 20 yuan . So, I’ll return over 90,000 yuan to your account…”

“Forget it . I couldn’t follow your calculation anyway . Keep it as business fees; you might need it someday . ”

“Will you pick her up tomorrow?” An asked uneasily .

“Yeah . I’ll pick her up tomorrow . I’ve finished today’s business and will be free tomorrow . I feel guilty about it to Mian; I promised her I’d show her sister around but didn’t do it . ” Su Yu felt a bit guilty .

“It’s fine . You can make it up to her tomorrow . ” An laughed .

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Meanwhile, someone in Moscow was in a fit of jealousy .

“Young Master Qiao, please eat a bit . You can’t skip dinner . ”

Amy was puzzled since Young Master Qiao was scarily sulky today .

He didn’t eat supper or speak .

“Get out . I want to be alone . ”

“Young Master Qiao…”

“Out . ” Young Master Qiao looked up and gave Amy a hard look .

Yeah, he didn’t have time to deal with the little bitch Amy while his wife was enjoying herself in China, winning money at a slot machine, eating lotus leaf rice noodles, and touring the city in the company of a young guy .

What was more, she even went to drink in a nightclub and lots of guys sent flowers to her .

What was more, she even engaged in a drinking competition with a second-gen rich guy…

“Little Lu Yan, wait until I see you . ” Qiao Fei was enraged since everything she did wasn’t in their original plan . How dare she have this much fun without him?!

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