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Chapter 3350: 3350
Chapter 3350 Mian, Just Kill Me 5

Meanwhile, Lu Yan got into a taxi .

“South Hill Manor . Thank you . ”

In a great mood, she hummed a song and told the driver her address .

“Okay . ”

The driver said only one word and then remained silent .

After driving for about 20 seconds, Lu Yan felt something wasn’t right .

From the rear-view mirror in the car, she saw the taxi driver was wearing a cap and its brim concealed his face in the shade . He sounded to be about 30 years old .

The car was indeed driving toward South Hill Manor .

But Lu Yan drew out her dagger reflexively and held it against the driver’s neck .

“Miss, what are you doing?”

“Stop acting . I’ve seen through you… Tell me who sent you . ”

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“Miss, you got the wrong person . I’m just a taxi driver . ”

“Hehe… continue with your story . ” Lu Yan sneered .

“I’m truly a taxi driver . The driver on the photo drives during the day and I take the night shift . We take turns,” he explained .

“I’ll give you one last chance . If you don’t tell me, I’ll send you to hell . ”

Lu Yan pressed the dagger down slowly and the sharp blade was about to pierce the man’s skin .

Instantly, he struggled and reached his right hand to get his gun but found it was gone .

“Are you looking for this?” Lu Yan waved the black gun at him .

“Are you surprised that I have it? I stole it five seconds ago . ” Lu Yan smiled .

“How did you find me out?” The man didn’t know what exposed him .

“Killing intent… No matter how well you disguise yourself, you can’t conceal the killing intent of a killer . ”

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“You’re a killer, too . Why didn’t people find you out because of the killing presence you carry in a mission?” the man asked resentfully .

“You’re wrong . I’m not a killer . I’m a mercenary . ”

Then, she slashed open the man’s throat .

He pressed on the wound on his neck with both hands, but blood continued to gush out .

It was an unsettling sight .

Due to his wound, the car began to zigzag .

As the car got onto a viaduct and drove faster and faster, Lu Yan opened the door and jumped out without thinking .

Before she jumped, she left a bomb in the car and it exploded instantly, burning up the car and the guy in it .

Lu Yan didn’t need him to tell her who wanted to kill her .

The killer had tracked her down to the nightclub and waited for her to get into the car . The plan was perfect, but Lu Yan saw through it .

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Jumping out of the car, Lu Yan saw a black Toyota racing toward her from a nearby place .

She shot at the driver and then moved to one side .

Fortunately, it was night and there were few cars on the viaduct in this area, or it would cause a series of crashes .

15 minutes later, Lu Yan’s people got the news and arrived; they saw Lu Yan squatting by a small river not far from the viaduct .

“Boss, are you okay?”

“If I was not okay, I’d be full of bullet holes before you came . ”

“You ordered us not to follow you…” Her subordinates didn’t know what to say .

“Whoa . You dare to talk back to me now?” Lu Yan stood up and pinched his face with her blood-stained hands .

“No, no . I don’t dare… We’re relieved that you’re okay, boss . ”

“Handle these corpses and don’t let the police see them . ”

“Yes . ”

“What will you do now, boss…?”

“I’ll go to my sister’s house and sleep . You can’t come with me . ”

“Wait . Boss, Young Master Qiao just sent a message to us; it’s for you . ”

“Why didn’t he send it to me directly?” Lu Yan checked her watch and found she had accidentally turned it off during the fight .

“What did Psycho Qiao say?” Lu Yan was concerned about Qiao Fei .

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