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Chapter 3348: 3348
Chapter 3348 Mian, Just Kill Me 3

“Young Master! Young Master! What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

His minions dashed up to support him .

His fingers turned limp and dropped the cellphone to the floor .

One of his minions picked it up and saw the text message .

It says, “Honored client, 10 million yuan has been transferred to an overseas account from your black gold card in our bank at 8:33 PM . The remaining balance is 250 yuan . ”

He recalled that it was the time when he came to the hospital to get his stomach pumped .

10 million yuan had been transferred; the most ridiculous thing was that she had left 250 yuan in his account . (Note: 250 is a number to describe morons in China . )

“How did she do it? It’s impossible… I can’t believe it . She doesn’t know the password and my card is double encrypted . How could she get the money out in such a short time?”

“Young Master, calm down . We’ll contact the bank and see if the bank sent the wrong message . ”

“Damn you . I only have 250 yuan in my card now . ”

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Young Master Ryong yelled in distress in the hospital . After all, he had been forced to drink so much liquor that he had to get his stomach pumped in the hospital; furthermore, he had lost 10 million yuan .

One hour later, his minions talked to the bank and came back to report to him, “Young Master…”

“What did the bank say?” Young Master Ryong was piqued .

“The bank said… the money in your account has indeed been transferred . Someone probably cracked the password…”

“Where was the money transferred to? Find the little bitch’s name and bank; no matter what, I’ll get my money back . ”

“It was transferred to…”

The minion paused and didn’t dare to meet his young master’s eyes .

“Say it!”

“To an account in a bank in Switzerland . We can’t find the details since the bank won’t give out any information about their clients . That woman… doesn’t seem to be an ordinary person . ”

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“I don’t care how extraordinary she is . If we can’t find the money, then find the woman . Doesn’t the nightclub have surveillance cameras? Get the records and find that little bitch… I’ll kill her . ”

It felt bad to be played with . Enraged, Young Master Ryong smashed the things in the hospital .

But Lu Yan had hacked into the nightclub’s surveillance system and erased all the related videos .

It would be extremely difficult to get her image unless they got an artist from the criminal investigation department to do a sketch of her .

Lu Yan had a harvest today; she won 100,000 yuan on a slot machine and took 80,000 .

Then, after drinking ten glasses of liquor, she won 10 million yuan . In fact, the alcohol in the liquor had all been dissolved by the special chewing gum .

The stupid guy was tricked into getting drunk and thinking she’d not be able to get money if she didn’t have the password .

He didn’t know that Lu Yan was a top-level hacker and could crack his password for the black card in less than one minute .

Walking out of the nightclub, Lu Yan felt happy and bought many desserts before returning to South Hill Manor .

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– In Su Yu’s house –

“President Su, you’re back . ”

An immediately brought slippers to his boss .

“Yeah . ” Su Yu looked fatigued .

“How was the emergency?”

“The contractor made a mistake and had an accident in which one man died and three were injured . It’s serious . ”

“Then… what shall we do?”

“We’ll deal with it step by step . I’ve called our lawyers and asked them to talk to the victims’ families to reach an agreement as soon as possible . ”

“Okay . ” An nodded .

“How was your day? Was Mian’s sister fun?”

“Fun… Extremely fun…” At the mention of Lu Yan, An didn’t know he should cry or laugh .

“Awesome . Anyone who can bring this expression to your face must be extraordinary . Tell me about her . ” Seeing the complicated feelings on An’s face, Su Yu felt he might have missed something good today .

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