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Published at 15th of July 2020 04:00:06 AM
Chapter 3347: 3347
Chapter 3347 Mian, Just Kill Me 2

The moment he said it, Lu Yan stood up and drained five more glasses in front of everyone .

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It took her no more than 15 seconds to drink them all .

Everyone was dumbfounded…

“Mr . Tao, it’s your turn . ” Lu Yan smiled adorably .

“Um…” The guy called Young Master Ryong felt the liquor welling up from his stomach and almost threw up .

“Young Master Ryong, are you okay?”

“Young Master! Young Master…”

Worried, his minions hurried up to support him .

“Stop . I… I’m fine . ”

Trying to preserve his dignity, Young Master Ryong didn’t want to accept his minions’ help, thinking it was humiliating to lose to a woman .

“I… I’ll drink . ”

He picked up a glass and drained it…

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But when he began the eighth glass, he couldn’t bear it anymore and threw up .

Fortunately, he didn’t eat much and the stuff he threw up was just liquor .

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t drink it… Can you give me the money now? I drank ten glasses, so it’s 10 million . No discounts . Thank you . ”

The people around them were stupefied to see that Lu Yan felt nothing after drinking ten glasses of Erguotou .

“Did the woman cheat?”

“Impossible . We saw her drink them all . She didn’t spill a drop . ”

“Maybe she drank water, not liquor?”

“Impossible… she poured the liquor into the glasses; if she drank water, then Young Master Ryong wouldn’t have thrown up . ”

People around them began to talk among themselves again .

“Young Master, what… shall we do?”

“Give her the card,” the guy called Young Master Ryong rested his head on the table dizzily but still issued the order .

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“Um… But the money is for…”

“Give it to her . ”

With so many people watching him, he couldn’t go back on his words; otherwise, he’d never be able to come to the nightclub again .

Reluctantly, the minions followed their master’s order and handed the card to Lu Yan .

Lu Yan wouldn’t want him to transfer money to her through WeChat Pay since she didn’t want him to know about her bank information .

So she took the card cheerfully .

“Thank you . ” Lu Yan winked at them playfully and left .

The minions tried to follow her .

“Don’t follow her…”

“Young Master Ryong, shall we just let her go?”

“You damned know nothing… I encrypted that card . Without my agreement, she can’t get money from the bank; besides, she doesn’t know the password . ”

He thought himself smart . If the woman asked him about the password, he’d fool her by telling her it was 888888 .

She wouldn’t know it was a lie anyway…

“Hahaha! I see . Young Master Ryong, you’re really smart . ”

His minions flattered him .

“I feel dizzy… Now, call an ambulance and get me to the hospital…”

After chugging eight glasses of white liquor, Young Master Ryong felt as if his throat was on fire .

Having no time to chase after Lu Yan, he was delivered to the hospital by his minions .

When he came out after getting his stomach pumped, two hours had passed .

“Young Master, are you okay?”

“I’m fine . When I get out of the hospital tomorrow, I’ll deal with that little bitch . ”

“Young Master, your cellphone . ” His minions knew he couldn’t live without his cellphone .

They handed him the big brand matte black cellphone of the newest version .

He unlocked his cellphone with his fingerprint, intending to see the updates on his WeChat Moments .

But he found he got an unread text message .

Curiously, he clicked open the message and almost passed out after reading it .

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