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Published at 15th of July 2020 03:55:09 AM
Chapter 3345: 3345
Chapter 3345 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 25

“Good . I’ll go over and meet your very, very rich Young Master Ryong…”

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In a good mood, Lu Yan stood up and followed the minion to their table .

The moment she got up, she caught everyone’s attention and they all looked toward the guy called Young Master Ryong .

“Beau… Beauty… Good…Good evening . ” Seeing Lu Yan came to his table, Young Master Ryong was so nervous that he stammered .

“Are you retarded?” Lu Yan smirked .

“No… No . ” Seeing her smile, the guy became more intoxicated .

“Oh… Then you stutter?”

“No… No stutter… I…am…am not like this usually . I’m just… ner…nervous . ”

“He’s just nervous,” the minion couldn’t bear it and spoke for him .

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“Get out… Who told you to speak for me?” Young Master Ryong was displeased and slapped him .

“What’s your name?” Lu Yan asked with a chuckle .

“My name’s… Tao Cheng… Cheng Ryong . ”

“Wow! Four characters . So cool,” Lu Yan teased him .

“Not four…four characters . It’s Tao… Cheng… Cheng Ryong . ”

“Still four characters . ” Lu Yan couldn’t help laughing .

“Young Master Ryong, let me speak for you . Our boss’s name is Tao Chengryong,” the minion couldn’t bear it and spoke again . He was anxious when his boss got so nervous that he even stuttered in front of the woman .

“Oh… Mr . Tao . You invited me to have a drink with you?” Sitting across from him, she studied her exquisite nails . (TL Note: I also don’t know why he’s referred to as Young Master Ryong when his last name is Tao . Maybe it’s because Ryong means Dragon and it sounds cooler)

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“I just… want… want to know you and be… be friends with you,” Young Master Ryong stammered .

“Oh . I see… I heard you offered one million for one glass?”

“Yeah . ” This time, the guy got smart . To avoid the stutter and the people’s scorn, he tried to say as little as possible .

“Then get the money ready . ”

“I… will pay you… Don’t… Don’t worry . ” Young Master Ryong patted his chest .

“But I don’t know you . I don’t believe you have millions of cash on you . ”

“I… can… transfer… or scan… scan on WeChat… pay . ” As he stuttered, the people around him felt pained .

Lu Yan couldn’t stop laughing . Used to battlegrounds in foreign countries, she hadn’t known that it was so fun to be an ordinary girl .

“Since you’re so frank and many people are watching us, I’m sure you won’t go back on your words… But since you want to drink with me, it means you’ll drink one glass as I drink one, right?”

“Of course…” Young Master Ryong could handle a lot of liquor and wanted to show it off to Lu Yan .

“Fine . Bring up the drinks . ” Lu Yan waved her hand .

The waiter brought them beer…

“Hey! Wai… Beer is lame . It’s for children . ” Lu Yan stopped the waiter .

Everyone was surprised .

“Then… What do you want to drink? Cocktails? Or… wine?” the man called Young Master Ryong asked .

“Since we’re in China, we must have local liquor . How about Erguotou?”

“White liquor?” Hearing the mention of Erguotou, the guy was surprised .

“Yeah . ” Lu Yan nodded .

“Hahahaha! Our young master can handle lots of liquor . The woman is digging her own grave…” Young Master Ryong’s minions laughed .

“If you get drunk… you… you… must go home… with me… tonight,” finally, the guy told her his true intention .

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