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Chapter 3346: 3346
Chapter 3346 Mian, Just Kill Me 1

“No problem . If I pass out after drinking, I’ll go with you; if you lose, you must remember to transfer money to me . ”

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“Don’t worry . This card… has… has 10 million . ”

Seeing so many people watch them, the guy wanted to show off; he took out a black gold card from his bag and slammed it on the table .

“Young Master, the chairman told you to give it to the contractor…”

“Shut… Shut up . It’s… not… not your business . ” Young Master Ryong stopped the interruption of his minions, afraid he’d lose face before everyone .

Lu Yan smiled calmly and then took out a thing that looked like a pack of chewing gum from her bag; she popped one into her mouth and chewed on it .

At this moment, the waiter brought two bottles of Erguotou .

They were small bottles and the liquor in each bottle could fill only two glasses .

Lu Yan glanced at the waiter . “Bring us more . ”

“Okay . ”

The waiter nodded and turned to get more Erguotou .

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The people watching them began to talk among themselves .

“The squanderer of the Ryongxing Group is out squandering money again…”

“Yeah . It’s said the fellow is rich but stupid . He likes women and is quite generous with them . ”

“I heard his father is restricting his spending . Last month, he tipped an internet celebrity over one million yuan in one hour to get a date; when they met, he found the streamer was a guy . Hahaha…”

“Yeah . The fellow didn’t learn a lesson and still squanders money on girls . The girl is so pretty; she shouldn’t drink with him . When she gets drunk, he’d take her to a hotel…”

“Maybe the girl likes it . The fellow is ugly, but still many women beg for his attention each day . ”

“People nowadays… are getting more and more immoral… The only thing they admire is money . ”

Hearing the comments, Lu Yan wasn’t angry; she just smiled faintly .

Finishing the chewing gum, Lu Yan stood up and opened the caps of the liquor bottles with her bare hands swiftly, stunning everyone around her .

Then she filled the glasses at lightning speed .

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Tossing the bottles to the floor, she glanced at the waiter . “Place the glasses before us . Ten for him and ten for me . ”

“What? Ten glasses?” The waiter was shocked .

The people watching them were even more stunned .

“I wonder if one will die after drinking ten glasses of Erguotou . ”

How could people drink white liquor in this way?

“Do you have a problem with it?” Lu Yan spread out her hands with a smile .

“No…no problem . ” The fellow thought Lu Yan was just bluffing .

Hearing that he had no objections, the waiter immediately placed the liquor before them .

“Let’s begin,” said Lu Yan .

“You… You first . You drink one, I… I’ll drink one . ” The fellow wasn’t stupid and wanted Lu Yan to drink first .

Lu Yan understood his plan .

“Okay . ”

She stood up and picked up one glass and downed it .

She downed five glasses at a speed of two seconds per glass .

Finishing the fifth one, she took in a breath . “Hu… I’m a bit tired and must take a break . It’s your turn now . ”

“Um…” The fellow was a bit afraid; he had never seen anyone drink like this before .

She drank the liquor even faster than drinking juice .

“Young Master Ryong, she’s… a pro,” one of his minions warned him .

“Heck… I’m not afraid… of… a so-called pro…” Not wanting to lose face before the crowd, he must drink it .

Under everyone’s gaze, he began to drink . The white liquor was very spicy and stung his throat so much he felt like it was burning .

When he took the third glass, he felt a bit overwhelmed .

Still, he forced himself to drain it . When he finally swallowed down the fifth glass, his tears came out . The feeling was extremely uncomfortable .

“I… I finished . ” He waved the glass smugly .

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