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Published at 15th of July 2020 03:30:06 AM
Chapter 3344: 3344
Chapter 3344 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 24

“Young Master Ryong, do you want us to bring her to you by force?” a brown-nosing bodyguard asked .

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“Not necessary . I don’t like to use force on pretty girls . You guys don’t know how to appreciate beautiful women . I’ve never seen such a pretty and adorable girl in any of the nightclubs… I must take her to bed today . ”

“Um… Shall I go and ask her if she’d come for 20,000?”

“Come back . ” Young Master Ryong stopped the minion .

“Yes, Young Master Ryong?”

“Tell her I’ll give her 100,000 yuan for one glass of wine . ”

“What? 100,000?” His minions were stupefied .

This was a city in the north where many girls could hold liquor well since they had the habit of drinking ever since they were young .

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With 100,000 yuan for one glass, if the girl was good at drinking and took three glasses, she’d earn 300,000 yuan in a few seconds .

Their young master was rich, but they had never seen him act so extravagant . Obviously, he indeed liked this girl .

“What are you waiting for? Go!” Young Master Ryong kicked the minion on the butt .

“Yes, yes, yes . Young Master Ryong, I’ll go this moment . ”

The minion ran so fast that he stumbled and dropped to the ground when he reached Lu Yan’s table with his face touching her feet .

“Beauty… Young Master Ryong said 100,000 yuan for one drink . ” The man gestured the number with his fingers .

“100,000? How can your young master afford to date girls with such a small fortune? Go home and put on open-seat pants . ”

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When the minion returned, he saw Young Master Ryong’s eyes were glued to Lu Yan intensely like a wolf staring at a lamb .

“Boss, the woman is arrogant . She insulted you…”

“What did she say?”

“She said…”

“Don’t stammer . Come on . ” Young Master Ryong slapped his minion on the face .

“She said how you can afford to have girls with such a small fortune . She told you to go home and put on open-seat pants . ”

Young Master Ryong didn’t get angry; instead, he laughed .

“Haha! I like the girl; she has a character . I’ll conquer her in bed,” the man called Young Master Ryong vowed .

“Today, I’ll throw caution to the wind . Go and tell her that I’ll pay her 1 million for one drink . ”

“Young Master Ryong… It’s not worth it for a woman…” His minions tried to dissuade him .

“You know nothing . I’m happy and I can afford it . ”

Refusing to admit defeat, Young Master Ryong asked his minion to offer this exorbitant price .

“Beauty, our Young Master Ryong said he’d pay one million for one drink . ”

“Really? Finally, he gets serious… Fine . Tell him to prepare five million cash and put them over here . I’ll go over and drink with him . ”

“What do you mean? You don’t believe our young master? Are you from the countryside and don’t know that he’s the young master of the Ryongxing Group, the only son and heir of the chairman? The residential property Ryongxing Park was developed by our young master and this much sought-after project is worth more than 100 million yuan . ”

“Wow . More than 100 million yuan… So much money… I’ve never seen so much money in my life . Your young master is so capable . ” Lu Yan laughed in exaggeration .

“So take the offer while you can . Come on . Our young master is waiting,” the minion urged Lu Yan .

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