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Chapter 3342: 3342
Chapter 3342 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 22

“Is it the biggest one?” Lu Yan asked since she wasn’t familiar with the place .

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“Yeah . This nightclub opened only last month and has lots of customers… The girls don’t need tickets to go in, but the guys must spend at least 10,000 yuan for each . ”

“So extravagant?” Lu Yan was surprised .

“Yeah . So, it’s obvious what the owner of the night club wants to achieve… It’s just a place for the 2G rich guys to play with young girls . Miss, listen to me; don’t go to that place . You’re so pretty and will certainly get into trouble there,” the middle-aged taxi driver tried to dissuade her .

“But to tell you the truth, I’m going there to date 2G rich guys . ”

The taxi driver: “…”

“Fine . Just ignore my advice . I wish you good luck . ”

The taxi driver looked pissed, thinking Lu Yan was a young girl who loved money .

Regretfully, he continued, “Forgive me for being frank . But you’re so pretty and don’t wear heavy makeup or any revealing clothes; it’s not a good place for you . Why don’t you go and find a nice boyfriend? Money can’t guarantee happiness, you know . The richest man in the world means nothing if he’s not kind and doesn’t know how to take care of you . ”

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He spoke from the bottom of his heart .

“You’re right . ” Lu Yan was in a good mood .

After all, she had finally got rid of An and wanted to enjoy herself for a bit .

Of course, she did it also to retaliate against Psycho Qiao .

He was now in distant Russia with the little bitch Amy; Lu Yan felt bad whenever she thought about it .

Despite the advice from the kind-hearted taxi driver, Lu Yan still went to the newly opened playground for rich people .

Resigned, the taxi driver stopped the car at the gate of Prosperous Pearl .

It was a mansion of 15 floors with high-end renovation .

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The guards at the door didn’t stop Lu Yan because girls could enter this place free of charge .

“Miss, are you here to have fun or look for someone?”

“I’m here to have fun,” said Lu Yan .

“Are you alone?”

“Yeah . ” Lu Yan nodded .

“Then you don’t have to book a private room . You can sit in the small square . There’re lots of people there and it’s quite lively . ”

“Okay . ”

Lu Yan followed the waiter into the small square . It was 3 PM but the place was already full of people drinking or dancing .

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Probably because Lu Yan wasn’t wearing any high-brand clothes, the waiter thought she wouldn’t spend lots of money here, so he ushered her to a remote corner .

Giving her a bar menu, the waiter left .

Lu Yan flipped through the bar menus leisurely .

Not far from her, a group of guys sat together; one of them spotted her and pointed at her .

“I found a prey… Mr . Ryong, look over there . ”

The guy who was called Mr . Ryong glanced in this direction; he couldn’t see her whole face, but her profile was beautiful .

In this place, Lu Yan stood out with her long hair and plain clothes, which included a simple white short-sleeved T-shirt, capri jeans, and white sneakers .

She looked like a university student, the type that the second-gen rich guys liked .

“Go and get her here to have a drink with me,” the man called Mr . Ryong said .

“No problem . ” His minion immediately trotted toward Lu Yan .

“Beauty, Young Master Ryong asks you to go over and have a drink with him . ”

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