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Chapter 3341: 3341
Chapter 3341 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 21

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“Um… Okay . ”

“How much?”

“24,” the shop owner said .

“Get us two bottles of iced soda water . ”

“Altogether 28 yuan . Soda water is 2 yuan per bottle . ”

“Here you are . Keep the change . ”

Putting a 100-yuan bill on the counter, Lu Yan went further inside the restaurant . An finally snapped back to his senses and ran after her .

“I can’t let you pay for it . Take it back . ”

“It’s not much . Don’t fight me over it . You’re embarrassing yourself,” said Lu Yan .

An: “…”

He found the girl was indeed Dr . Huo’s younger sister since she also had a very high EQ; no one could dispute her words .

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At this moment, a couple came in .

The girl glanced at Lu Yan jealously and said to her boyfriend in a loud voice, “Some people just like to show off by giving out money . If you are so rich, why not give out 100,000 yuan?”

Lu Yan glanced at her mildly . “You’ve got to be rich to show off . People like you don’t even have the ability to show off . I’m happy, so I gave out 10,000 yuan . You can do the same . Now, take out 10,000 yuan and show it to me . ”

“Why would I do that?” the woman retorted immediately .

“No money? Then stop babbling . ”

“Woman, how can you talk in this way?” The woman felt humiliated and wanted to come and argue with Lu Yan .

Her boyfriend had a mild temperament and stopped her immediately .

“Don’t . Let’s go . We’ll come back later . ”

“Why do we have to leave…”

The woman was still angry when her boyfriend pulled her out . Lu Yan thought this bitch had a good boyfriend, otherwise, she’d not leave this place intact if she dared to come up and confront Lu Yan .

She’d probably end up in bed for the rest of her life .

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“Are you okay?” An glanced at Lu Yan fearfully since he had been afraid that she’d get in a fight with the woman .

“I’m fine . ”

“Good . I was afraid you’d fight with her,” An said .

“Fight with her? Are you kidding? All these years, I only beat people, not fight with people,” Lu Yan said earnestly .

“Haha! Yeah . You’re badass . ”

“Do you think I’m boasting?” Lu Yan looked at An .

“No, no . I never think that . ”

An appraised the girl silently .

Among other things, this girl could squander money as much as President Su .

He used to say President Su squandered money so much that it seemed like he was conjuring the money from thin air . But now, President Su looked frugal compared to this girl .

Seeing how she tossed out money whenever the mood struck her, An felt speechless .

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Lu Yan enjoyed her lunch of Claypot Rice Noodles and iced soda water with gusto .

The small restaurant didn’t even have AC; with only fans working, the customers were all soaked in sweat .

Still, many people waited in line to eat in the restaurant since the flavor was quite unique . But Lu Yan’s appetite wasn’t so big, and she was full after eating one bowl of the rice noodles .

After lunch, it was already the afternoon .

“You can go home now . ”

“How about you?”

“I’ll… go back, too . ”

“I’ll drive you back . ”

“Oh . It’s not necessary . I must buy some necessities such as underwear, etc . You’d better not come with me . ”

“Um… Okay . ” An looked embarrassed .

“Thank you for showing me around . ”

“You’re welcome . I just did my job . If you need anything, just call me . ” An gave Lu Yan his number with great sincerity and left .

“Okay . Let’s part here then . Bye . ”

Lu Yan waved and watched An drive away in the Audi .

Then, our adorable Yan got into a taxi .

“Where are we going, Miss?” the middle-aged taxi driver asked warmly .

“The biggest night club in the city . ”

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