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Chapter 3343: 3343
Chapter 3343 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 23

“Young Master Ryong?” Lu Yan frowned since she had never heard of this guy before .

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“You’re lucky that our Young Master Ryong likes you . He’s very generous with the girls he likes . ”

This man thought most of the girls coming to the nightclub loved money .

“Oh… I see… Um… what do I get for drinking with him?” Lu Yan asked earnestly .

“A lot of things . You can have anything you want so long as you make Young Master Ryong happy . ”

“Oh? What if I want a Boeing 747?”

“Haha . Beauty, you’re funny . ”

“I’m serious… Ask your Young Master Ryong if he can afford it or not . I’m very expensive to have a drink with . ” Lu Yan smiled mysteriously .

At this moment, the guests from other tables asked the waiters to deliver a drink to Lu Yan .

It was dim here, but the guys had sharp eyes for beauty .

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Lu Yan was a rare beauty, so many guys stared at her like greedy flies .

Lu Yan didn’t want to make trouble . Knowing Qiao Fei would have someone watch out for her, she did it purposefully to make him jealous .

In the process, she received quite a few surprises…

“Beauty, this is from the guest at table No . 7 . ” The waiter put a glass of cocktail before her .

“Beauty, this is from Mr . Song at table No . 16 . ” The waiter put a bundle of roses before her .

“This is from the guest from table No . 33 . He said he’d pay for any drink you want . ”

Since Lu Yan sat in a far corner, the poor waiter had to make lots of trips to this corner .

In less than ten minutes after she sat down, people had spotted her and kept sending her flowers, drink, and offers to pay her bills .

Seeing their boldness, Lu Yan didn’t know if she should cry or laugh .

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Every guy loved beautiful girls . In bars, it was natural for them to try and date pretty girls .

Of course, it wouldn’t be right to force the girls to stay with them .

Young Master Ryong’s minion didn’t know how to reply to Lu Yan and went back to talk to his boss .

“How did it go?”

“Young Master Ryong, the girl is pretty arrogant and wouldn’t come . She said…”

“What did she say?” With tattoos covering his arms, the man called Young Master Ryong had a Zhonghua cigarette between his fingers .

“She said it’s very expensive to have a drink with her . ”

“Hahaha! Ridiculous . Expensive? Does she think I can’t afford her? You tell her I’ll pay her 10,000 yuan for one drink with me . ”

“Okay . ”

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Taking the order from his master, the minion immediately ran to Lu Yan again and panted out the words, “Beauty, our Young Master Ryong said he’d pay 10,000 yuan for one drink . ”

“10,000 yuan? Do you take me for a beggar? Get out . ” Lu Yan waved her hand and sent the guy off .

People were still sending gifts to her and the table was almost full .

Some women in the bar began to get jealous .

“Who’s that woman? She looks disgusting . She pretends to be innocent but is just a scheming bitch . ”

“Yeah . Look at her chest . I think it’s no more than 32A . I wonder why she looks so proud . ”

“She looks like a seducing bitch . The guys are blind to be gifting her flowers . ”

“I’ve never seen this young girl before . Which nightclub does she usually go to?”

“She doesn’t look like one of us . Is she a young actress?”

Both men and women showed interest in Lu Yan’s background .

No one knew this woman who had shown up mysteriously . She looked young and wore simple clothes, but her beauty was stunning .

“Young Master Ryong, the girl said 10,000 yuan is too little, and she asked if you are taking her as a beggar . ”

Hearing those words, Young Master Ryong’s face fell…

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