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Chapter 3340: 3340
Chapter 3340 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 20

“Hot pot, Crossing-the-Bridge Rice Noodles, or Claypot Rice Noodles . Any of them can do . ”

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An: “…”

“President Su instructed me specifically to bring you to some fancy restaurant . In the morning, he even transferred 100,000 yuan to me for it . I can’t bring you to a street-side stall…”

“Why not? So long as it’s delicious, I don’t care if the food is expensive or cheap . ”

“But… I’m afraid President Su and Dr . Huo will scold me for it . ”

“No, they won’t . They asked you to take me to places where I can enjoy myself, right? I’ll be happy when I eat my favorite food . ”

“Um… Okay . ” An felt more and more that Dr . Huo’s younger sister was a weird girl .

He complained silently to President Su for making him handle this weird girl .

“I’ll call President Su and ask his opinion about it, okay?”

“Why? It’s me, not Su Yu who wants to eat it . ” Lu Yan was incredulous .

“Um… I still think it’s better to call him . ”

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An dialed Su Yu’s number .

Su Yu: “Speak . ”

An: “President Su, are you still busy?”

Su Yu: “Yeah . What’s up?”

An: “Nothing . I’m going to take Dr . Huo’s younger sister to lunch, and…”

Su Yu: “The money is not enough? I’ll transfer 200,000 to you now . ”

An: “Oh, nah nah nah . I have enough money; actually, I haven’t spent any of it yet . It’s just our VIP wants to eat hot pot and rice noodles, etc . ”

Su Yu: “Then take her to eat it . ”

Hearing Su Yu’s calm response, An felt exasperated .

An: “But…”

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Su Yu: “I’m still busy . Go and take her to lunch . Okay . Bye . ”

Then, he ended the call .

Su Yu was busy and trusted that An could handle the small task well .

When he got An’s call, he had thought An needed more money; hearing that it wasn’t a problem with money, he immediately ended the call and got back to the business at hand .

“See? I told you not to call him; you just didn’t listen . ” Lu Yan smirked .

“Do you really want to eat hot pot? I still feel that I should take you to eat something good since you just came back from abroad . ”

“Something good? Like some seafood like abalones, lobsters, and red king crabs?” Lu Yan asked .

“Yeah . Dr . Huo loves seafood . Would you…”

“No . Absolutely no . ” Lu Yan waved her hand; she was so tired of seafood that she’d throw up when she saw it now .

“If you insist, I’ll take you to eat Claypot Rice Noodles then . ” Finally, An gave in .

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“Okay . Let’s go . ”

Lu Yan leaned back and closed her eyes .

The car made several turns and entered an alley . The small restaurant only had a few tables and its name was Sister Ah-Wang Claypot Lotus Leaf Rice Noodles .

When they got out of the car, they saw a long line at the door; there were at least over 30 people waiting to be served .

“So many people? When can we get to eat?” Lu Yan was surprised .

“I’ll go and cut in the line . ” An was about to walk to the entrance when Lu Yan pulled him back .

“Don’t do that . It’s not right to cut in line…” Lu Yan chuckled .

“Then…” An wondered if she had a better solution .

At this moment, Lu Yan pulled one bundle of 10,000 yuan from the cash bag of the prize money of 80,000 yuan .

Tearing off the white paper strap binding the cash, she yelled, “Money for all . Come and get it…”

She tossed the 10,000 yuan into the air behind her .

Instantly, the people waiting in line all dashed over to pick up the cash .

An was dumbfounded .

Lu Yan walked to the cashier of the restaurant at a measured pace . “Hi, get me two pots of rice noodles with lots of hot pepper and Sichuan pepper . Thank you . ”

The shop owner was dumbfounded at this sight .

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