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Chapter 3339: 3339
Chapter 3339 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 19

“No . That’s not what I meant . ”

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“Okay . That’s the end of the topic . No matter what you say, it was done . ” Lu Yan looked cold .

“Fine . ” An nodded in resignation and didn’t dare to say more about it .

Lu Yan understood An; after all, he didn’t know her work and it was natural for him to feel sympathetic for the victim .

But Lu Yan felt she did nothing wrong .

The thug was not 18 years old yet, so she didn’t kill him; instead, she just broke his arm and gave him a concussion to remember the lesson .

If he was an adult, Lu Yan would have made him vanish .

An said the punishment was too harsh because he didn’t know Lu Yan’s way of doing things .

He thought Lu Yan was just Dr . Huo’s younger sister who had just returned from abroad . He had thought she was a gentle and good-looking girl from a big family .

But he was mistaken .

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In all the qualities he had imagined about her, Lu Yan only had one of them, which was beauty . As to the others…

Everyone would be shocked if they learned about her background .

Coming out of the arcade hall, they went to a nearby mall . Lu Yan found the big brands had few newest arrivals . It seemed the domestic goods delivery speed had much room for improvement .

Few items caught her eye; finally, she bought a big brand handbag of over 200,000 yuan for Huo Main with her bank card .

Then, she bought some small diamond-studded accessories and dresses for the twins .

In less than two hours, she spent over 300,000 yuan . That speed was pretty peerless .

An had wanted to tell her that Su Yu had given him 100,000 for Lu Yan to use .

But when he heard that one handbag cost over 200,000 yuan, he swallowed back his words in embarrassment .

An thought the girl was probably a daughter from a super-rich family since she walked in the mall as if she owned it .

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The strange thing was that Lu Yan never wore brand clothes; the outfit she wore didn’t have any logos on it .

In one glance, one might think she was a low maintenance girl .

Anyway, she looked good in anything due to her great beauty .

After she paid the bill, An helped Lu Yan carry the bags .

On their way out of the mall, they passed an Armani shop; Lu Yan picked up two belts casually .

She handed them to An .

“One for you and one for Su Yu . ”

“Um… No, I can’t accept your gift . ” An waved his hand to decline .

“Take it . It’s not easy work to show me around . Although Su Yu couldn’t come, he had authorized you to keep me company . So just take them . ”

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“No . I truly can’t…” An was a bit overwhelmed .

“If you don’t like it, just dump it in the trash bin . I bought them; I don’t care if you accept them or not . ”

Yeah, this was Lu Yan’s domineering personality . She did whatever she wanted no matter if the others accepted it or not .

Knowing Su Yu was her sister’s friend, she was polite to him .

Finally, An accepted the gifts cheerfully and of course, wouldn’t dump them in the trash bin .

One belt of the newest fashion cost more than 4,000 yuan; two belts cost almost 10,000 yuan .

After shopping, Lu Yan got into the car and lounged on the seat .

“I’m hungry . Let’s find a place to eat,” she said .

“Okay . What do you want to eat? I’ll find it for you . ”

“Anything will do . ”

“Um…” An felt pained . When someone says anything can do, you must be careful .

“Can’t you tell me some of your favorite food?” An mustered his courage and asked .

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