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Published at 29th of July 2020 10:40:37 AM
Chapter 3338
Chapter 3338 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 18

“Big Brother Ming,” the teenagers called out to the youth .

It seemed the boy was indeed the center figure of the gang . From what he said, his family had some power in this city, or he wouldn’t have dared to rob people in the underground parking lot .

They were so bold that they did it in the middle of the day; the other customers who had come to get their cars didn’t dare to go any further .

“What are you waiting for? Let’s go . ”

Then Lu Yan walked toward their car carrying the bag of cash .

An followed her immediately . Not daring to follow them, the remaining youths went to help their unconscious leader and send him to the hospital .

From the distance, they watched them leave in the Audi and memorized the plate number with revenge in mind .

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But could they have their revenge? Of course not .

When the kids sent their little boss to the hospital, the doctors found his right arm and hand were broken, which was a grade-one disability, with a severe concussion . Getting the news, the youth’s parents wanted to commit murder .

But they soon calmed down when they found out who was the owner of the car according to the plate number the kids provided .

The plate number of the A8L was from the military region under Su Yu’s grandfather . On Su Yu’s 25th birthday, his grandfather had given this plate number to him as a gift .

The Su Family was at the top of the power ladder in the city; even the mayor had to show respect to them, not to mention the small chief of the prison .

So they had to nurse their wounds silently after realizing they had messed with the Su Family .

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Getting into the car, An still felt unsettled after witnessing how Lu Yan dealt with the youth .

He wasn’t surprised by her fighting skills but felt that her moves were deadly and vicious .

He was sure she had done permanent damages to that youth .

After being silent for five minutes, he finally spoke his mind .

“I know they did wrong, but you didn’t have to be so merciless with them,” An said .

“Are you talking to me?” Lu Yan raised her head and asked .

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“Do you think I’m talking to myself?” An was displeased .

“Oh . I either don’t make a move or do it completely . This is my style, and I can’t change it,” Lu Yan said mildly .

“But he’s still a kid . ” An felt bad because the youth hadn’t reached 18 yet .

“So, kids can kill people and do anything they want without being punished by the law? They can use their age as a shield to do whatever they want now? The laws in China are lenient on them . I’m surprised you are such a Saint Teresa . ”

“I’m not Saint Teresa; I just feel you were too harsh with him . ”

“If I wasn’t so harsh, do you think he’d correct his ways and stop harming others? Forget it . I did it for the law-abiding people . The youth is at least 16 to 17 years and old enough to know what’s wrong and what’s right . He’d still harm people if I was lenient on him . Actually, I showed mercy on him since I didn’t kill him . ”

“Kill him? Is it not against the law to kill people in other countries?” The girl looked pretty and gentle but sounded so fierce and aggressive .

“It’s not your business . Did my sister or Su Yu tell you to investigate me?” Lu Yan demanded in a cold voice .

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