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Published at 29th of July 2020 10:40:37 AM
Chapter 3337
Chapter 3337 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 17

“Hehe . Woman, don’t bluff . You don’t want to kill people? As if you could kill people…” The leader of the gang smirked .

Lu Yan: “…”

These teenagers didn’t know Lu Yan’s abilities and dared to speak to her in this way .

They should have asked her, “Sister Yan, on which day don’t you kill people?”

Ever since she was a child, she had been hunted down by enemies and forced to make bombs…

She was now a bit over 20 years old but had killed more people than she could remember .

“You boys are still young . Do you know robbing is against the law?” An lectured them sternly .

“We know it . But we’re not yet 18 years old, and the law can’t do much about us . ”

“Don’t you know there’s a place called the Juvenile Detention Center?” An continued to reason with them .

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“Of course . The chief of the center is my third uncle, so… Now shut up and hand over the prize money,” the leader of the gang boasted and got a bit impatient .

“These bastards are obviously not doing it for the first time . It’s useless to lecture them . I think we should give them a lesson for their parents,” Lu Yan said .

“Take the money and stay out of the way . I can handle them . ”

An handed the bag of cash to Lu Yan and walked up, ready to fight .

Following An’s instruction, Lu Yan took the bag and backed off .

“Don’t let the woman go . She’s got the money,” the leading youth yelled .

Instantly, they swarmed up .

Swiftly, An entered fighting mode .

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Grabbing one of them, he punched and kicked .

But the teenagers were too many for him to block .

One kid who was kicked to one side by An got up and ran toward Lu Yan .

He thought women were weak and he’d surely wrestle the money bag from her .

“Run! Don’t stand there!” Anxiously, An yelled at Lu Yan .

However, Lu Yan didn’t run with the money bag in her hand; instead, she walked toward the youth .

The boy reached for her money bag, but before he could touch it, Lu Yan kicked him on the knee cap .

“Ahh…” The boy dropped to the ground and screamed with his hands holding his knee .

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Yeah . Lu Yan always fought with swift and vicious moves and never wasted time .

She only used half of her strength in the kick, but it shattered the boy’s knee cap .

Seeing one of them fell to the ground and couldn’t get up, the others got angrier; they charged with big knives and axes .

Unfortunately, An was faster and subdued them before they could reach Lu Yan .

He pressed down the leading youth’s head . “Kid, you are young but so vicious . How did your parents teach you?”

“My parents are officials, leaders managing prisons . You dared to mess with me; I’ll make you pay . I remember you now,” instead of repenting, the youth threatened with revenge .

“Whoa . You still don’t know your mistakes and dared to threaten me . The kids nowadays…”

While An spoke, Lu Yan walked over and snapped the youth’s wrist before An could react .

“Ahh…” The youth screamed as tears of pain spilled out of eyes .

“You want revenge? Very good… You’re welcome to try… But before that, I have a gift for you . ”

That said, she dragged the youth from An’s grip by his hair and smashed his head into the wall with a vicious force in front of everyone .

With a thud, the youth dropped to the ground… and passed out .

An’s face changed slightly while the other teenagers were struck dumb by fear .

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