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Published at 29th of July 2020 10:40:38 AM
Chapter 3336
Chapter 3336 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 16

An ran over and squeezed to the front of the crowd; sure enough, the prize came from Lu Yan’s machine .

The machine was spitting out tokens uncontrollably . It was a thrilling sight .

Many people came to watch with envy in their eyes .

“Wow! This girl is awesome . ”

“Yeah . This machine has been dumb since the arcade opened two years ago . No big prizes had come out of it . ”

“It’s 100,000? The largest prize in the past wasn’t half as big as this one . ”

“Is it the machine that glitched? Will the boss pay it out?”

While people talked among themselves heatedly, Lu Yan sat there calmly .

If the boss dared to refuse to pay with the excuse that the machine was broken, then he’d be in fatal danger .

“Um… It’s indeed you…” An walked over, looking dazed .

He had over 3,000 yuan worth of tokens in his basket .

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“Yeah . Who else could do that?” Lu Yan chuckled .

At this moment, the employees came over to gather the tokens .

“Move aside, people . We’re going to count the tokens . ”

Lu Yan glanced at the employee who had warned her about the machine and said, “I’ll give you 10,000 . ”

“Huh?” The guy was stupefied .

Then she glanced at the youth sitting next to her; he had warned her about the machine, too .

“I’ll give you 10,000, too . ”

The boy was dumbfounded and almost dropped his bottle of Coke .

“Change the rest 80,000 into cash . I like the thrilling visual sensation that cash gives to me . ”

“Okay . Miss, please wait for a moment while we cash them for you . ”

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Lu Yan and An went to the lounge area to wait .

“You’re so lucky today . ” An couldn’t understand why the girl gave the two strangers 20,000 yuan, but he was amazed by her luck .

In fact, anyone who was familiar with Lu Yan’s way of doing things knew that she did everything according to her mood .

If she was in a good mood, everything would be fine .

If she was not happy, then everyone around her would be in trouble .

“Luck? Well, I never believe in luck . ” Lu Yan chuckled .

“Didn’t you win so much money because of luck? Dr . Huo will be pleased to hear it . I’ll text her later . ”

Lu Yan smiled but didn’t say more to this stranger .

In a casino in Las Vegas, she had won a prize of 40 million dollars at a slot machine .

It had stunned many people; the casino even suspected that she had cheated .

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They got many professionals to check the machine and even searched her belongings to see if she got any devices .

But, they found nothing…

Actually, Lu Yan didn’t win with luck . After all, all slot machines had their algorithms .

But for ordinary people, it was so difficult that they couldn’t master it even if they studied it for ten years .

But Lu Yan could do it . The slot machines in this place were simple and she could handle them in seconds .

An found his 3,000 yuan of tokens were useless now .

Lu Yan did things with great efficiency .

Half an hour later, they walked out of the arcade hall .

An carried a canvas bag containing the 80,000 yuan cash that Lu Yan had won .

The moment they got to the underground parking lot, a group of guys blocked their way .

“Put down the money, and we won’t hurt you . ”

The leader was a youth who was carrying a baseball bat; the others were all boys of about 17 years old and each of them had weapons, such as knives or axes .

Lu Yan knew these were the kids who had seen her win the prize in the arcade hall; driven by greed, they had followed her here .

“Fellows, beat it now . I’m in a good mood and don’t want to kill people,” Lu Yan said faintly .

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