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Published at 12th of July 2020 04:00:06 AM
Chapter 3331: 3331
Chapter 3331 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 11

“Su Yu?” Huo Mian was surprised because she hadn’t thought of him at all .

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“Uh-hum . ”

“But Yan has Qiao Fei, and Su Yu now has Zeng Rou… Do you really want to put them together?” Huo Mian thought Qin Chu was trying to bring Su Yu and Lu Yan together as a couple .

“No . You misunderstood me . I meant that with Lu Yan’s temper, no ordinary people can keep her company . Definitely not Little Yang . Among us, only Su Yu is as bold as Lu Yan . ”

“Um… Won’t they get in a fight or something?” Huo Mian asked .

“Do you think Su Yu is her match?” Mr . Qin asked .

“Ha! Good . They might become good friends . I’ll call Su Yu and ask him right now . ”

“Don’t . It’s midnight . Su Yu would curse you if you call him at this hour . ” Qin Chu chuckled .

“Oh . You’re right . Tomorrow morning I’ll ask him to show Yan around, so she won’t get bored . ”

“I think it’s not necessary . With her personality, Lu Yan won’t get bored even if you sent her to space . ”

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“Haha! You’re dissing my Yan again . ” Huo Mian pounded on her husband’s chest .

“Honey, now that you’ve got sister, you are going to dump your husband?”

“Shut up… Got to bed now,” Huo Mian said .

“Yes, Madam . ”

With a smile, Huo Mian left the room after Qin Chu changed into his pajamas .

The scent of lavender could help people sleep, but it seemed not effective on Qin Chu’s stubborn insomnia .

So, she had added some of the Chinese herbs that she had concocted herself into the lavender scent box .

Due to the faint smell of the herbs, their scents were covered by the scent of lavender, so Qin Chu didn’t notice them .

She knew she was experimenting on Qin Chu, but she had no other options .

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She couldn’t bear to let her beloved man suffer .

If a person couldn’t sleep night after night, it would feel worse than death .

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Huo Mian didn’t want her husband to suffer this pain .

After she returned to work at South Side, she had done lots of research and many experiments .

Chinese herbs had the least amount of side effects and contained no toxins .

Although she didn’t know if they would work, she had to try even though it was quite risky .

Lying on the bed, Qin Chu couldn’t sleep as usual, so he began to browse the financial news on his cellphone .

In half an hour, the herbs might begin to take effect since he felt a bit sleepy .

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Then, he just dozed off…

It was a light sleep, but he indeed fell asleep, making Qin Chu ecstatic .

One hour later at 1 AM, Huo Mian came out of her room again and opened the door of the guest room quietly .

She was satisfied when she saw Qin Chu was lying in bed asleep instead of sitting by the bed smoking .

Although she didn’t know how long the effects would last, it was better than nothing .

At 3 AM, Qin Chu woke up suddenly in a cold sweat .

He had had a strange dream in which a woman told him that she wanted to take something back from him .

The woman wore a black veil, but he could recognize the bloody skull tattoo on her arm .

The person who had given him the lighter had the same tattoo .

Wide awake, Qin Chu got up and lit a cigarette .

He felt better than before since he could sleep lightly tonight .

Sitting on the sofa before the window, he smoked while playing with a strange-shaped lighter .

He had used this small object to scare off the big psycho Ian .

Was this lighter related to those people with special identities? Qin Chu suddenly felt uneasy .

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