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Published at 12th of July 2020 04:00:06 AM
Chapter 3332: 3332
Chapter 3332 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 12

On the next morning, Huo Mian sent a WeChat message to Su Yu .

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“Mr . Su, my younger sister came back from abroad . I’ve got to work . If you have time, can you show her around? Show her all the good food and fun places; I’ll pay all the fees . ”

“Dr . Huo, are you treating me as a tour guide?” Su Yu joked .

“Ha . Tour Guide Su, can you do it?”

“Yeah . Since you asked, how can I refuse?

“But why didn’t you ask your husband to show her around? He’s got lots of free time, right?”

“Have you seen lots of men alone with their sisters-in-law?” Huo Mian answered .

“Haha . I got it . You must avoid misunderstandings . Is your sister good looking? I hope she won’t fall in love with me… After all, I’m too handsome and dashing for girls to resist me,” Su Yu boasted .

“Don’t worry . She has a boyfriend . ”

“She could still fall in love with me . Even married women are drawn by my radiance…”

“Mr . Su, are you still sleeping? Are you talking in your dream?” Huo Mian teased him .

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“Humph . You don’t appreciate my sense of humor . Fine . I’ll do it to your satisfaction . ” Su Yu promised .

“Thank you then . ”

Huo Mian was happy that Su Yu agreed to help . Qin Chu was right since Su Yu didn’t have to keep an eye on his entertainment company each day, he had time to show Lu Yan around .

Qin Chu had to get to his company early and left after breakfast .

After breakfast, Huo Mian took Lu Yan’s hand . “Yan, I’m afraid you’ll get bored staying home, so I asked a friend to keep you company . ”

“I don’t need company . ” Lu Yan looked reluctant .

“Why not? You’re not familiar with this place . ”

“I have a GPS and can find even washrooms with it . ”

“Um… Isn’t it a bit boring? Didn’t you say you wanted to be an ordinary girl?”

“Um… Okay, okay . Which friend have you arranged for me? Zhixin? Gao Ran? Wei Liao? Tang Chuan? Ni Yang?” Lu Yan listed the names with great familiarity .

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“Good job . You know my friends’ names . ”

“Sis, it’s simple for me . Not to mention your friends, I even know the names of your colleagues at South Side . ”

“Fine . Queen Lu Yan, you’re the best . ” Huo Mian touched her head .

“So who’s going to show me around?”

“Su Yu . ”


“What? You don’t like him?”

“Why did you ask that dumb guy?” Lu Yan looked displeased .

“Please, Mr . Su isn’t dumb, okay?”

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“No kidding . I know all about him, including his report cards from kindergarten…”

Lu Yan had a database as complete as an encyclopedia .

“So, you don’t like Su Yu?” Huo Mian asked .

“I don’t dislike him, but I feel he’s weird…”

“You’re weird, too . So you might hit it off . ”

“Sis, don’t diss me…”

“Ha . Enjoy yourself . Su Yu’s your nieces’ favorite guy . They’d be thrilled if they knew it . ”

“Do I have other options?” Lu Yan asked hopefully .

“Yeah . He has a bodyguard named An; you can choose between them,” said Huo Mian .

“Forget it . ” Lu Yan rolled her eyes .

She knew her sister was thoughtful and didn’t want her to feel bored, but she had planned to go out and enjoy herself alone .

Now Su Yu would be tagging along after her .

Then, An appeared at the door .

“Dr . Huo, I’m here to pick up your sister,” An said .

“Come on, Yan . Get into the car… Enjoy your day . ” Huo Mian took Lu Yan’s hand and pulled her out of the house .

Lu Yan felt like crying .

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