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Chapter 3330: 3330
Chapter 3330 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 10

“Of course . She’s a rare beauty in the world . ”

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“In fact, you’re super beautiful, too, my Yan . ” Huo Mian reached out and pinched Lu Yan’s small cheeks lovingly .

No one had done this to Lu Yan .

If it was someone else, the person would have gotten their hands dislocated before touching her face .

Lu Yan was so alert to the things around her that she’d never entered deep sleep .

She could even clearly hear a needle drop to the floor .

“Sis, okay . Don’t mess around . Go to sleep now . I’m so sleepy…”

“Didn’t you sleep on the plane?”

“Yeah . But I have jet leg…”


The sisters chatted casually . Lu Yan liked this kind of casual talk since it made her feel like an ordinary girl, a younger sister, and an auntie of the children, instead of the demon woman on the battleground, the king of the mercenary legion, the No . 1 wanted criminal, or a woman who had been hunted down by groups of people due to her special identity .

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Seeing Lu Yan was asleep, Huo Mian got up quietly because she was worried about Qin Chu’s sleeping problem .

Sure enough, she saw Qin Chu was still working in the study although it was already 12 AM .

“Honey . ”

“You’re still up?” Qin Chu looked at his wife gently .

“Yan’s asleep . I’m bored, so I came to see you . ”

“You must go back to bed . ”

“Honey, I got the bed ready for you in the guest room…”

“I know . ”

“Then go to bed now . ”

“I need to finish this first . I’ll go in a moment . Don’t worry . ”

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“No . I want you to put down work right now and go to bed . ”

Qin Chu: “…”

Seeing his wife’s determined expression, Qin Chu gave in .

Turning off the laptop, he walked over and held Huo Mian, planting a kiss on her forehead .

Then they walked into a guest room on the second floor .

“Did you regret your decision and come to sleep with me after Lu Yan fell asleep?” Qin Chu teased her .

“Humph! Am I so changeable? I promised Yan and won’t go back on my words . It’s not right… I was just worried about you . ”

“I’m not a child . You don’t have to worry about me . ”

Qin Chu entered the guest bedroom and found Huo Mian had made special arrangements in it .

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The lights were dimmed, and a lavender scent candle was burning on the desk .

On the bedside table, the blue-tooth speaker was playing some light music .

“Honey…” Qin Chu understood his wife’s intention .

“Isn’t it romantic?” Huo Mian chuckled in Qin Chu’s arms .

“Yeah . If you were not pregnant, I think we should do something in this environment,” Mr . Qin said bluntly, bringing a blush to Huo Mian’s face .

She was now his wife and a mother of two, but still, she remained as shy as a girl in the bedroom .

Her shyness wasn’t an act; it was due to her bashful personality .

“Don’t say it . Your son will hear it…” Huo Mian pointed at her belly .

“What are you thinking about? I meant we should dance the waltz or drink some red wine . ”

“Ha! You are teasing me…” Huo Mian realized Mr . Qin was playing with her .

“Be a good girl and go to bed now . You’re pregnant and can’t stay up so late…” Qin Chu coaxed his wife .

“Honey, I’ll work tomorrow, and Yan might be bored staying at home . Can you ask Yang to show her around the city?”

“No kidding . You want Yang to keep Lu Yan company?” Qin Chu thought Little Yang’s personality would cause him to get his bones broken by Lu Yan within a day .

“Um… What do we do then? We can’t let her wander around by herself, right?”

“I think Su Yu can do it,” Qin Chu said .

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