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Published at 11th of July 2020 05:40:08 AM
Chapter 3329: 3329
Chapter 3329 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 9

“Yeah . I’m envious, jealous and I hate you for your good luck . ” Little Bean was frank .

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“Hahaha! Okay… Now go to your room to nurse your envy and jealousy . My sister and I will retire to the bedroom now . ”

“Auntie, can’t you take me with you?”

“Of course not . My sister and I will have a private world of our own and no one is allowed to intrude . Good night . ” Lu Yan was so smug that she even excluded her nieces .

“Auntie, if you do this, I won’t love you,” Little Bean threatened .

“Won’t love me? Okay, but you must return the 20,000 dollars that I just gave you . ” Lu Yan extended her hand .

“Heihei . I was just kidding . Auntie, my love for you is as endless as the great river…”

“Stop it . If you continue, you’ll say that I’ll live forever in your heart, right?” Lu Yan laughed .

“Hahaha! I didn’t say it . You said it . You can’t put those words into my mouth . ”

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“Go and find your own elder sister while I go with my elder sister . ”

Finally, Little Bean returned to their room with Pudding for the night .

Happily, Lu Yan went up to the main bedroom with her arm around her sister .

Qin Chu went to work in the study with his laptop .

Lu Yan put on Huo Mian’s cotton sleeping gown and looked much more beautiful in it than Huo Mian . After all, she had great looks .

“Yan, we’re sisters by blood, but why are you so much more beautiful than I?” Huo Mian lamented .

“Hahaha! It’s because you look like Dad and I look like Mom . ” Lu Yan was smug .

“Our mom is very beautiful?” Huo Mian suddenly remembered she had never seen their mom’s pictures and didn’t know how she looked .

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She only knew their mom’s name was Lin Ya, but Lu Yan and their dad didn’t want to talk about her .

“Right . Our mom is ridiculously beautiful . They say I’m not even one-tenth as beautiful as our mom…”

“Is she a great beauty like Audrey Hepburn?” Huo Mian tried to imagine their mom’s looks .

“I think she’s more beautiful than Hepburn… I’m not exaggerating . ”

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“Do you have her photos? Can I see them?” Huo Mian thought Yan might have their mom’s photos on her cellphone .

“Yeah . But… Dad told me not to talk much about our mom with you . ”

“Why not?” Huo Mian was surprised .

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“Um… I don’t know how to explain it . Many things happened with our mom and she is now on the list of Red Notices . You can’t find any information about her in any files in any country . In short, there’s no information about Ms . Lin Ya on Earth . ”

“Is our mom an alien?” Huo Mian was astonished .

“Hahahaha! Sis, you are silly . An alien? You watched too much Star Wars, right?” Lu Yan burst into laughter .

“You made her sound so mysterious that my imagination ran wild . ”

“Ha . Your imagination is a bit too wild . Anyway, don’t think about it . You’ll know it when it’s time . ”

“Can I see her photos?” Huo Mian had only one small request .

“In fact, all her photos have been destroyed . I only have this . ”

Lu Yan activated the system on her watch with some dizzying operations .

Finally, the virtual image of a sketch appeared in midair .

“Did you draw it?” Huo Mian asked .

“Yeah . Dad destroyed all of our mother’s photos . I couldn’t bear it and saved this sketch . ”

“She… is so beautiful,” looking at the sketch, Huo Mian murmured to herself .

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