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Chapter 3328: 3328
Chapter 3328 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 8

Amy felt extremely happy at Young Master Qiao’s gentleness to her .

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It seemed like he’d soon fall in love with her .

– In South Hill Manor –

Lu Yan’s arrival made the house even more lively .

Huo Mian only told her parents-in-law that Lu Yan was her cousin .

Qin Chu’s parents didn’t ask more questions and received Lu Yan with warmth .

– Midnight –

“Sis, I want to sleep in your room,” Lu Yan held Huo Mian and begged .

“Ahem…” Qin Chu coughed lightly to remind her of his existence .

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“President Qin, don’t be so greedy . You can hold your wife each night… Just loan her to me for a few nights . Please . I’m your sister-in-law . ” Lu Yan tried to sway him with family love .

“A few nights? Are you kidding? Only one night . ” Qin Chu would never agree to loan his wife to Lu Yan for a few nights .

“One night isn’t enough . No, my sister must sleep with me each night while I’m here, or I’ll move into a hotel . ”

“Very good . I’ll book a presidential suite for you now,” Qin Chu immediately agreed .

“But Sis, I’m a girl and it’s not safe for me to live in a hotel all by myself… Won’t it be dangerous?” Lu Yan acted afraid .

“Are you serious? Miss Lu Yan, only the people in the hotel will be in danger with you living there; they might be blown up at any moment by a bomb genius,” Qin Chu added .

“I’m such a gentle person and won’t do such a thing . ” Lu Yan bit on her lip to suppress her smirk .

“So, whose masterpiece is Ghost No . 1?” Qin Chu asked without preamble .

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“Brother-in-law, please don’t be so blunt… I’m now with ordinary people . You must regard me as a beautiful and fragile young girl who is a bit over 20 years old, okay?”

“Fragile? I can’t see it . You can subdue ten guys in less than one minute . ”

“Oh, Sis, look at how your husband is bullying me!” Not able to refute Qin Chu, Lu Yan enlisted Huo Mian’s help .

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“Honey, please let me sleep with Yan, okay?” Huo Mian begged her husband .

“You want me to sleep alone? Wife, you’re cruel . ” Mr . Qin’s unusual playfulness stunned both Huo Mian and Lu Yan .

“Hahahaha! President Qin, I’ll record this moment and post it on the big screen in the lobby of GK . ” Lu Yan laughed .

“So you want me to drive you out of C City?”

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“No, no, no! I was bluffing . I won’t do it . ”

“Forget it . I can’t banter with you guys now . I’ll go and handle business in the study; you two can sleep in the main bedroom . ” Qin Chu patted Huo Mian’s shoulder lovingly .

Then he walked toward the study .

“Your husband is awesome . He’s presentable in the living room, a good cook in the kitchen, and can beat off villains . He’s well-rounded . ”

“Qiao Fei is great, too…”

“Forget it . Don’t mention this guy to me now . ”

“What happened? Did you fight?” Huo Mian asked .

“It’s not as simple as that . Anyway, we are… fine . Ha! Sis, I’m so happy that I can sleep in your big bed . ” Lu Yan held Huo Mian’s neck from behind like a little girl playing with her elder sister . It was a happy and warm sight .

“Auntie, you’re so lucky that you get to sleep with Mommy . Dad doesn’t allow us to sleep with Mommy, saying that we need to be independent . We don’t believe him . Dad is just greedy and doesn’t want to let us borrow Mommy . It’s a great honor for you . ” Little bean was full of envy when she heard that her auntie could sleep with their mom .

“Haha! So… are you green with jealousy now?” Lu Yan teased Little Bean .

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