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Chapter 3327: 3327
Chapter 3327 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 7

“What’s this?” Amy looked hesitant .

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“A neurological drug . ”

“Why do you want the third young master to eat it?” Amy tensed up .

“Don’t worry, woman . It will only make him sleepy . In this way, he can have more time to fall in love with you instead of interfering with the issue with Lu Yan . You don’t want him to get back with Lu Yan, right?”


“You don’t believe me?” Qiao Nan raised his eyebrows .

“I just don’t want to do anything to harm the third young master . ” Amy felt torn inside with the little bottle in her hand .

“I told you it’s not deadly . If I wanted to kill Qiao Fei, I can do it at any moment . After all, this is my territory . ”

Hearing his words, Amy finally put away the small bottle .

After she left, Qiao Nan’s man asked him, “Master, does she believe you?”

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“I think so . After all, she’s afraid Lu Yan will come back and take him from her . ”

“Master, this is a good plan . The drug will take effect in three months . When Qiao Fei’s liver began to show signs of damage in three months, we can place the blame on that little bitch Amy and tell the old master about it . ”

“Yeah . My youngest brother is stupid, so is the woman working for him . I wonder why that young girl Lu Yan liked him . ”

Qiao Nan was smug .

– On the next morning in the ancient castle –

When Qiao Fei got up, Amy had prepared many of his favorite Chinese dishes for breakfast . Obviously, she was trying to please him .

“Young Master Qiao, it’s time for breakfast . ”

“Okay . ” Qiao Fei sat at the table quietly .

Amy brought a cup of hot coffee to him with slightly shaky hands .

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“Young Master Qiao, here’s your coffee . ”

“Put it here . ” Qiao Fei didn’t take it from her hands .

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“Um… Drink it while it’s still hot . It doesn’t taste good when it’s cold,” Amy urged him .

Qiao Nan was right . Amy was indeed worried that this drug would harm Qiao Fei, but she was more worried that Qiao Fei would go to Lu Yan when Lu Yan was in danger .

She had put the unknown powder into Qiao Fei’s coffee .

Qiao Fei looked at the coffee but didn’t drink it .

“Go and get me some sugar . ”

“You don’t like it with sugar, right?” Amy was surprised .

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“I used to like Lu Yan . Habits change,” Qiao Fei said airily .

Not daring to question him, Amy turned and went into the kitchen .

The moment she entered the kitchen, Qiao Fei swiftly switched his coffee with Amy’s .

The cups were identical and no one could see that they had been switched .

Amy returned and handed the sugar to Qiao Fei .

Under her eyes, Qiao Fei put the sugar into his coffee and stirred it slowly .

With her heart in her throat, Amy watched him; she knew Mr . Qiao was very smart and she’d be finished if he found out what she had done .

Qiao Fei didn’t look up at Amy but finished the coffee as she watched silently .

Seeing Qiao Fei didn’t notice any difference, Amy relaxed .

She sent a text message to Qiao Nan, “He drank it . ”

She was so nervous that she didn’t notice a faint sneer on Qiao Fei’s lips .

Finishing the coffee, Qiao Fei looked up with unusual gentleness . “Sit down and have breakfast . Drink the coffee while it’s hot . ”

“Okay… Okay . ” Surprised at his gentleness, Amy sat down across from him and drank her own coffee .

“If you like it, drink it all…” Qiao Fei continued smiling .

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