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Chapter 3326: 3326
Chapter 3326 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 6

“No . His return is a… good thing for me . ” Qian Nan smiled .

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“I don’t understand .

“You don’t need to understand . Now that I’ve got a new partner, I don’t care about one tiny enemy like him since he’ll die sooner or later . ”

– At midnight in Moscow –

Qiao Fei entered the inner palace and locked the door from inside . He was going to bed early after returning from the welcoming banquet held by his father .

Amy slept in a guest bedroom . At midnight, she got up silently .

Then, she slipped out from the backdoor of the palace, finding that there was a guy waiting for her outside .

“Boss told me to pick you up . ” The guy spoke in English as if he was afraid Amy didn’t understand Russian .

Amy nodded but didn’t speak and followed the guy . They made many turns until they came into a deserted factory .

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Amy nodded respectfully, “Mr . Qiao . ”

“Good . I’m surprised that you finished your mission with such ease . ” Qiao Nan leaned on a column while smoking a cigar; he seemed to be in a good mood .

“I didn’t expect it would so easy,” Amy said .

“So, I want to know if that woman Lu Yan truly believed the whole thing? Are you sure it’s not a trap?” Qiao Nan asked cautiously .

“I don’t think so . I’ve worked for her for many years and could see if she had faked the emotions . Lu Yan is a very jealous woman and erupted immediately when she saw the intimate gesture between me and Mr . Qiao . She said lots of hurtful things; and as you told me, the third young master is a man of few words and doesn’t like to explain things, which put fuel onto the fire and led to their breakup . ”

“Did Lu Yan say anything when you two left?”

“She told the third young master not to return,” Amy said .

“Is Lu Yan still in Brazil?”

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“I’m not sure . When we left, she was still there . ”

“Did Lu Yan go to Brazil just to catch a traitor?”

“I think so . ”

“Did she get into contact with any other gangs?”

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“No . ”

“Very good . Qiao Fei without Lu Yan is just a wastrel…” Qiao Nan smirked sinisterly .

“Mr . Qiao, you promised you’d not harm the third young master . ” Amy became a bit worried .

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She was bought by Qiao Nan but had true feelings for Qiao Fei .

“Don’t worry . He’s my younger brother; he’ll be fine so long as he isn’t a threat to my power . ”

“What’s your plan now?” Amy asked .

“My partner and I will begin a fishing program to catch… a big fish . ” Qiao Nan smiled .

“It’s not easy to catch Lu Yan . She’s very smart,” Amy added .

“It doesn’t matter . We have our ways . If not for Qiao Fei, she’d have been caught several times after being wounded . Now that she drove away Qiao Fei, who’ll help her?”

“Do you plan to… kill Lu Yan?” Amy was torn even though she knew she’d only be safe after Lu Yan was dead, but still, Lu Yan had been her boss and she’d be sad if Lu Yan died .

“Kill her? Of course not . Lu Yan is very, very valuable to my partner . ”

“Mr . Qiao, is the partner you’re referring to Ian?” Amy guessed .

“Ian? Hehe! That fellow can do nothing but suck blood . I really don’t like this crazy vampire… He can’t achieve big things . ”

Amy was surprised; Qiao Nan seemed to mean that an even bigger figure wanted to catch Lu Yan .

“Take this . Put some into Qiao Fei’s breakfast coffee each morning . ” Qiao Nan handed a small porcelain bottle to Amy .

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