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Chapter 3325: 3325
Chapter 3325 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 5

The moment Qiao Fei got off the plane, the Qiao Family received the news of his return .

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So, Qiao Fei’s father wasn’t surprised when he saw his son; in fact, he was a bit emotional .

After all, Qiao Fei was his favorite and youngest son; he had been sad when Qiao Fei fell out with him for a woman .

Now he returned .

“Dad, I’m back,” Qiao Fei said indifferently without feeling even a little bit of embarrassment .

“It’s good to have you back . ”

Master Qiao loved his son and didn’t even scold him .

But Qiao Nan who sat on one side sneered, “Brother, when you left, you sounded quite determined . You are a man with great pride; I’m surprised that you went back on your words so easily . It seems you can’t survive alone without the family’s support . Yeah, I can imagine that . Being fed and clothed by a woman, you lived the life of a kept boy . I’m sure you felt frustrated to live in this way . That woman Lu Yan must have scorned you a lot, right?”

“You…” Amy couldn’t bear to hear people belittle Qiao Fei .

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She was about to step up and retort but Qiao Fei stopped her .

She didn’t dare to say more .

“Brother, you’re right, I came back because I couldn’t stand Lu Yan . What then? Are you unhappy to see your younger brother back? Are you afraid I’ll take things from you?”

“Ridiculous . What things can you take from me?” Qiao Nan looked at Qiao Fei challengingly .

“Things you treasure might not be things that I would want . I don’t like to fight with people over things, so you don’t have to be on guard against me, Brother . ”

“Of course not . We’re brothers by blood… Why should I be on guard with you? Like Father, I… love you very much . ”

Qiao Nan put emphasis on the word “love”, and anyone could see what he really meant .

“Dad, I’m a bit tired after the long-distance flight . I’ll go and get some sleep . ”

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“Okay . When you are rested, we’ll have a banquet to welcome you back . ”

His father loved his youngest son and would let him do whatever he wanted .

Qiao Fei walked out as cool as usual .

“See you later, Young Master . ” The senior officials were especially respectable to Qiao Fei; Qiao Nan’s face fell as he heard them call Qiao Fei “Young Master” .

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In his private palace, Qiao Fei looked around this familiar place and felt nothing; his cold face didn’t change even a little bit .

He missed Lu Yan’s private plane where they had spent most of their time in the past months .

“Wow… Young Master Qiao, your palace is beautiful . This Russian-style building is quite unique . ”

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Amy hadn’t seen this place before, so she was amazed by everything .

Most of all, she was happy because she believed that without Lu Yan between them, she could soon climb into Qiao Fei’s bed .

“I’ll go to bed now . When you are wandering around, don’t leave this garden, or I can’t ensure your safety,” Qiao Fei said mildly .

“I got it, Young Master Qiao . ” Amy smiled .

Qiao Fei turned and entered the inner palace .

With a bottle of water in hand, Amy wanted to follow him to see the place .

But Qiao Fei closed the door in her face; she stood at the door in embarrassment, knowing he still didn’t trust her yet .

Entering the inner palace, Qiao Fei laid on the big soft bed, feeling depressed .

He missed Lu Yan . Yeah, they had been separated for only 48 hours, but he missed her so much…

– At another place inside the palace –

“Master, now that the third young master is back, what should we do?” Qiao Nan’s men seemed wary .

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