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Published at 10th of July 2020 04:40:45 AM
Chapter 3324: 3324
Chapter 3324 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 4

“Ian? Hmph, he’s just a loser in my eyes and not worth mentioning… Go have fun, in a few days, we might be faced with a huge battle . ”

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After speaking, Lu Yan mysteriously smiled and turned around .

“Eh? What is our boss thinking about… Shouldn’t she be sad after the breakup? Why does she look so happy?”

“Maybe it’s because she reunited with her sister . You all know how much our boss cares about her sister . ”

“Yeah, anyway, we’ll never be able to guess what she’s thinking about . Let’s just do whatever she tells us to do . ”

“Mhm, let’s go . Ms . Huo has bodyguards too, she should be fine . We’re in China, it should be safe . ”

After a lecture, Lu Yan’s men left quietly .

Lu Yan went back to her seat .

“Auntie, your friends left?”

“Mhm, they did,” Lu Yan smiled and told the truth .

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“Auntie, where’s your boyfriend?” Little Bean suddenly asked .

“Uh… Who told you about him?” Lu Yan seemed to be feeling awkward .

“We all know, Daddy and Mommy have seen him a few times already . Uncle Qiao, the really really handsome one…”

“Oh, him . We split up a long time ago,” Lu Yan said calmly .

“No way, so soon?”

“Soon? We’ve been together for too long, I’ve had enough… Seeing him annoys me . ”

“Okay, okay, Auntie, you change boyfriends more frequently than you change clothes,” Little Bean laughed .

“So do you want to learn from Auntie, to be able to go through many boyfriends and not get into any trouble?”

“No, no, no . I’m going to be dedicated . It runs in our family . My grandparents, uncle, mommy, daddy, and my sister are all dedicated . So, I have to be dedicated too, even if I don’t want to, I have to pretend to be . Otherwise, I’ll get a lecture,” Little Bean said the last sentence in a small voice .

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However, everybody heard that .

“Little Bean, eat your noodles and stop talking . ” Huo Mian didn’t know what to do with her younger daughter .

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“Haha, okay, Mommy . I’m going to eat . ” Little Bean immediately lowered her head and ate .

“How does it taste?” looking at Lu Yan, Huo Mian asked .

“Do you want the truth?”

“Of course . ”

“It tastes average . You guys like it here because of the nostalgia,” Lu Yan truthfully said .

“No, no, no . They’re here because it’s cheap,” Little Bean interrupted again .

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“Haha, no way . Your mommy and daddy basically own the city, they don’t need to be this frugal,” Lu Yan laughed .

“Little Bean, all you do is put Mommy and Daddy down . Let’s see how you’re going to act when Auntie leaves . ”

“I’ll leave with Auntie, I’ll be able to see Grandpa anyways,” Little Bean casually said .

“Aha, you’re betraying us so soon… If that’s so, I’ll sign your emigration papers tomorrow,” Qin Chu said in a serious tone .

“Comrade Qin, I was joking . Don’t be so serious, okay?”

“Comrad Qin, I was also joking . Don’t be so nervous, okay?” Qin Chu smiled .

“Haha, okay . You win this round . Good for you, President Qin . ” Little Bean bowed down to Qin Chu’s prowess .

On one hand, the little family happily ate ramen together .

On the other hand, in faraway Moscow .

Qiao Fei’s return made the quiet Qiao Family explode like a bomb .

“Master Qiao is back, I heard that he also brought a woman, but it’s not Lu Yan,” the Qiao Family’s men began talking .

Qiao Fei brought Amy towards the family’s main room with everyone’s gaze on him .

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