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Published at 10th of July 2020 04:40:46 AM
Chapter 3323: 3323
Chapter 3323 A Million Dollars, Have a Drink with Me 3

After Little Bean said that, Lu Yan coughed awkwardly and rose .

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“Ahem, you guys eat, I’ll check it out . ”

Qin Chu remained calm . If they meant harm, his subordinates would’ve known .

So, he knew that it was Lu Yan’s men following her in secret .

“Daddy, are those Auntie’s friends?” Little Bean curiously asked .

“Mhm . ”

“They’re so ugly…”

Qin Chu and Huo Mian were both speechless .

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“What do Auntie’s friends’ appearances have to do with you?” Pudding looked at her sister .

“Everything . Someone as pretty and cool as Auntie shouldn’t be friends with ugly people,” Little Bean said in an admiring tone .

“Stop, Auntie isn’t even here . You’re just making it awkward,” Pudding softly said .

Little Bean turned around and stopped talking .

Lu Yan strode over and looked at her men .

“Damn, didn’t I tell you guys to go have fun? Why are you following me?” Lu Yan said in a low tone .

The men all rose, seeing that their boss was here .

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“Boss, we can’t have fun . We’re worried about your safety . ”

“Damn you, am I a weakling? I can beat a dozen of you in one go, okay?”

Lu Yan looked hopeless . It wasn’t her fault that they were too loyal . She gave them money to have fun, but they just wanted to follow her .

“Of course we can’t beat you, but if someone tries to harm you, we will never let you go . Like that old lady, how dare she treat you like that…” one of her subordinates loyally said .

“Damn, what did you do with that old woman?” Hearing him speak made Huo Yan sweat .

“Nothing much, we just oiled up the street on her way back and threw some watermelon peels on the ground…”

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“So…?” Lu Yan’s eyes widened . She didn’t want to change the workings of the city, she only wanted to chill for a few days . Even if the old woman had laid down on the ground, Lu Yan wouldn’t have run her over . However, her subordinates might not have understood her thoughts behind it . Lu Yan didn’t care if the old lady died, but if her sister found out… After all, Huo Mian was a doctor and used her hands to save people, while Lu Yan was the one to kill wherever she went…

“So, she broke her ankle and will be bedridden for a few months… Old women like that should stay inside anyways,” he said with a straight face .

“Wow, I am impressed by all of you… You have the guts to do stuff like this . ” Lu Yan poked the man’s head .

They were immediately terrified…

“Boss, I am to blame . It was my idea, it wasn’t theirs . ” The leading man seemed frightened .

“Nevermind, you’re a clever one . At least she’s not dead, and good job on making her break her ankle . ” Lu Yan smiled in satisfaction .

The men all looked at each other and thought about how quickly her mood changes .

“I’m only eating with my sister and her family . Don’t follow me, it’s a mood killer… Go wherever you want and keep your watches on you . If I need you, I’ll call . ”

“But, Boss, Ian’s men seem to be on the move . ” The leader of the subordinates frowned, believing that his boss was underestimating the opponent .

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