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Qingfeng Li felt apologetic towards Flower Fairy for rejecting her invitation. He knew that she had good intentions.

After all, Qingfeng Li was now aware of the presence of self-cultivators, an extremely powerful group of people. They were just deeply hidden, rarely appearing in the public eye.

 Ring ring ring…...

Just then, a phone began to ring, effectively breaking the awkward silence between the two.

Qingfeng Li took out his phone to look and saw that the call was from Jiaojiao Liu. He immediately pressed answer. Under normal circumstances, Jiaojiao Liu wouldn't call so something must have happened.

For unknown reasons, the call from Jiaojiao Liu gave Qingfeng Li a bad feeling, a very very bad feeling.

"Jiaojiao, what happened?" Qingfeng Li asked hurriedly.

 "Ahh, brother-in-law, I have terrible news. The doctor said that sister is supposed to give birth today but when I went to the hospital, she was gone." Jiaojiao Liu's voice cried on the phone, clearly worried.

What? Ruyan Liu disappeared?

Hearing this, Qingfeng Li felt a sharp pain in his heart. He knew that something bad had happened. His intuition was confirmed once again.

"Jiaojiao, where's Alice and the Elder Monk? Didn't I tell them to protect Ruyan Liu?" Qingfeng Li asked hurriedly.

Before leaving Huaxia, Qingfeng Li was worried about the safety of both Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu so he arranged for Ziyi Miao and the Sky Demon King to protect Xue Lin and for Alice and Elder Daoist to protect Ruyan Liu.

Alice was now an ancient Martial Artist after learning from Qingfeng Li and Elder Daoist had even reached the Grandmasters realm by eating the elixir Qingfeng Li had last refined. How the hell did Ruyan Liu disappear while under the protection of these two powerful masters?

"Brother-in-law, not only did my sister disappear, but both Alice and Elder Monk Grandpa disappeared as well. Oh right, all of the protective detail sent by Tianjing City were killed as well." Jiaojiao Liu said, her face pale from fear.

Jiaojiao had spoken to the doctor today and was told that her sister would give birth at night. When she went to the hospital room to find her sister, however, there was no one in sight. She then looked around for Alice and the Elder Monk, but both of them had disappeared as well.

She couldn't find her sister nor Alice and the Elder Monk. After she walked out of the hospital room, all she could find was a group of dead Luo family members.

The disciples of the Luo Family were all sent by Niching Luo to protect Ruyan Liu, and they were all ancient martial art masters. However, they had all been easily killed. Seeing this, Jiaojiao Liu knew, that her sister was in trouble.

"Jiaojiao, wait for me, I'm heading back to Eastern Sea City right away." Qingfeng Li hung up the phone.

After he hung up the phone, Qingfeng Li immediately called Mengyao Xu. He instructed her to seal off the City, and to find Ruyan Liu.

Additionally, Qingfeng Li also called King Kong, the Mayor of Eastern Sea City, Niching Luo and a few others to help in the search for Ruyan Liu.

Qingfeng Li was very worried. He could feel the unordinary nature behind this incident. The Elder Daoist was incredibly powerful, and if the enemy had the power to grab Ruyan Liu under his watch, that must mean that the enemy had kidnapped him as well. What does this mean? It means that the enemy was even stronger than Elder Daoist.

Qingfeng Li was aware that he had killed many in the ancient martial world of Huaxia, that he had made too many enemies. Whoever kidnapped Ruyan Liu while she was about to give birth was definitely seeking revenge from Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li turned quickly, finding Fengwu Cao. He told her that his woman was missing, asking her to increase the speed of the ship back to Huaxia.

Fengwu Cao didn't dare to waste any time under the circumstances. She immediately ordered the captain to increase the speed of the ship.

The warship was moving extremely fast, fronting the winds and coursing through the waves towards Huaxia. The ocean waters divided for the ship, setting off huge white ripples.

Qingfeng Li was anxious as can be. The warship was still too slow for his liking. He was extremely worried about Ruyan Liu.

"Director Cao, the ship is still too slow, is it possible to go any faster?" Qingfeng Li asked, furrowing his brows.

Fengwu Cao replied also with furrowed brows, "This is already the war ship's top speed, the only other option is the helicopter."

Helicopters were faster than warships, but only a select few had the authority to dispatch it.

"I want to use the helicopter to return to Huaxia, is that alright?" Qingfeng Li directly asked.

Qingfeng Li knew that it was a huge favor to ask, but for Ruyan Liu's sake, he had to ask.

After all, the ocean in front of them seemed endless. Although a master of the Grandmasters realm could walk on air, it was at most more than ten meters. Obviously, he wasn't able to fly across the ocean.

"Alright, I will arrange a helicopter for you." Fengwu Cao smiled lightly, turning to make the arrangement.

According to the rules, an ordinary person wasn't allowed to use the helicopter. But Qingfeng Li wasn't anyone ordinary. He had just won the Ancient Martial Arts Competition of the Dragon Continent and had obtained the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal, bringing Huaxia great honor. Fengwu Cao was willing to bend the rules for him.

Fengwu Cao was very thoughtful, not only arranging a helicopter for Qingfeng Li, but also an ace pilot as well.

However, Qingfeng Li didn't require a pilot. He was previously the King of the Wolf Continent, and was well versed in the techniques of piloting any aircraft at great speed. If he let the other pilot fly the helicopter, he would definitely fly slow, because speeding while piloting an aircraft was extremely dangerous.

Qingfeng Li asked for the Lion Demon King, the Purple Bat Demon King, the Green Dragon Demon King, Yoshiko Sato and the rest to remain on board of the warship. He only brought the members of the Wolf Fang team with him.

The Wolf Fang team and Qingfeng Li had already developed a tacit understanding of one another. Bringing them along was the most efficient way to quickly collect intelligence back at Huaxia.

Qingfeng Li sat at the pilot's seat while Daoist, Bald Man, and Death God sat at the back. Qingfeng Li accelerated to the highest speed, rushing towards Huaxia.

Due to Qingfeng Li's anxiety, he even accelerated after hitting top speeds. The helicopter dashed out instantly, as if it were a missile, leaving behind a huge vortex in the atmosphere.


 Due to the incredible speed of the helicopter and the huge wind in front, the helicopter windshield began to crack. Through the openings, freezing air came into the helicopter and blasted Qingfeng Li's face rough and raw.

 Not only was Qingfeng Li's face blasted raw, Daoist, Bald Man, and Death God's faces were blasted raw by the chilling wind as well. None of them complained, however, as they were aware of their boss' anxious state of mind.

Qingfeng Li disregarded everything, rushing the entire way, charging forward.

 Six hours later.

Qingfeng Li flew as fast as electricity, finally landing the helicopter in Eastern Sea City. He didn't bother landing the helicopter in the airport. Rather, he landed it directly on top of the hospital's roof.

The people around were all surprised at the sight of a helicopter landing on the hospital roof. Who the hell is this? How dare they land a helicopter straight on top of a hospital?

After he landed the helicopter, Qingfeng Li quickly stepped off the plane along with Daoist and the others. They quickly rushed towards Ruyan Liu's hospital room.

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