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"Miss Qin, Flower Fairy, thanks a lot for the elixirs." Qingfeng Li said, smiling towards the two women.

Qingfeng Li found out from Daoist that he was saved by the two women's precious elixis.

 Qingfeng Li was an alchemist himself and he even had the book of the Elixir King. He was fully aware of the time and effort it takes to foster and refine a vital essence elixir. His recovery was completely made possible by the help from the two women.

Xianzhi Qin and the Flower Fairy both smiled lightly. They had both experienced too many ups and downs with him, so their relationships with Qingfeng Li weren't ordinary.

 Qingfeng Li suddenly remembered that he had ingested the dragon grass after his use of the Fire Dragon Fist drained his vital essence. He had originally planned to use the dragon grass to save Xianzhi Qin's father.

"Miss Qin, I'm so sorry. Under the critical conditions, I had to eat the dragon grass. I'll find another one for you." Qingfeng Li said, looking apologetic.

It was the first time that Qingfeng Li felt apologetic towards a woman. He didn't keep his promise to her and on top of that, she had used up her precious elixir in order to restore his vital essence.

"Don't worry about it, I trust you." Xianzhi Qin said, smiling beautifully.

Any other woman would have been angry, but not Xianzhi Qin. She trusted Qingfeng Li completely. To her, he was a man of his word. He always kept his promise.

Qingfeng Li nodded, moved by Xianzhi Qin's understanding.

The group of people boarded the war ship and sailed towards Huaxia.

Although Qingfeng Li had left, the Pacific Island was still in chaos.

The Kendo Clan, the Bushido clan, and the Karate Clan were the most powerful clans of the Pacific Island. They occupied more than half of the island's land, resources, finances, profits and much more.

Now that all three major clans had lost their Senior Elders to Qingfeng Li, the two other major powers of the Pacific Island, the Demon Blade Clan and the Ninja Clan, immediately began to lay siege on them, raiding their land and robbing their money.

The clans of the Pacific Island entered into a war, killing one another for land and money.

 News of the Martial Arts Contest and its subsequent events on the Pacific Island had spread across the entire Dragon Continent like wildfire. Qingfeng Li's name was now quickly rising in popularity throughout the entire continent, as he was dubbed one of the most frightening person by the outside world.

Some parts of the Dragon Continent, for example, the Sky Shaman Religion, the headquarters of the Shaman Sect previously murdered by Qingfeng Li, already viewed him as the Devil, threatening revenge.

Of course, it was all talk, the Sky Shaman Religion wasn't brave enough to seek revenge from Qingfeng Li, who had just killed three great Senior Elders. He was too powerful.

Qingfeng Li was already listed, by the ancient martial world of the Dragon Continent, as the most terrifying Devil in the world.

Qingfeng Li wasn't aware of all of this. He would deem his status as ridiculous if he knew. I'm not a Devil, if they didn't try to kill me or cause me trouble, why the hell would I cause trouble for them?

In a sense, Qingfeng Li's a relatively righteous person. That is, he thanked the ones he owed and retaliated against the ones who harmed him. He was kind to his friends and deadly towards his enemies.

Qingfeng Li walked out the room after he restored his vital essence. At the sight of the vast sea, he entered into deep thought.

This trip was incredibly fruitful. Qingfeng Li rescued both the Lion Demon King and the Green Dragon Demon King from the Dark Island. In addition, he rescued the Purple Bat Demon King from the Pacific Island, and he also obtained the Sky Thunder Jewel and the book of <>. Indeed, the trip to the Pacific Island was more than worthwhile.

Not only did he obtain many treasures, his powers also showed signs of a breakthrough. The only thing missing was an opportunity.

Yes, an opportunity. Qingfeng Li felt that he was about to break into the True Spirit Realm. His body was just short of the dantian vital essence, leaving him unfulfilled.

Although there was no breakthrough at the moment, intuition told Qingfeng Li that it wouldn't take long for him to breakthrough into the True Spirit Realm. The most important thing now, was the continuous accumulation of vital essence within his body. The breakthrough will happen when the time comes.

Qingfeng Li stood atop the deck board, watching as the waves crashed down on the surface of the ocean. There were whales swimming in the distant waters.

Maybe it was the scent of humans from the war ship, but one whale actually began swimming towards it. The whale was large, more than twenty meters long. Its deep blue skin meshed with the color of the deep sea, looking incredibly powerful.

However, when the whale got closer to Qingfeng, a trace of terror actually appeared in its eyes. From Qingfeng, the whale felt a terrifying scent.


The whale suddenly plunged its head into the ocean, creating a deafening sound. The waves were splashed dozens of meters high. The animal looked at Qingfeng Li one last time, then turned and quickly swam away.

"A whale that also stepped into the realm of cultivation. Interesting." Watching the whale swim away, Qingfeng Li smiled lightly. He didn't pursue.

He had to admit, the ocean was incredibly mysterious. Last time, he was attacked by a giant octopus sea monster, and now, a cultivator whale.

 Qingfeng Li had felt an energy from the whale's body. It was cultivation energy. Qingfeng Li had even released a bit of oppression energy towards the animal, resulting in the latter's immediate escape.

"Qingfeng Li, would you be interested in joining our Hundred-Flower Palace?." Qingfeng Li's thoughts about the whale was interrupted by a crisp voice ringing in his ear.

The voice came from the Flower Fairy, who was still wearing a veil which masked her face. Even so, one could still see her beautiful face through the light layer of white lace. Her eyes were especially charming, blue like the sky, exuding an enchanting light. One would fall for her with a single glance.

What's even more important was her enchanting voice. It had a special charm. Tender and crisp, sweet and light. Absolutely comforting, making people want to hear her more.

The Flower Fairy was beautiful and her voice was enchanting, but Qingfeng Li wasn't about to agree to her invitation.

"Sorry, but I'm not interested in joining any forces right now." Qingfeng Li politely rejected, apologizing.

The Flower Fairy had just used her precious elixir to heal him and now he was rejecting her. He felt very apologetic towards the woman.

The Flower Fairy smiled beautifully and said, "Qingfeng Li, you now know of a self-cultivator's powers. They are much stronger than any ancient Martial Artist. They have the power to move heaven and earth, incredibly mighty."

"Qingfeng Li, I know that you are powerful, but the three Senior Elders of the Pacific Island that you've killed were only of the half-step into True Spirit Realm. If you were faced with masters of the True Spirit Realm, or the Earth Spirit realm, or even the Heavenly realm, do you really think you could have stopped them?"

"Qingfeng Li, if you join our Hundred-flower Palace, at the very least your safety is guaranteed."

The Flower Fairy wasn't going to give up so easily. She continued to convince Qingfeng Li because she was truly impressed by his talent and ability.

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