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Tianjing City, Ghost King Palace.

As a super-class force of the ancient martial arts world, the Ghost King Palace was undoubtedly one the most powerful existences.

The Ghost King Palace, along with the Sword Pavilion, the Hundred-flower Palace, and the Fiery Emperor Palace, were all super-class forces of Huaxia. Super-class forces all had connections to self-cultivators, including the Ghost King Palace.

First-class martial forces didn't have access to self-cultivators, but super-class forces did. There were even self-cultivators amongst the super-class forces.

There was a self-cultivator living in the Ghost King Palace but the self-cultivator wasn't Ghost King, nor Hell King. The self-cultivator was actually a man named 'Sky Ghost Elder'.

--In the Palace--

Sky Ghost Elder sat on the middle chair with Ghost King and Hell King sitting at his left and right side. Although Ghost King was a highly regarded presence in the ancient martial arts world, he was nothing in the eyes of Sky Ghost Elder. The latter could squash him like an ant.

For any ancient Martial Artist, the presence of a self-cultivator was incredibly daunting. They were mere bugs to these people.

Sky Ghost Elder was a hundred-year-old old man. The longevity of a self-cultivator's life was always incredibly high and they could live for much longer than an average human. His face was pale, like a dead person. His entire body was wrapped in a black robe, his body hidden, and only his fingers and face were showing.

His fingers were different from those of a normal person; they were long and thin, without any blood or flesh; just skin and bones, quite daunting. His fingernails were also thin, long, and black. Their sharpness seeped darkness, looking especially horrifying.

"Hell King, did you catch Ruyan Liu?" Sky Ghost Elder asked coldly, sneering. His voice was chilling as if he was sent from hell, making people shiver.

"Master, I have brought back Ruyan Liu. She's in the next room." Hell King said respectfully, nodding.

Hell King's previous master was Ghost King. Later on, however, he arrived at a cave unintentionally just as Sky Ghost Elder was practicing. The latter was impressed by Hell King's incredible talents and taught him the ways of a self-cultivator.

Hell King was very bright. After he was taught self-cultivation, he had already reached the semi-True Spirit Realm; incredibly impressive.

 Last time, when several major ancient martial clans of Tianjing City attacked Qingfeng Li trying to kill him, Xianzhi Qin from the Fiery Emperor Palace had called Old Qin in order for him to save Qingfeng Li. However, Old Qin was stopped and killed by Hell King.

This time, Hell King kidnapped Ruyan Liu and brought her directly to the Ghost King Palace. Not only as retaliation towards Qingfeng Li, but in accordance to the wishes of his master, Sky Ghost Elder, as well.

Sky Ghost Elder wanted Qingfeng for the dragon blood in Qingfeng Li's body. He wanted to devour the dragon blood which was why he had instructed Hell King to abduct Ruyan Liu.

"General Sky Ghost, according to recent news, Qingfeng Li had won the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition, sweeping through the entire ancient martial world. He is incredibly powerful." Ghost King said respectfully, furrowing his brows.

Ghost King owed most of his accomplishment to Sky Ghost Elder. Although he lost his disciple, Hell King to Sky Ghost Elder, he was too afraid to be angry. He still spoke respectfully.

"Ghost King, that's exactly why I'm luring him to Ghost King Palace." Sky Ghost Elder said coldly, his eyes deadly.

He had laid out the 'Sky Ghost Battle Array' at the Ghost King Palace. It was a battle array of the spirit levels, only usable by self-cultivators. The intent was to use this to trap Qingfeng Li.

 Although Sky Ghost Elder was a self-cultivator, he was very much aware of Qingfeng Li's powers. People who possessed dragon blood also possessed bloodline powers. He was going to eat Qingfeng Li's flesh and blood from inside the Sky Ghost Battle Array. That would increase his own cultivation powers.

"Master, I understand why you've asked me to kidnap Ruyan Liu, but why did you ask me to also kidnap Alice and Elder Monk? And why are you gifting them to the Master of the Gator Clan in the Tiger Continent?" Hell King asked, eyebrows furrowed.

Hell King was very familiar with his master's incredible powers. He could beat a mountain to a pulp with a single punch. However, he was bewildered by his master's actions towards the Gator Clan. Why was he, a self-cultivator, serving the Chief of the Gator Clan, a peak-level master of the Grandmaster realm?

 As if sensing Hell King's confusion, Sky Ghost Elder explained, "The Master of the Gator Clan is from the Sky God League of the Tiger Continent. The Sky God League is a super-class force with self-cultivators. One of the self-cultivators had previously saved my life. This time I am returning the favor.

Thirty years ago, Sky Ghost Elder went to the Tiger Continent and was hunted by his enemies. He almost lost his life until a self-cultivator of the Sky God League lent a helping hand and saved him.

This time, the self-cultivator called Sky Ghost Elder and asked for his help in the kidnapping of Alice and the Elder Monk. So, that's what he did.

 As to why Elder Monk, the Temple Master of Wudang Temple was kidnapped, Sky Ghost Elder had no idea either. Truthfully, he didn't really want to know the reason. As far as he's concerned, his job was done after he handed over the two people to the Chief of the Gator Clan.

Qingfeng Li landed the helicopter on the hospital roof. He got off the plane with Daoist and the others and arrived quickly at the hospital room.

Currently, Qingfeng Li still didn't know who had kidnapped Ruyan Liu, and Daoist still didn't know who had kidnapped his master. Both were incredibly worried.

"Ahh, brother-in-law, you're here, sister's gone, hurry up and find her." Seeing Qingfeng Li enter the room, Jiaojiao Liu rushed into his arms and cried.

Jiaojiao Liu was only a girl, she was still in school. She had never experienced anything like this before. She's incredibly frightened.

In her heart, the closest person to her was her older sister Ruyan Liu. Now that the latter had disappeared, Jiaojiao Liu felt as if her world had collapsed.

"Don't cry Jiaojiao, I'm here. I'll definitely save your sister," Qingfeng Li said lightly, patting her back.

While Qingfeng Li comforted Jiaojiao Liu, the other members began searching the room. They were looking for evidence, clues for who orchestrated Ruyan Liu and Alice's disappearance.

"Boss, there's a number 7 at the foot of the bed." Daoist's voice suddenly sounded.

Daoist's words shook Qingfeng Li. He quickly let go of Jiaojiao Liu and went towards the foot of the bed.

The hospital bed was for Ruyan Liu, and it was Alice who was accompanying her. The number 7 was left by Alice.

The Wolf Fang Clan once roamed the Wolf Continent, sometimes separating themselves from each other in order to kill enemies. However, the use of cellphones was dangerous as it would reveal their whereabouts. Instead, they wrote numbers on specific places, these numbers were a secret code system, representing different individuals. Other than the members of the Wolf Fang Clan, no one else knew of its meaning.

Number 7?

Qingfeng Li's eyes became heavy. July was the time of the ghost festival, where ghosts came out to play. Alice had left the number 7 to inform him of the enemy's connection to the word 'ghost'.

Qingfeng Li's brain began to churn at high speeds as he tried to comb through all of his enemies. He had many enemies in the ancient martial world, both orthodox and unorthodox, all coming in large numbers.

However, amongst his enemies, only one was related to the word 'ghost'- the Ghost King Palace.

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