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Seeing Haoming Sakura run, Qingfeng Li reacted immediately. He wasn't about to let the man escape.

Towards his enemies, he had no other option but to kill them dead.

"Fire Dragon Fist." Qingfeng Li roared as he punched out his fist.

Logically speaking, Qingfeng Li should have already used up his true dragon nascent energy in his last use of the Fire Dragon Punch. However, now that he had ingested the dragon grass, the true dragon nascent energy in his body was restored.

It was clear to Qingfeng Li, however, that once he uses the Fire Dragon Fist again, he would exhaust all the vital essence in his body once more, and that he may even faint. Still, in order to kill Haoming Sakura, he had no other choice.

Qingfeng Li struck out his right fist, turning it into a 10 foot long golden Fire Dragon. With a monstrous flame, it burned through the air and trapped Haoming Sakura inside.


With a shrill scream, Haoming Sakura's body was instantly burned into nothingness by the golden flame, leaving behind zero residue.

After one punch, the super-class Bushido Master, Haoming Sakura, was dead.

"What? Qingfeng also killed Haoming Sakura?"

"Qingfeng Li is ridiculous, he already killed three great Masters of the Pacific Island."

"Yeah, these three were all masters of the half-step into True Spirit Realm. I can't believe they were killed by Qingfeng Li. He's too powerful."

Everyone spoke in awe, completely shocked.

Qingfeng Li turned the entire Pacific Island upside down by killing three of its great Masters.

Turning the Pacific Island upside-down, sure it sounded majestic, but Qingfeng Li felt a moment of bitterness. The Fire Dragon Fist was incredibly powerful, but it also exhausted all of his vital essence. He was about to faint in any moment.

Xianzhi Qin frowned. She realized that there was something wrong with Qingfeng Li. Like a graceful butterfly, she instantly came to Qingfeng Li's side.

"What's wrong?" Xianzhi Qin asked. Her voice was very quiet, only audible to the two of them.

"I've exhausted the vital essence in my body. I'm about to faint. Please help me to the ship, don't let them find out." Qingfeng Li was pale-faced, about to fall over.

Hearing this, Xianzhi Qin reached out her delicate hands, holding Qingfeng Li as she guided him towards the ship.

As the first daughter of the Fiery Emperor Palace, she was fully aware of Qingfeng Li's current condition. Without his vital essence, Qingfeng Li was about to faint within any second.

It was the first time that Xianzhi Qin had held a man by his arms. She felt like a deer in headlights, her face as red as wine from shyness.

 Seeing Qingfeng Li come near, the thousands of disciples that followed the three great Masters from the Pacific Island all panicked, turning to run. Even their semi-True Spirit Realm Masters were killed by Qingfeng Li, so they didn't dare to oppose him.

 Hua la la...

In the blink of an eye, the thousands had all escaped, there was not a single person left.

Xianzhi Qin helped Qingfeng Li onto the ship. In the eyes of any outsider, they looked like a couple.

Just as they boarded the ship, Qingfeng Li became dizzy and fell straight into Xianzhi Qin's embrace, his head on top of her large chest.

"So big, so soft," he thought before fainting. Xianzhi Qin didn't seem like the type in possession of such a magnificent chest.

 Xianzhi Qin blushed as she felt Qingfeng Li's face on her chest. She wanted to yell, since after all, she was still a virgin. But with an unconscious Qingfeng Li, she couldn't find an audience even if she wanted to.

"Whatever, I'll let it go just this once." With her face crimson from embarrassment, Xianzhi Qin took Qingfeng Li directly to a room on the ship.

Seeing Xianzhi Qin holding a man, the people on the ship were all stunned. "Holy shit, what an open-minded lady. Is she going to defile this man?"

Sensing the weird looks coming from everyone, Xianzhi Qin's became even more red. She had never held a man before, as this was the first time. Her knees buckled from his masculine scent.

Xianzhi Qin held Qingfeng Li and carried him into a room higher up in the ship.

At this point, Fengwu Cao, the Flower Fairy, the Lion Demon King, the Purple Bat Demon King, and everyone from the Wolf Fang team arrived into the room as well.

"Miss Qin, what's wrong with boss?" Daoist had met Xianzhi Qin previously so he asked her directly.

Her face still red from embarrassment, Xianzhi Qin said, "He used up all his vital essence to kill Haoming Sakura. He has no vital essence left so his body became weak and he fainted."

Daoist frowned at the news, looking worried. He was fully aware of the aftermath from exhausting one's vital essence. Unless it is quickly restored, the loss of one's vital essence has a detrimental effect on the body.

 Xianzhi Qin also knew that time was of the essence. The longer they waited, the more damage Qingfeng's body would suffer. Knowing this, Xianzhi Qin quickly took out her Energy Nurturing Elixir and fed it to Qingfeng Li.

The Energy Nurturing Elixir was an advanced level elixir of the Grandmaster level. Xianzhi Qin only had one. She was saving it to give her father for emergency use but now, she had no choice but to feed it to Qingfeng Li.

Unfortunately, Qingfeng Li had exhausted too much of his vital essence this time. One single energy nurture elixir was only enough to restore half of his vital essence. He was still unconscious.

Seeing that Qingfeng Li was still unconscious, the Flower Fairy took out an elixir of her own. She handed it to Xianzhi Qin and said, "This is a vital essence elixir. Feed it to him."

Vital essence elixir?

Xianzhi Qin raised her brows at the name, surprise written all over her face.

The vital essence elixir was a spirit level elixir, even more rare than energy nurture elixir. There were probably only a few even in the Hundred-flowers Palace. It was surprising that the Flower Fairy had taken it out to save Qingfeng Li.

"We are all from Huaxia. Qingfeng Li brought honor to our nation when he killed those men from the Pacific Island. Giving him the vital essence elixir is something I should do," said the Flower Fairy as she smiled beautifully.

Qingfeng Li's victory in the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition brought honor to Huaxia and inspired national prestige. Every Huaxia citizen was proud of him.

Plus, Huaxia and the Pacific Island were enemies, with the Pacific Island having killed many of Huaxia's citizens previously. This time, through the slaughtering of the Pacific Island's people and its three super-class Masters, Qingfeng Li avenged the deaths of many Huaxia citizens who were previously murdered. The Flower Fairy respected him greatly.

Xianzhi Qin nodded as she fed the vital essence elixir to Qingfeng Li.

The vital essence elixir entered into his mouth, transforming into a huge gush of energy. It was a spirit level elixir, with powers as great as the sea, restoring the vital essence in Qingfeng Li's body.

A moment later, the vital essence in Qingfeng Li's body restored. His eyes opened slowly.

"Boss, you're awake?" Daoist was very excited to see Qingfeng Li wake up. As part of the Wolf Fang team, he was very close to Qingfeng Li.

"What's wrong with me?" Qingfeng Li still felt groggy from just waking up.

"Boss, you fainted after you exhausted your vital essence. You're only awake now thanks to Miss Qin's energy nurturing elixir and the Flower Fairy's vital essence elixir." Daoist explained to Qingfeng Li.

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