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Qingfeng Li took the dragon grass, opened his mouth and directly put the grass in mouth. The dragon grass grew in the vicinity of dragon's den and absorbed a hint of true dragon's smell, therefore the grass contained very strong true dragon's vital energy.

The dragon grass looked like grass, but it melted immediately when it was put into mouth, and turned into a mass of true dragon energy, flowing into the body, replenishing the consumption of the flame fist that Qingfeng Li used just now.

The dragon grass contained a hint of true dragon's smell, which resonated with the dragon blood in Qingfeng Li's body. It could not be denied that dragon grass deserved to be regarded as a kind of precious spirit herb, and the energy it contained was so strong that it instantly helped Qingfeng Li replenish his vital essence.

"No, Qingfeng Li was replenishing vital essence." Zhentian Izu, the master of Kendo Sect, got paled and came to realize the truth from shock.

Just then, Zhentian Izu had realized that even though Qingfeng Li just killed Langtian Koizumi with one punch, it had consumed most of his vital essence in fact, as a result of which he was unable to blow out for the second time, and he was regaining his strength now.

He could not let Qingfeng Li replenish vital essence, otherwise it would be very dangerous. A flash of cold lightning passed the eyes of Zhentian Izu, and he knew this was the last chance to kill Qingfeng Li, if Qingfeng Li could not be done today, it would be more difficult to kill him later.


Zhentian Izu took a move, getting rid of the fight with Fengwu Cao, suddenly rushing to Qingfeng Li.

"Sky Shaker Sword." Zhentian Izu growled, directly pulled out the Sky Shaker Sword, the strongest attack of his own.

Sky Shaker Sword was upper-grade attack spiritual device, very powerful, and the entire body of the sword was silver white with stone patterns on it, which looked as if it was shaking.


Zhentian Izu suddenly blew out the sword and chopped down hard, directly making the air shake vigorously and leaving it five cracks, aiming at Qingfeng Li with terrifying ten-meter sword energy.

Even though the sword had not reached yet, there were cracks appearing in the air, the horrifying energy was spread out, heaven and earth resonated correspondingly.

The people around all paled with a burst of shock in their hearts. The Sky Shaker Sword was too powerful, just a single chop with the sword could make heaven and earth shake correspondingly, as if there was an earthquake.

This was exactly the power of half-step True Spirit Realm, which could launch an attack with the help of heaven and earth energy.

Qingfeng Li gazed attentively and had already realized the power of the attack from the sword. He just used Fire Dragon Fist, and as a result, he could not use it once again.

Qingfeng Li knew that he temporarily could not use Fire Dragon Fist, his strength only achieved the peak of grandmaster realm, and he could not use Strangle Hell Fist either considering he had used it twice, which consumed too much vital essence.

Despite that Qingfeng Li was equipped with lots of cultivation techniques which were very powerful, these techniques consumed a huge amount of vital essence in fact, and the current amount of vital essence in his body was absolutely unable to last for long.

"Right, I still have Sky Thunder Jewel." All of a sudden, Qingfeng Li recalled that he took Sky Thunder Jewel with himself, which he obtained from Inferno-Thunder Mountain.

Sky Thunder Jewel was thunder style spiritual device and contained one hundred flashes of thunder, but Qingfeng Li was not strong enough, the reason he had shot ten flashes of thunder at Inferno-Thunder Mountain was that there was already thunder in sky then.

Now that there was no thunder in sky as conductor, Qingfeng Li could shoot only one flash of thunderbolt with Sky Thunder Jewel, but even if a flash of thunderbolt alone was enough, thunderbolt was the energy of heaven and earth, which could destroy all living creatures.

"Lightning Thunder." Qngfeng Qingfeng Li pulled out Sky Thunder Jewel and growled, applying thunder cultivation technique that he had learnt when he got Sky Thunder Jewel.

A faint ray of electric current was generated inside Qingfeng Li's body, and it flew into Sky Thunder Jewel, directly conducting a flash of red thunderbolt to get out of the pearl.


A flash of red thunderbolt suddenly shot from Sky Thunder Jewel, passing in a blink, giving Zhentian Izu a hard strike.


Zhentian Izu cried miserably as his body was hit by the thunder, his hair erected, his whole body was burned black and so was his clothes, who looked as if a stick of black charcoal.

For Zhentian Izu, it was also a tragedy. Just at the moment when he rushed and approached to Qingfeng Li, sky dropped a flash of thunderbolt, giving a hard strike on his body.

Although Zhentian Izu was in half-step True Spirit Realm, he still could not fight against the thunder because thunder was nascent energy of heaven and earth, which was extremely strong even if there was only one.

The whole body of Zhentian Izu was burned black and kept cramping, the internal organs were also injured by the strike of thunderbolt.

To kill you while you were sick, was the good tradition of Qingfeng Li.

Taking advantage of the chance that Zhentian Izu was struck and injured by thunder, Qingfeng Li suddenly blew out his Red Fiery Sword, cutting hard on the rival's neck with horrifying sword energy.

Zhentian Isu wanted to dodge, but he could not move at all due to the numb body struck by thunderbolt, ending up with watching Red Fiery Sword cutting on his own neck in panic.


Zhentian Isn's head and neck were separated with splashing blood, his eyes were filled with horror before his death.

Zhentian Izu, Master of Kendo Sect – died.

The people around were all shocked by the death of Zhentian Izu, which was even more shocking than the death of Langtian Koizumi.

As was known, Zhentian Izu was Master of super-class force kendo sect, with strength of half-step True Spirit Realm, also the top master of Pacific Island, but now he was killed by Qingfeng Li with one move of his sword, it was impossible for those people to stay calm.

Even Director of Special Secure Bureau Fengwu Cao had a shocking look on her pretty face, whose beautiful eyes were filled with unbelievable feeling, let alone the people from Pacific Island.

The fight just now between Fengwu Cao and Zhentian Izu lasted for a long time, and therefore she knew how strong the rival was. Zhentian Izu not only achieved half-step True Spirit Realm, but also held upper-grade spiritual device as well as the cultivation technique of spirit level that was only for self-cultivator, who was really powerful.

But now, how could she be not shocked by the fact that Zhentian Izu, whom she failed to kill, had been wiped out by Qingfeng Li's sword?

Fengwu Cao had sensed that Qingfeng Li was not only powerful, but also too mysterious, who could conjure up thunderbolt from sky, even if there was only one, it was still invincible.

Flower Fairy had also noticed the fight here, a hint of moved countenance appeared on her enchanting face, as the Saintess of super-class force Hundred-flower Palace, she surely had ever contacted with self-cultivators.

Among the self-cultivators, only those who were invincible were able to control thunderbolt, and considering Qingfeng Li was able to do so, he had already been invincible in fact.

Flower Fairy appeared to gaze at Qingfeng Li motionlessly with her beautiful eyes, in fact she was considering in her mind about whether or not to get him to join her force.

Qingfeng Li did not even give a glance at the dead Zhentian Izu, he took a move instead, as if a flash of red lightning, rushing to Master of Bushido Sect Haoming Sakura.

In accordance with the principle of cutting the weeds and digging up the roots, Qingfeng Li had killed two masters of the three great clans in Pacific Island, it was impossible for him to let the third go.

Having noticed Qingfeng Li rushing to him, Haoming Sakura was startled. He just witnessed Qingfeng Li kill the two masters, so he had already been frightened to death.

A man could be afraid of death, however powerful he was. So did the master of bushido.

Even though Haoming Sakura was half-step True Spirit Realm master, he was scared and turned to escape when he saw Qingfeng Li rushing to him. He was also afraid that Qingfeng Li struck him with thunder, but he did not know Qingfeng Li could only take advantage of thunder for one time in fact.

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