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"Qingfeng, how did you repel my attack?" Langtian's expressions changed and his eyes filled with terror.

Yes, terror. It was no longer shock, it had become genuine terror. Langtian was a half step in the True Spirit Realm, and twice as powerful as those at the peak of the grandmaster realm, but his attack was defeated by Qingfeng.

Qingfeng smiled at Langtian's shock, he didn't think too much of it. After all he trained in the Strangle Hell Fist from the "Mortal Purgatory Body". It was a self-cultivated strength technique that could elevate the martial artist into an immortal's body. It was something that a martial artist like Langtian couldn't achieve. 

Fortunately for Langtian, Qingfeng was only at the peak of the grandmaster realm. If he was a half step into the True Spirit Realm as well, one punch of the Strangle Hell Fist would instantly kill Langtian.

Vital essence wise, Qingfeng didn't have as much as Langtian. Strength wise, Qingfeng was also lower than Langtian, but Qingfeng was much more powerful with techniques and the spiritual device that he wielded.

"Qingfeng is so powerful." Flower Fairy's alluring face was filled with shock when she saw this.

As a super-class force saintess in Hundred-Flower Palace, the Flower Fairy knew that self-cultivators existed, and how powerful a half step True Spirit Realm master was, but to be defeated by Qingfeng, his physique was far too powerful.

Flower Fairy believed that even if she were to compare with Qingfeng in terms of physical strength, she wouldn't be as powerful as he was.

In terms of physical strength, Qingfeng could defeat all those in the grandmaster realm, and even those in the half step True Spirit Realm.

Not only was the Flower Fairy was shocked, so was Fengwu Cao in combat beside them, along with Zhengtian Izu and Haoming Sakura.

Qingfeng's physical strength was able to confront those in the half step True Spirit Realm, and repel the opponent's attack, so this shocked everyone.

"I don't believe that I can't defeat you, Ocean Wave Fist!" Langtian raised his right fist again in defiance and punched at Qingfeng.

Langtian was furious; he was a self-cultivator, being a half step in the True Spirit Realm, and a Pacific Islander super-class Karate master. How could a Huaxia man defeat him?

Langtian was in denial; he committed all his energy into a single punch to kill Qingfeng. He had to show everyone his power, and win back the pride as the Karate sect master.

"Strangle Hell Fist." Without another word, Qingfeng charged again with Strangle Hell Fist. It formed a massive black plateau and crashed into his opponent's seawater fist.


Without any surprise, Qingfeng repelled Langtian again. This time, his fist no longer just felt a sting; it bled due to Qingfeng's attack.

"What's happening? Langtian is the Karate Sect's master, a super-class power. How can he be injured by Qingfeng?"

"I thought Qingfeng wasn't as powerful as Langtian, but how could he be wounded?"

"Sigh, Langtian is such a shame to us Pacific Islander, he can't even defeat someone on a lower realm than him."

Everyone around discussed and looked at Langtian with mockery. 

The Pacific Islanders admired strength, as long as you're strong, they'll respect you, or even serve you. If you're weaker, they'll mock you and bully you.

Langtian was wounded by Qingfeng and brought shame to the Pacific Islanders' pride, so onlookers naturally frowned upon him.

Langtian's expressions were grim. He knew how Pacific Island admired strength and honour, the last attack had already damaged his reputation.

"Qingfeng, I didn't want to use my maximum force, but your phsyical strength has proven its power. Now I'll have to unleash mine to kill you." Langtian said coldly with a grim expression. 

As one of Pacific Island's five major super-class masters, Langtian naturally had restricted his strength. Using this force would produce a subsequent weakening, so he rarely used it.

"Oh, what sort of hidden maximum strength? Entertain me." Qingfeng became interested.

Although Qingfeng had wounded Langtian, it was only a flesh wound with much damage. However he has already used up much vital essence with the Strangle Hell Fist.

An abundance of vital essence was required to activate Strangle Hell Fist, and a maximum of only two punches could be launched. Qingfeng had already unleashed two punches, which means that in Langtian's next attack, Qingfeng wouldn't be able to unleash Strangle Hell Fist again.

However Langtian doesn't know about Strangle Hell Fist's strain on vital essence, so he thought that Qingfeng would use Strangle Hell Fist again. For that reason, he decided to unleash his hidden maximum strength to kill Qingfeng and avenge his pride.

"Qingfeng, my hidden strength is bloodline strength, you won't stand a chance against it." Langtian smiled coldly with stubborn pride.

Bloodline strength?

Qingfeng frowned with a bizarre look, and tried to hide his laughter when he heard Langtian.

Qingfeng thought this Langtian was a total dumbass. That's right, dumbass, you could confront me with any power, but bloodline strength? My bloodline is now second grade emerald bloodline, along with Dragon Bloodline and Devourer type bloodline.

If Langtian continued to attack with martial techniques, Qingfeng wouldn't be his match, but with bloodline strength, death is inevitable for him.

Qingfeng was unbeatable with bloodline strength; his bloodline was far more powerful than the Red Fiery sword.

Unfortunately for the clueless Langtian, he only unleashed his hidden maximum strength because thought that Qingfeng had lower grade bloodline.

"Black dog bloodline." Langtian shouted and unleashed the black dog bloodline in him.

His eyes turned black, just like black in Africans, or even darker. Not only his eyes, but also his skin turned blacked as well.

A massive hologram-like black head appeared on Langtian, it was around five meters, with icy bloodthirsty eyes, and immense energy.

The black dog bloodline is a first grade intermediate bloodline, more powerful than the other first grade bloodlines Qingfeng have met. Qingfeng has only confronted first grade lower-level bloodlines previously; this Langtian is undeniably powerful to have awoken first grade intermediate bloodline. However it is still unable to beat Qingfeng's bloodline.

"You Pacific Islander really like being dogs, even the bloodline you've awoken is black dog." Qingfeng mocked and he smiled coldly.

Qingfeng felt grossed out by this Langtian, of all the possible bloodlines to wake, you could have chosen crab, or just lobster, but black dog? Did you think your ancestors were deified dogs?

"Asshole, how dare you humiliate me? Sun-Swallowing Black dog! Eat him alive!" Langtian shouted with anger, and unleashed the bloodthirsty mouth of the black dog with bloodline energy and went for Qingfeng. 

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