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The massive black dog that charged at him didn't frighten Qingfeng at all.

"Devourer type bloodline." Qingfeng shouted as he unleashed it. It was the evolved version of the ancient Wolf King bloodline, more powerful, and usually hidden deep within his blood with a rare chance of appearing.

Qingfeng's eyes turned green, along with his skin and muscles. All of him turned green to symbolize the awakening of the second grade emerald bloodline.

A massive black whirlpool appeared in the sky. This black whirlpool was like a black hole in the galaxy, endless and full of prehistoric power, able to consume all existence.

Bark bark bark…

The ancient black dog was scared before the whirlpool of black hole. It suddenly barked, but this black hole charged with great speed. It immediately appeared before the terrified black dog, swallowed it whole, and dispersed its contents into its own energy.

A devourer type bloodline has the ability to swallow the opponent's bloodline energy and turn it into its own.

However, even Qingfeng had no clue why the Devourer type bloodline would form a black hole whirlpool, or how it was interconnected. It was as if it came from an unknown dimension different from earth.


Langtian spat out blood as the black dog bloodline was engulfed. His face grew pale, because bloodline strength was the very core of internal strength, and Langtian was deeply wounded when the bloodline was engulfed as his internal essence blood was attacked.

"You, you, you, how could you swallow my black dog bloodline?" Langtian stuttered with overwhelming anger.

The Black dog bloodline was Langtian's hidden card, and was why he had been able to bait and rule over others. Who knew that his opponent could swallow it? He wanted to kill Qingfeng more than anything now.

I'll kill you while you're ill. Qingfeng didn't respond to Langtian, he charged with the Red Fiery sword while Langtian was wounded.

Qingfeng wanted to unleash the Strangle Hell Fist, but he could only punch twice and didn't have enough vital essence now, so Red Fiery sword had to be used.


Qingfeng charged at a great speed, the Red Fiery sword slashed through the air and landed on Langtian's shoulder. However it only tore open the opponent's shirt, underneath it was golden soft armor that the Red Fiery sword couldn't slash through.

"Qingfeng, this is thegolden thread soft armor, an upper-grade defense spiritual device, your Red Fiery sword is of no use." Langtian laughed with madness.

The Karate sect had always served a self-cultivator, and provided them with numerous resources, so this self-cultivator gifted the golden thread soft armor to Langtian.

Qingfeng's eyes grew alert and saw the upper-grade defense spiritual device on his opponent. His Red Fiery sword couldn't break through the defense, so without destroying the protection, he couldn't do anything to Langtian.

Naturally, the Red Fiery sword had only opened the first layer of seal. If it opened the second layer, or otherwise, became an earthly spiritual device, then it would destroy the golden thread armor.

However Qingfeng wasn't strong enough, he didn't have enough vital essence and had no ability to crack open the second layer seal on the Red Fiery sword. He had to have reached the self-cultivation realm to open the second seal.

Hmm? Qingfeng voiced in curiosity, and noticed the golden orb seemed to have moved inside his head.

Qingfeng had acquired this golden orb from the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal. It seemed to have nine golden dragons that were moving, despite its blurriness.

Qingfeng had just swallowed the black dog bloodline and increased his power. One part of the swallowed energy was absorbed by the devourer bloodline and this golden orb absorbed the other part.

After this golden orb had absorbed the energy, a line of words appeared inside Qingfeng's mind.

Qingfeng felt it with his spiritual energy. The words were in golden and read, "Chaos fills untapped power, and nine dragons in union disturb the universal balance. I am the ninth dragon, 'Fire Dragon', and holds control over fire in the earth and sky."

"Fire is the primal energy of earth and sky, one of the five energy source from the prehistoric universal chaos. This brings power above anything else."

"Little guy, you've got dragon blood inside of you. You're the chosen one, but because of your lower strength at the moment, I'll pass the 'Fire Dragon Fist' onto you now. There are nine fists to the Fire Dragon Fist, and the last punch can form into nine Fire Dragons, and burn everything in existence."

A mysterious voice appeared in Qingfeng's mind. It sounded prehistoric but with authority and pride. It wasn't long until the first fist of the "Fire Dragon Fist" was passed onto him.

Qingfeng didn't learn the Fire Dragon Fist in the real world; it was inside the mental world of the golden orb. His mentality was pulled into the first layer of the golden orb when the Fire Dragon taught him the techniques. 

 Inside the golden orb was a mysterious dimension, there were mountains, plants, trees, lakes, with a total of nine layers, while Qingfeng trained in its first layer.

Qingfeng felt the dragon blood boiling inside of him, as if the golden orb inside his mind allied with his. He felt as if he had turned into a Fire Dragon himself, had control over fire and the ability to burn everything.

Qingfeng followed the teachings of Fire Dragon, and used the dragon blood to transfer energy into his body. One fist seemed to be able to launch a real dragon, and burst a ten meters tall hill into pieces. 

Qingfeng was very smart, with extraordinary learning abilities. Through the experience with "Strangle Hell Body", he quickly picked up the trainings of "Fire Dragon Fist", and immediately knew how to unleash it.

Of course, only Qingfeng could hear the mysterious voice inside the golden orb. No one else, not even the Emperor of Night, could hear it.

"Is Qingfeng stupid? He had just wounded Langtian, why doesn't he continue attacking? What is he doing standing there?"

"Yeah, if it were me, I would attack Langtian ruthlessly until he is dead."

"He is doomed, just look, Langtian just ate a recovery elixir and he has already recovered. Qingfeng is bound to die."

Everyone around discussed endlessly, they looked at Qingfeng with confusion, doubt, and mockery. They thought he was intellectually challenged.

While Qingfeng wondered in his mind, Langtian took the time to take out the ancestral recovery elixir. The elixir had remarkable effects; it didn't take long for his wounds to fully recover.

"Qingfeng, I've recovered from my wounds now, You're dead." Langtian laughed arrogantly.

Langtian's black dog bloodline was just devoured and he was deeply wounded. He thought Qingfeng would kill him, but who knew that his opponent just stood there and daydreamed. It gave him the chance to recover.

Now, Qingfeng had remembered the first technique of Fire Dragon Fist, he practiced again and again in his mind, and had already acquired the technique.

Qingfeng has just returned from the golden orb mental world, as he heard Langtian's arrogant voice. His eyes grew cold, and he was determined to kill Langtian.

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