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Qingfeng knew that Langtian couldn't be defeated with just one realm because his realm was too strong, so two realms had to be deployed.


His gravity realm immediately sucked the seawater into the ground to prevent it from moving forward. The storm realm formed a rush of hurricanes that blew the waves in the opposite direction.

The seawater realm might have been a massive twenty meters, but it was still only one realm. Under the combined attack of the gravity and storm realms, it was quickly defeated.


Langtian was wounded through his seawater realm, and his body stepped back, his face pale.

"You, you, you used three realms?" Langtian looked at Qingfeng with shock.

Realms were extremely hard to control, and Langtian was a half step in the True Spirit Realm, so naturally he had great talent, but he was only experienced in the seawater realm. Qingfeng however, had learnt three realms, two more than Langtian. So it was no wonder that Langtian was surprised.

The more realms acquired, the more talented, and more potential the martial artist had.

Qingfeng was too much of a threat to be left alive. He had to be killed, or else he would threaten Pacific Island again. Langtian was determined to kill him.

"Langtian is the Karate sect master, how is Qingfeng not dead yet?"

"I know, the Karate sect is one of Pacific Island's super-class forces, with great power. What's happening?"

"Does this mean that Qingfeng comes from a super-class force? Or else he wouldn't be that powerful."

The people around were absorbed by the discussion with shock in their eyes.

The Pacific Islander ancient martial forces were just as distinguished as Huaxia's ancient martial forces. They are all determined with regular, third-class, second-class, first-class, and super-class levels, where super-class forces were the most powerful.

The four major sects of Huaxia Sky Capital city were all only first class forces, so they didn't have contact with any self-cultivators. However, the Fiery Emperor Palace and Hundred Flower Palace were both super-class forces, so they knew that there was a bigger world out there.

Even a super-class force's members weren't guaranteed to meet self-cultivators. Flower Fairy and Xianzhi were both super-class by heredity, one was a goddess, and the other a daughter of the sect master. They have had contacts with self-cultivators.

The five major Pacific Islander sects were all super-class forces, and only their sect masters and elders could have contact with self-cultivators.

In short, only the key players amongst super-class forces could have contact with self-cultivators, because it's an entirely different world, with only a few connections with the ancient martial arts realm.

Self-cultivators would need elixirs, precious herbs and gems, and these were all acquired from super-class masters, because they wouldn't interact with just any average force.

Langtian took back the seawater realm. He knew that Qingfeng had acquired three realms, so he had no advantage in the realms.

"Sea wave fist." Langtian shouted, and punched out with his right fist. It formed a massive wave and charged furiously at Qingfeng.

The seawater had boundless force and energy, such that it punched through the air and formed a massive sea wave cave in the air. It was as terrifying as a tsunami.


Qingfeng was extremely careful; he took out the Red Fiery sword, flipped with his wrist and filled vital essence into the sword to create massive rays of red light.

"Red Fiery silver moon." the Red Fiery sword in Qingfeng's hands was unleashed immediately and Qingfeng deployed its fourth technique. 

 He knew that he was facing Langtian, a half-step True Spirit Realm martial artist. The first three techniques wouldn't have any affect, so he had to use the most powerful one.

The Red Fiery sword formed a massive silver moon of the inferno and clashed with the opponent's seawater fist.


Like a combination of tsunami and earthquake, the whole dimension trembled. Flame and seawater had clashed together and exploded, the two opposing forces had met its natural enemy.

The great explosion sound could be heard throughout. Massive cracks appeared on the ground, like horrific spider webs that spread out on the floor.

Dust and rocks flew everywhere, although the onlookers were at a distance, the massive force threw rocks into the crowd. Bodies rushed back, some were hit by the rocks, and bled immediately.

Luckily, they were standing at a distance, if they had stood closer, then this force definitely would have killed them.

The dust rested and visibility was restored. The two stood without moving at all. This attack was a match and no one had won over the other.

"A Half step True Spirit Realm master is so powerful." Qingfeng's eyes were filled with shock.

Qingfeng's upper-grade spiritual Red Fiery sword was exceptionally powerful; one sword could kill anyone within the grandmaster realm. Even for enemies at the peak of the grandmaster peak, Qingfeng could still kill with one sword.

But now, Langtian just used his fists to block Qingfeng's upper grade spiritual device. Qingfeng was indeed surprised.

Of course, if Qingfeng was in the True Spirit Realm, then he definitely could have killed Langtian with his Red Fiery sword. He was only at the peak of grandmaster realm, and couldn't fully unleash Red Fiery sword's powers.

Qingfeng felt surprised. Langtian was even more in shock, he was half step in the True Spirit Realm, and a self-cultivator.

Self-cultivators were extremely powerful, and even the weakest self-cultivators were twice as powerful as those at the peak of grandmaster realm. However, Qingfeng blocked Langtian's attack, so he naturally felt shocked.

Langtian clearly knew, he couldn't attack at a distance, because Qingfeng had the Red Fiery sword. If he attacked at a closer distance, then Qingfeng wouldn't be able to fully unleash the power. After all, the upper grade spiritual device was too powerful.


Langtian moved like a streak of lightening, and a jaguar towards Qingfeng and punched at his heart.

Undeniably, half step genuine martial artists moved far too fast, Qingfeng was known for his speed, but even him didn't respond quickly enough, and the opponent was already in front of him.

Qingfeng knew when he saw the fist, it was too late to use the Red Fiery sword, and he had to fight back physically.

"Strangle Hell Fist." Qingfeng punched heavily with his left hand, it formed a massive black energy, like a black plateau with dense energy that launched towards Langtian.


The two fists clashed in the air and made a colossal sound, it was deafening. This clash had even more impact than the previous one, where it used to be a vital essence attack; this was a clash between pure physical energy.

A massive black whirlpool formed in the air, it was extremely menacing, because the two forces were far too powerful, it punched a black hole into the air.

Not only the air, even the ground formed into a round black hole, the same as the clash of their fists, it filled the space of broken rocks.

Clang clang!!

Qingfeng didn't move a notch under this clash. Langtian however, took two steps back, and felt the sting in his fists.

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