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"He is half-step in the True Spirit Realm, let me take care of him for you." Flower Fairy smiled flirtingly and stepped up with her long legs and blocked Haoming Sakura from Qingfeng.

Flower Fairy came from Huaxia's top-notch Hundred-Flower Palace, so she knew the existence of self-cultivators, and immediately saw that Haoming was a half-step into the True Spirit Realm.

Even though Haoming was half step into the True Spirit Realm, Flower Fairy was not afraid. She had trained to the threshold of self-cultivation, so battling Haoming would be an opportunity for her to cross that threshold. Plus, she had the Lotus Mirror, an upper grade spiritual device on her, so there was no need to be afraid.
 Flower Fairy knew that Qingfeng was only at the peak of grandmaster realm so it would be impossible for him to defeat three half-step True Spirit Realm masters, so she had to help.

"Thank you." Qingfeng nodded and thanked her.

Qingfeng had confidence in Flower Fairy's strength, because whenever he confronted her, he would still feel afraid inside. She had a massive mysterious hidden power.

Fengwu blocked Zhengtian, and Flower Fairy has blocked Haoming. Only Langtian Koizumi of the three Pacific Islander masters were left.

Langtian was the Pacific Islander Karate sect master, and as he was half step in the True Spirit Realm, he was very powerful. He headed towards Qingfeng to kill him.

"Let me take care of him for you." Xianzhi Qin's alluring face smiled as she stepped up.

Xianzhi wasn't as powerful as Qingfeng before, and even needed Qingfeng's rescue in the Elixir King's Tomb. However, Xianzhi had managed to recover the hidden potential in her strength and she had trained in the powerful Fiery Emperor's Finger.

Besides, Xianzhi's inner hidden strength hadn't fully recovered yet, but when it does, there was horrific potential.

Qingfeng saw Xianzhi's power, but he refused to let Xianzhi take the stand. These people all came after him, with the others blocking the first two, this last one, he had to take on himself.

"Miss Qin, let me, I want to see my own potential." Qingfeng said with a smile.

Just like Flower Fairy, Qingfeng was also at the peak of grandmaster realm. All they needed was an opportunity to pass into the True Spirit Realm, and he wanted to attempt that by fighting Langtian. After all, the opponent was half-step True Spirit Realm, and somewhat of a self-cultivator.

Xianzhi nodded, and backed up. She knew that Qingfeng would only say this only with sufficient confidence.

"Qingfeng, you're merely at the peak of grandmaster realm, you dare to fight me? I'll show you how powerful a self-cultivator truly is." Langtian said while he looked at Qingfeng with despise.

As the master of Karate sect, and the top Pacific Islander fighters, Langtian was a terrifying force. He had kept a quiet profile, such that the Prime Minister had trouble meeting with him, but he showed up to kill Qingfeng.

"Cut out the bullshit, let's fight. I also want to see how powerful a Pacific Islander sect master is." Qingfeng smiled with disdain.

"Qingfeng don't get ahead of yourself, you're begging to be killed." Langtian's expressions grew grim, as result of hearing Qingfeng's words.

Langtian walked towards Qingfeng, with power growing at each step. The air surrounded him turned into waves of water, and when he reached Qingfeng, the countless waves had surrounded him.

Undeniably, a half-step True Spirit Realm master was supremely powerful, enough to swiftly move the water essence in the air.

A water self-cultivator! Qingfeng's eyes grew alerted, as he noticed the dense water aura on his opponent, which was the sign of having trained in water vital essence.

Ha ha ha, I trained in fire vital essence. Just perfect to combat your water vital essence, Qingfeng laughed with excitement at that thought.

"Inferno realm." Qingfeng shouted loudly and unleashed the inferno realm.

Infernal flame surrounded ten meters around him. It spread out intense heat, and even the ground was scorched.

"Seawater realm." Langtian coldly smiled and unleashed his own realm.

Blue seawater surrounded twenty feet around; the seawater was condensed water vital essence, and it had frigid energy. It rushed towards the inferno realm and put out all the flames.


The inferno realm was put out, and it wounded Qingfeng dramatically as he spat out blood.

Damn it, I under-estimated Langtian's power, Qingfeng thought with hints of regret.

Fire could defeat water, but water could also defeat fire. With enough flame, it could burn out the water, and similarly enough seawater puts out the flame. The two elements opposed each other, and were natural enemies.

Qingfeng's inferno realm was a premium realm, with a radius of ten meters; there were a hundred and fifty balls of flame. He only had one hundred balls of flame before, but now at the peak of grandmaster realm there were a hundred and fifty.

However Langtian's seawater realm had a radius of twenty meters, and two hundred pillars of seawater.

Two hundred pillars of seawater could easily put out a hundred fifty pillars of flame, which was easy elementary math.

"Qingfeng, your inferno realm has been defeated, what do you plan to fight me with?" Langtian coldly smiled with disdain.

"Little guy, don't use your realm strength. He is a half-step into the True Spirit Realm, and more powerful with realm techniques than you. Use your spiritual device to attack." Dark Night Emperor's voice passed through Qingfeng's mind.

Qingfeng nodded, he knew the Emperor was right, he didn't not have as much vital essence as the opponent did. His unleashed realm naturally wasn't as strong as his opponent's, and his trainings were lower as well, so he had to depend on spiritual device and weapons.


Qingfeng took out the red fiery sword suddenly, and placed it in front of him. The immense sword energy tore through the air and shot ten meters high.

"How do you have upper grade spiritual attack device?" Langtian's expressions changed, and his eyes turned greedy.

Upper stage spiritual device was extremely rare. Even as the Karate sect master, Langtian only had one upper stage spiritual device, a golden soft armor.

There were different kinds of spiritual device, those for attack, protection, illusion and so on.

The red fiery sword was an upper-stage attack spiritual device, and Langtian's golden silk armour was an upper-stage protection spiritual device. He has already fallen in love with the red fiery sword.

"Qingfeng give me your sword." Langtian said to Qingfeng with an inflamed face.

Qingfeng rolled eyes and said, "Are you stupid? The red fiery sword is mine. It is not yours to have."

"How dare you curse me, prepare to die." Langtian shouted angrily and unleashed seawater realm again, it formed a twenty feet tall wave of seawater, double the ten feet in grandmaster realm. It charged at Qingfeng to drown him inside the seawater realm.

"Gravity realm!"

"Storm realm!"

Qingfeng shouted and unleashed both of these realms, the opponent defeated his inferno realm, but these two shouldn't be inhibited.

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