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Qingfeng placed his red fiery sword in front of his chest, and with a flick with his right wrist, rays of sword energy soared from the sky and charged towards the Kendo sect senior elder.

Qingfeng had to kill this vulgar man who cursed him and Yoshiko.

The red fiery sword moved at a great pace, like a streak of red lightning that fiercely sliced ten meters through the air, and straight towards the Kendo senior elder's head.

 The Kendo senior elder's face changed drastically as he felt the red fiery sword's imminent force, and he immediately took out his long sword to fight it.

As the senior elder of the Kendo sect, he had a middle-stage spiritual long sword that was extremely powerful. He waved the spiritual long sword, released its fierce sword energy and charged at the red fiery sword.


The two swords clashed in the sky, and all of a sudden, the Kendo senior elder's spiritual long sword snapped in half.

The Kendo senior elder's long sword was a middle-stage spiritual device but was still no match for Qingfeng's upper stage spiritual device. So naturally it tore in half when confronted with Qingfeng's superior sword.

The Kendo senior elder's face dramatically changed into terror after he witnessed the destruction of his middle-stage spiritual sword.

He was no fool, and naturally knew how powerful the spiritual device was. Even more so, he knew that only a spiritual device above the upper stage could destroy a middle-staged device. Defeat was inevitable for him.


Qingfeng's red fiery sword had no hesitations after it destroyed the opponent's long sword, and it immediately beheaded the opponent. The decapitated head flew in the air and sprayed blood everywhere.

The Kendo sect senior elder was dead.

"What? The Kendo sect senior elder was killed in one slash?" witnesses in the living room gasped in horror, their faces all pale, and bodies trembling.

The Kendo sect senior elder was known as a famous power in the Pacific Island, definitely within the top ten, but he had now been killed by Qingfeng with only one slash. How powerful could Qingfeng be, to leave the elder with not even a chance to struggle?

Silence filled the room. The Karate sect senior elder, the Bushido sect senior elder, and the Ninja Clan master along with its senior elder were dumbfounded.

Amongst them, the Karate and the Bushido senior elders were the most terrified. They just cursed Yoshiko Satao and Qingfeng, and now the Kendo senior elder had been killed brutally. They knew that would be the same fate for them.

After Qingfeng has decapitated the Kendo senior elder, he saw the Bushido and Karate senior elders before him. He had no sympathy for either of these two families, and since they've opposed him, they should be killed.

Slash, slash!

Once again Qingfeng launched his red fiery sword. Before the two had a chance to react, their heads were decapitated, and their bodies dropped to the ground.

The Bushido and Karate senior elders might have been powerful in others' eyes, but to Qingfeng, they were weaklings and could be easily killed.

Unless a self-cultivator appeared, Qingfeng was undefeatable.

It took Qingfeng three slashes to kill the Kendo, Karate, and Bushido senior elders. The living room filled with the iron-like stench of blood.

Maiko and Flying Crane Sato's face turned pale after witnessing the death of the three sects' senior elders. They were only just as powerful as the three senior elders, so if Qingfeng easily killed the senior elders, so he could easily kill them as well.

"Flying Crane, give the Seal back to Qingfeng and apologize." An elderly voice suddenly spoke.

An elder came from the back. He was very old, with snow-white hair and a beard, but he walked up straight with great strength and superiority.

"Father, why did you come?" Maiko Sato spoke hurriedly as his expressions changed when he saw the elder.

This elder was none other than Yoshiko Sato's grandfather, the Ninja Clan Patriarch.

The elderly Ninja Clan's Patriarch had lived many years and met many talented individuals. However, he had never seen such a genius like Qingfeng, such that the word 'genius' wouldn't be suitable, and that 'demon' fit better.

The elder was not that simple. He was extremely powerful as a half-step self-cultivator. But the energy on Qingfeng terrified him.

The elder knew the other three senior sect elders had been killed. If the Ninja Clan didn't apologize or admit defeat, then death was inevitable.

Luckily, unlike the other sects, they had Yoshiko Sato on their side. Although she was banished, but she still was an lady of the Ninja Clan, and on such good terms with Qingfeng. He wouldn't kill them for the sake of Yoshiko.

Undeniably this elder was brilliant, he knew that Qingfeng held back for Yoshiko, or he would have killed all of the Ninja Clan seniors already.

Flying Crane Sato was reluctant, but his father had gave the order. He returned the Seal back to Qingfeng unwillingly.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have stolen Huaxia's Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal. Please forgive me." Flying Crane bowed to apologize.

Flying Crane felt humiliated, he was the top Pacific Islander thief, and a senior elder of the Ninja Clan, but now he had to bow to a Huaxia man and apologize.

Qingfeng took the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal and said, "You should be thankful that you're Yoshiko's uncle, or I would have killed you."

Qingfeng then turned to the elder and said, "You're smart, I'll let you Ninja Clan off the hook this time, for Yoshiko. I hope you've learned your lesson, and don't oppose me, or I'll have you killed."

The elder's expressions changed as he was angered by Qingfeng's words. He was the senior master of the Ninja Clan after all and never had he been so humiliated, but he didn't say anything, because he couldn't see through Qingfeng.

Qingfeng took the Seal and led Yoshiko and Xianzhi away from the Ninja mansion.

"Father, you've already passed the grandmaster realm's peak, you're a half-step self-cultivator, why didn't you kill Qingfeng?" Maiko Sato complained.

He was deeply humiliated when Flying Crane was forced to apologize to Qingfeng.

The elder frowned and said, "I am a half-step self-cultivator, but I felt a sense of boundless energy from Qingfeng, the kind of energy from a true self-cultivator."

However, the self-cultivator energy the elder felt didn't come from Qingfeng, it was from the Dark Night Emperor. The Emperor knew the elder was a half-step self-cultivator, so he released the vital essence to intimidate the elder.

Flying Crane Sato immediately shut up after he heard this, he was an ancient martial arts practitioner, so he knew how powerful self-cultivators were. They were on completely different planets when it comes to strength.

Qingfeng's phone rang as soon as they stepped out. It was from Ruyan Liu, she would deliver the baby in just a day, and asked for him to return.

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