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The guards blocked Qingfeng along with Yoshiko Sato and Xianzhi Qin, and they, especially Yoshiko, felt angry for being treated so.

Yoshiko was the lady of the Ninja Clan, how can she be blocked from entering?

"Don't you recognize me? Let me in." Yoshiko coldly said with a grim face. She was sure that these people knew her, because they would often see each other.

"Miss, the senior master has ordered us not to let you in, since you've become the servant of a Huaxia man. You've already been kicked out of the clan for humiliating the sect name, and you're never allowed back in." The guard said coldly as he frowned.

Yoshiko's attractive face turned depressed when she heard this. She grew up inside the sect that was also her home so she was deeply attached to it.

Now however, because Yoshiko had treated Qingfeng as her master, she had been kicked out of the very home that brought her up. She was now homeless.

Yoshiko's attractive face grew pale as her heart broke. The fact that her father and family had abandoned her deeply tormented her.

Qingfeng didn't say a word when he saw how pale Yoshiko was. He only took her hand in his and held her tender small hand to give her strength.

It didn't matter how Yoshiko was before, all it mattered now was that Yoshiko was Qingfeng's friend, and her family had abandoned her for helping him. He had to comfort her.

"I'm fine, just go in and retrieve the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal." The pale Yoshiko Sato said with all the strength left in her.

Qingfeng nodded and didn't know how to respond. Perhaps only the passing of time could heal the scar inside Yoshiko's heart.

"Stop, I've already said this is the Ninja Clan. No one is allowed in." the guard said as he saw Qingfeng approach.


Qingfeng punched the guard unconscious without another word.

The other guards charged at Qingfeng when they saw their colleague had been taken down, but they were also knocked unconscious with Qingfeng's swift punches.

Qingfeng didn't kill the guards at the door for Yoshiko's sake. After all they were from the Ninja Clan, and Qingfeng only let them live because of Yoshiko.

Along with Yoshiko and Xianzhi, they stepped into the mansion.

Yoshiko Sato lived in the mansion, so naturally she was very familiar, it didn't take long for her to lead them to the living room.

Just as Yoshiko pushed open the living room door, Qingfeng saw the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal in Flying Crane Sato's hands. His face grew cold. The Ninja Clan stole the Seal after all.

Those in the living room were shocked to see that Yoshiko had brought Qingfeng and Xianzhi in as they all turned to them.

"Uncle Flying Crane, please return the Seal to master. He'll let you live." Yoshiko said to her uncle.

Flying Crane had stolen the Seal, so in Qingfeng's book, he had to be killed. However, Yoshiko was quite close with her uncle, so she tried to convince him to give it up in hopes of saving him.

"Yoshiko, they all said that you've turned into Qingfeng's servant, I didn't want to believe it as your uncle. You're an lady of the Ninja Clan, of the most prestigious upbringing after all, but now I'm convinced. How dare you tell me to give up the Seal, it's impossible." Flying Crane looked at his niece with great disappointment.

The Ninja Clan master, Maiko Sato frowned as he said coldly, "Yoshiko, you're my daughter so if you denounce your relations with Qingfeng, you're allowed to return, and I'll forgive your ignorance."

"Father, tell uncle to return the Seal, I won't betray my master, and you're no match for him." Yoshiko begged her father.

Others may not know Qingfeng's powers, but Yoshiko knew. Her father and uncle, and even the Ninja Clan senior master, her grandfather might not even be Qingfeng's match.

Yoshiko begged her father and uncle for the good of the sect, but the two coldly refused.

The other three senior elders from Kendo, Samurai, and Karate sect all mocked them.

"Yoshiko Sato, you're not only the lady of the Ninja Clan, you're also one of the four most beautiful Pacific Islander women. How can a Huaxia man conquer you? You're absolutely a disgrace, you bitch." The Kendo senior elder looked at Yoshiko with hatred.

Yoshiko's face grew pale when she heard this; she had betrayed her family as well as her country to become Qingfeng's servant. She was painfully sad and cried after being scolded.

"Don't cry Yoshiko, I'll punish that old guy for you." Qingfeng gently wiped the tears off of Yoshiko's face.

The Kendo senior elder called Yoshiko a bitch, which also consequentially also cursed Qingfeng, because Qingfeng was Yoshiko's master, no, he was her friend now.

"Qingfeng Li, you Huaxia pig! How dare you kill Saburo Izu? How dare you show your face here? Prepare to die today!" The Kendo senior elder cursed Qingfeng.

He had a natural disdain for the Huaxia people, and murdered many Huaxia men in his youth.

Qingfeng's eyes were cold as he flashed over to the Kendo senior elder and slapped his face.


As his palm landed on the Kendo senior elder's face, the slap was heard throughout the living room hall.

"You're not young anymore, yet you still haven't learned to respect others. I'll slapp you for your father." Qingfeng said coldly as he smiled. 

"You, you, you Huaxia pig! How dare you slap me?" The Kendo senior elder covered his swollen face as his eyes filled with anger.

He was the Kendo senior elder, extremely powerful, and held a prominent position in Pacific Island.

But now, he was just slapped in front of onlookers. This was absolute humiliation! He had to fight back!

However the Kendo senior elder had forgotten, he was already at the pinnacle of the grandmaster realm, and Qingfeng easily slapped him. It simply proved that Qingfeng was evidently more powerful than him, but he was too overwhelmed with fury to realize this.

"Qingfeng Li, I'll have you decapitated and your head kicked around like a ball." The Kendo senior elder said foully with his face grim.

He had killed all the Huaxia men who've offended him, some of whom he turned into footballs.

"You want to die so badly? I'll do you the favour of killing you then." Qingfeng's face grew cold as he filled with murderous rage. 

This Kendo senior elder had hit Qingfeng's sensitive spot by humiliating Huaxia men, so Qingfeng had to kill him.

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