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Qingfeng assured Ruyan Liu in the phone that he would be back tomorrow, and accompany her for the delivery.

Qingfeng and Ruyan talked at length on the phone, and he comforted her a lot, until the call ended when they reached Sakura Hotel.

Everyone waited for them inside the hotel. Fengwu Cao and Flower Fairy also anticipated Qingfeng's return.

"Qingfeng, have you retrieved the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal?" Fengwu Cao's cold face appeared to be surprised as she asked.

Fengwu Cao was furious and nervous when she found that the Seal had been stolen. She had searched all over Pacific Island with Flower Fairy without any luck. Who would have thought that Qingfeng had found it.

"Yes, this is the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal, here." Qingfeng smiled as he handed the Seal to Fengwu. She was the Special Security director, so it naturally had to be handed to her.

Fengwu's beautiful eyes lit up as she took the Seal, she said, "Qingfeng thank you for all that you've done for Huaxia, I will inform the upper management and make sure you're rewarded."

Fengwu Cao haven't had much of a chance to interact with Qingfeng. All she knew was that he was a powerful member of the ancient martial arts community. He managed to kill many powerful members in the Huaxia ancient martial arts community, and was known for it.

However, Fengwu Cao was surprised to see Qingfeng this patriotic, and willingly contribute so much for the country. Not only did he win the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition for Huaxia, he also retrieved the stolen Seal.

Qingfeng smiled and said, "Director Cao, I've killed the Kendo, Karate, and Bushido's senior elders to retrieve the Seal."

Fengwu slightly frowned when she heard this. These senior elders were amongst the top five strongest Pacific Islander, but Qingfeng did this only to retrieve the Seal and help Huaxia, so naturally he had to fight back.

"Don't worry Qingfeng, if their sect masters ever come to seek trouble, I'll help you." Fengwu Cao said with firm strength.

Although they were on Pacific Island, Fengwu was not afraid of these Pacific Islander forces.

Qingfeng smiled and didn't say anything. He was not afraid of these sect masters at all, but Fengwu's words and commitment had touched him.

With the Seal back, everyone was glad and left the hotel for the Harbour.

At the Sakura Harbour, Huaxia ships were already waiting for Fengwu and the others.

However when Qingfeng, Fengwu and the others arrived at Sakura Harbour, they found the Harbour closed, with three middle-aged men standing there. Behind the three men were thousands of people, each and every one of them a powerful Pacific Islander.

The first man that stood there was tall with a handsome face. He was the Kendo sect master, Zhentian Izu.

The second man had a bulky built with dark skin. He was the Bushido sect master, Haoming Sakura.

The third had an average built and yellowish face. He was the Karate sect master, Langtian Koizumi.

The three Pacific Islander masters' men of several thousands surrounded the whole Sakura Harbour. They were waiting for Qingfeng and the others to arrive.

The people around quickly dispersed when they saw a large gathering of people, but they still on looked, because they had recognized the three sect masters.

The five major sects dominated Pacific Island, but the Demon Blade sect wasn't there because of past conflicts. The Ninja family was also not present, because they had given up, so there were only three major sects at the harbour.

The three sects had already received news that Qingfeng had killed their senior elders. As the sect masters, they had to avenge their brothers. Otherwise they wouldn't have served their sect properly.

"Qingfeng prepare for your death." Zhengtian Izu shouted with an icy face, he was the Kendo sect master. Qingfeng killed three elders, and a genius disciple from his sect, so he hated Qingfeng more than anything.

The other two sect masters soon followed suit, and also wanted Qingfeng's death.

"Little guy, these three people are very powerful, they're all a half-step into the True Spirit Realm, so half way inside of the World of Self-cultivation." Dark Night Emperor informed Qingfeng.

Qingfeng grew alerted. He had realized how powerful these men were with the Dark Night Emperor's words. They must have already had contact with cultivator training methods, like the Self-cultivated Strength Technique from "Mortal Purgatory Body" which he trained in.

However due to the short time length Qingfeng trained in, he was only at the peak of grandmaster realm. Give him enough time, and he'll pass the self-cultivator realm.

"Look, the three Pacific Islander sect masters are pissed, they'll kill Qingfeng Li."

"What has this Qingfeng done to piss the three master off enough to kill him?"

"You don't know? I'll tell you, Qingfeng won first place at the Dragon Continent Martial Arts Competition, and killed the genius disciples of the three sects."

Everyone was involved in discussions. Those who knew the story told it to the ones who didn't.

These five major sects were the dominant forces in Pacific Island with extreme power. Now that there were three sect masters gathered together, this shocked everyone.

When Fengwu Cao heard that these three sect masters wanted to kill Qingfeng, she coldly said, "Zhengtian Izu, are you pitting yourself against Huaxia?"

"Director Cao, leave Qingfeng here, the rest of you can leave." Zhengtian Izu frowned as he said.

Zhengtian Izu was familiar with this warrior goddess, Fengwu Cao, she was very powerful and not someone he wanted to offend. 

But of course, Fengwu's powers were only one part; she had a more crucial identity. She was the Huaxia Special Security Bureau's Director, which represented Huaxia's highest management. If they come into conflict with Fengwu, then it would mean denouncing all of Huaxia, which isn't favourable.

Fengwu stood in front of Qingfeng and said coldly, "Zhengtian Izu, Qingfeng is with the Special Security, and a valued Huaxia citizen. If you want to kill him, then you'll have to pass through me."

"Then I'll have to see just how powerful really is this Huaxia goddess of war." Zhengtian Izu smiled coldly as powerful forces diffused out his body.

Zhengtian clearly knew, this Fengwu would protect Qingfeng no matter what. He had to defeat Fengwu before killing Qingfeng.


With one step forward, Zhengtian had torn a hole into the ground, and the horrific massive cracks creeped forward.

Undeniably, Zhengtian was very powerful as half-step self-cultivator, that one step gave Fengwu enormously pressure.

However Fengwu was no weakling, she was the Huaxia goddess of war. Otherwise, why would she be the Special Security director?

Fengwu's body moved like a streak of lightening towards Zhengtian, and they started the battle.

"Die, Qingfeng." the Bushido sect master Haoming Sakura shouted as he charged at Qingfeng.

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