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"Nakano Izu, prepare to die." Qingfeng smiled coldly as he whipped out the long sword in his hands. The sword shot out rays of sword energy that filled the whole room. 


Nakano Izu was decapitated instantly, his eyes still filled with horror as it was launched ten meters into the air.

Too fast, the sword was far too fast. That was the last and only thought on Nakano Izu's mind. Aside from just horror, he felt hints of regret before death. He regretted offending the devious Qingfeng.

The third elder, Ono Izu was terrified when he witnessed second elder's decapitation. He had never seen anyone so powerful. Qingfeng's powers overwhelmed even his imagination.

The third elder knew that Qingfeng was even more powerful than the leader of the Kendo sect because not even their master could decapitate the second elder with one slash of his sword.

The third elder turned to flee without another word. He knew that he was no match for Qingfeng, so fleeing was his only option.


However, the third elder only took two steps before he was decapitated by Qingfeng as well.

Two sword slashes, that was all Qingfeng needed to kill the two Kendo sect elders. Everyone was in shock, especially Yoshiko Sato.

After all, she knew how powerful these two elders were because she was Pacific Islander and was part of the Ninja Clan. They were just as powerful as her father, but still no match for Qingfeng.

At this moment, Yoshiko felt hints of relief. Luckily, she was Qingfeng's servant, if she was Qingfeng's enemy, then she would be killed as well.

No, I'm no longer Qingfeng's servant, I'm his friend, and he just kissed me. Yoshiko thought of how Qingfeng kissed her on the lips, and her sweet face blushed.

No matter how powerful the woman is, when faced with her crush, she will still become embarrassed or timid. Unfortunately, Qingfeng didn't notice her expressions.

Qingfeng led everyone away after he attended to Yoshiko's wounds, heading towards the Sakura Hotel.

Naturally Qingfeng had to retrieve the stolen Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal, the prized Huaxia treasure back.

The Sakura Hotel was the biggest hotel on Pacific Island. It was rated five-stars, was absolutely beautiful, and was made out of clear glass with Sakura flowers preserved within.

When Qingfeng and his followers arrived at Sakura Hotel, Xianzhi Qin was waiting there with the others.

"Miss Qin, where's Director Cao?" Qingfeng asked as he noticed that the director of Special Security Bureau was missing.

Xianzhi Qin's pretty face frowned as she said, "The Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal is a national treasure, now that it was stolen, Huaxia's top management was furious. They called to demand for the Seal's safe return, so director Fengwu Cao along with Flower Fairy went to search in the most suspicious places on the Pacific Island." 

Qingfeng nodded. Of course he knew why Huaxia would be furious, the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal was a national treasure. It had been stolen by the Pacific Islanders before, and was kept in the Pacific Island until Qingfeng wins it back in the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition. Now that the Seal had been stolen again, it's not hard to see why they were furious.

Xianzhi Qin was worried for valid reasons too. These thieves had stolen the Seal by posing as Xianzhi; they tricked Yihe Wang and the others who were guarding the Seal, so she felt somewhat guilty.

"Don't worry Miss Qin, I will retrieve the Seal." Qingfeng said firmly. He wasn't just helping Xianzhi; he also wanted to fight for Huaxia.

The Pacific Island had always picked on Huaxia, but not this time. Qingfeng would unleash his wrath on Pacific Island to show his patriotism.

"Yoshiko, come, take me to the Ninja Clan." Qingfeng smiled lightly as he said to Yoshiko Sato.

Yoshiko had informed him that her uncle, Flying Crane Sato, was the number one thief in Pacific Island. He was the biggest suspect, because he was skilled at illusion, and metamorphosis.

There were five major families in Pacific Island, but only four of them participated in the Dragon Continent Ancient Martial Arts Competition. The Ninja family didn't participate, so Qingfeng wasn't familiar with them and needed Yoshiko's guidance.

Of course, aside from the Ninja Clan, Qingfeng still haven't met one other family. That was the Demon Blade sect. They were a mysterious Pacific Islander family, with massive influence, but have yet to come into conflict with Qingfeng.

"I will come with you, I must prove my innocence." Xianzhi said as she pouted her red lips.

Although Xianzhi wasn't to blame for the stolen Seal, she was irritated because the thief had posed as her. She swore to find the Seal and punish whomever that stole it.

Qingfeng nodded. He led Yoshiko and Xianzhi to the Ninja Clan, while the others stayed at the Sakura Hotel.

As one of the five biggest Pacific Islander sects, the Ninja Clan has always stayed mysterious because ninjas were special ancient martial practitioners unique to Pacific Island that didn't exist anywhere else.

Although the Ninja Clan doesn't have the same attack capacity as the Kendo sect, their stealth and illusion techniques were the best on the Pacific Island.

Now inside the living room of the Ninja Clan.

There were five people inside the living room, Maiko Sato the Ninja Clan leader on the higher ground, and beside him sat his brother, Flying Crane Sato.

Flying Crane Sato was a middle-aged man with a thin small face, with small eyes, and small fingers. He had all the psychical traits of a masterful thief, with a thin physique he could easily fit through spaces.

Underneath Flying Crane Sato sat three other elders. One was the senior elder of the Kendo sect, the other was the Karate sect senior elder, and the third was the Samurai sect senior elder.

However the Demonic Blade sect was not present, because they have conflicts with the other four major sects.

It doesn't matter where, they couldn't always see eye to eye because of personal interest. Due to their personal interests, the Demonic Blade sect don't seem to interact with the other four sects.

Flying Crane Sato was the younger brother of the Ninja Clan master and the Ninja Clan senior elder.

"Flying Crane, did you get the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal?" Maiko Sato asked with a smile.

"Brother, it took me some trouble to get this Seal." Flying Crane said with a confident smile.

Then from inside his shirt, Flying Crane took out the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal.

"Flying Crane, you truly deserve to be called the top mastery thief on Pacific Island, you've managed to steal the Seal from those Huaxia men." The other sects' senior elders all said with smiles on their faces.

If it's strength, then they are all more powerful than Flying Crane, but when it comes to stealing and illusion, even with all of them combined, they're no match compared to Flying Crane.

The top thief master in Pacific Island was known around the country. Rumours has it that he has even managed to steal the emperor's clothes.

Half an hour later, Qingfeng arrived at the Ninja Clan with Yoshiko and Xianzhi. Howeve,r the guards outside blocked them and wouldn't let them in.

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