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Yoshiko Sato told Qingfeng all about the psychedelic fog, because she was a Pacific Islander and knew the array grandmaster Yugi Izu well.

Qingfeng nodded, but his eyes were cold. The fog blocked off most of one's sight and only a distance of twenty centimeters could be seen. He could hear Yoshiko's voice, but couldn't see her face.


Yoshiko Sato screamed. She was punched in the back and her body flew out, along with a large splat of blood.

"Yoshiko Sato, you bitch! How dare you be with a Huaxia man?" the second elder's voice rang through the fog.

The fog was set by the array grandmaster Yugi Izu, the second and third elder were with him as well. They all knew how the array worked, and could see those trapped inside it.

Qingfeng, like a blind man, couldn't see around him, but his opponents could all see him, and easily attack him.

"Yoshiko, are you alright?" Qingfeng's expression changed and asked hurriedly.

"Master, I'm fine, please be careful." Yoshiko sounded weak, but clearly cared about Qingfeng.

"You bitch, how dare you have feelings for a Huaxia man?" the second elder scolded furiously.

The second elder had wanted to kill Qingfeng first, but Yoshiko's actions angered him even more, so he decided to kill Yoshiko first, and then Qingfeng.

The second elder easily found Yoshiko and punched her in the chest, and this caused her to scream again in pain.

Qingfeng's expressions changed, and his eyes filled with worry as he heard Yoshiko scream again.

"Elder, please help me with this fog." Qingfeng was stressed as he called out to Dark Night Emperor.

Dark Night Emperor thought for a moment and said, "This fog blocks your sight, so try closing your eyes. The array point is fifteen meters on your southeast; it's the array flag Yugi Izu is holding. Destroy the array flag, or kill Yugi Izu, then the fog would naturally dissipate."

Qingfeng closed his eyes after hearing the advice. He knew his sight was useless in the fog, and had to rely on feelings and hearing to determine his distance and actions.

Fifteen meters southeast.


Qingfeng's body moved like a streak of lightening, and he quickly rushed fifteen meters southeast.

Yugi Izu was standing fifteen meters southeast with the array flag that released the white fog. The second elder launched the attacks, but when he suddenly saw Qingfeng charging at him, it surprised him.

How did Qingfeng find my position? He is no array grandmaster, so how can he know where the array's key point is?

Although Yugi Izu still refused to believe that Qingfeng had found him, when he saw Qingfeng charge forwards towards him, he was frid so he backed up and prepared to hide.

However, Qingfeng was too fast. He left behind an after-image in the air as he passed through the fog. Yugi Izu had no chance to hide, and Qingfeng was already in front of him.

"Go die for me." Qingfeng roared with rage, and threw a Strangle Hell fist. It was a niche fist art of the Mortal Purgatory Body, extremely powerful and as heavy as a mountain.

The uniqueness of Strangle Hell fist is that air cannot contain this force. It created a massive black hole without a bottom.

Yugi Izu was petrified when he felt the terror that spread out from the Strangle Hell fist. He was only an array grandmaster, so his fighting abilities weren't that powerful.

Yugi Izu wanted to run away, but he hadn't yet discovered how fast Qingfeng was. He wanted to beg, but Qingfeng's fist had already appeared in front of him. Before he had the chance to open his mouth and talk, Qingfeng's fist had landed on his body.


Without any surprises, Yugi Izu's body immediately exploded, and it flew into thousands of little pieces. The array flag dropped to the floor, without a single scratch. Undeniably, the array flag was a precious gem; it was unharmed even under the great impact of the Strangle Hell fist.

"Buddy, this array flag is precious, it can help you with learning the array's spell, so hide it away." Dark Night Emperor's voice rang in Qingfeng's head.

Qingfeng clicked immediately and picked up the array flag to hide it inside his shirt. He had to conduct research into this afterwards.
 Qingfeng killed the array grandmaster with just one punch, the fog was now without a controller, and so it quickly disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Qingfeng saw the second elder raise his fist pointed at Yoshiko's head as soon as the fog dissipated., wanting to kill her.

"How dare you!" Qingfeng shouted in anger.


Qingfeng forcefully pulled on the Red Fiery sword, and slashed in front of him. The Sword morphed into a piercing ray of green light that tore through the air, and sliced through the second elder's arm.


The second elder let out a horrific scream. his arm was sliced through just as he was about to attack Yoshiko. The torturous pain turned him pale, and he shook uncontrollably.

The upper-grade spiritual device can shoot out powerful sword energy, not even a grandmaster can block this. 

"You killed the array grandmaster?" the second elder questioned astonished as he saw that the fog had disappeared, and that Yugi Izu had died.

It's important to know that Yugi Izu was the only array grandmaster of the Kendo sect. He was very powerful and that the Kendo sect became the biggest Pacific Island family because of this array grandmaster. 

But now, the biggest force the Kendo sect relies on, their array grandmaster was killed by Qingfeng. Second elder's eyes filled with terror.

"Your so-called array grandmaster was too weak, he was no match for me." Qingfeng smiled coldly with disdainful.

Fuck. That was one of the most powerful members of our Kendo sect, how can he turn into the weakest in your eyes? Second elder's lips trembled in anger; he wanted to kill Qingfeng more than anything.

Qingfeng smiled lightly, his body shook with the intention to kill as he walked towards the two men.

"What do you want?" The Second Elder's expressions changed as he asked out of terror.

He shouldn't have been afraid as the second elder of the Kendo sect, but Qingfeng was too powerful. He truly was terrified; after all, the array grandmaster did die in front of him.

"What do you mean, of course I'm going to kill you." Qingfeng smiled coldly, he wondered if this second elder was a retard. He was asking such a dumb question.

All of you were just dead set on killing me. Now that it is my turn to kill you, why are you acting scared like this?

"Qingfeng, I'm the second elder of the Kendo sect, you can't kill me." Nakano Izu's said, as his face grew pale.

Qingfeng eyed him with despise after he heard this. The man had paraded around with his power, he killed everyone and anyone he wanted to, and was completely out of control. Now it was his turn to die, and he begged endlessly, how pathetic can he be?

Would Qingfeng let him off the hook? Of course not.

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