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"Miss Qin, the Huaxia Martial Artists Squad has Flower Fairy, you and Fengwu Cao are amongst other powerful martial artists. How did the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal get stolen?" Qingfeng frowned, and sensed there was something odd about this.

Qingfeng was confident in Flower Fairy and others' abilities. Although they weren't as powerful as him, they were no weaklings.

Xianzhi Qin sighed, "We were eating in the hotel hall to celebrate the Huaxia Martial Artists Squad victory. The Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal was placed inside the room and guarded by Yihe Wang. No one thought that the men in black would use illusion and burrow technique to pose as me and trick Yihe Wang."

Burrow technique, illusion?

Qingfeng's expressions changed when he heard these two techniques. Amongst all the techniques, illusion and burrow aren't very destructive, but the two are great for stealing things.

The burrow technique is like that of zerg, one can directly go through the ground below, burrow from one place to another. The illusion technique allows one to change his or her appearance to look like someone else.

However, Qingfeng knew that both the burrow technique and illusion seemed to be techniques used by Pacific Islander ninjas. It wasn't practiced amongst Kendo or Karate clans.

"Yoshiko, do you know of illusion and the burrow technique?" Qingfeng turned and asked Yoshiko Sato.

Yoshiko nodded and replied, "Master, both the illusion and burrow technique are practiced by us, ninjas. The top ninja thief in Pacific Island just happens to be my uncle, Flying Crane Sato."

Yoshiko Sato may be the lady of the Ninja Clan, but now she is Qingfeng's servant, so she told him everything she knew.

Qingfeng's eyes stood still after hearing this. He had suspected that Flying Crane Sato might have stolen the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal, but certainly not without the help of other Pacific Islander forces.

"Come, let's go back to the hotel to find the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal." Qingfeng smiled lightly and prepared to leave with everyone.

He knew that, it wouldn't be easy to steal the Nine-Dragon Imperial Jade Seal from Flower Fairy and rest of the group. The Pacific Islander forces must have dispatched powerful ancient martial artists.

A cold voice intervened as Qingfeng wanted to leave, "Do you really think you can leave?"

Behind them stood the second elder of the Kendo sect, Izu Nakano. Two people stood beside Izu, one was the third elder, Ono Izu, another was an eighty-some year old elder.

This elder wore a kimono, and had the long hair like those in ancient days, not a modern short cut. However, the long hair was as white as now, although he was clearly old in age, but he had red cheeks, stood straight up, and had a powerful presence.

Yoshiko Sato's expressions turned when she saw this elder in kimono, "Master, he is Yugi Izu, the array grandmaster of the Kendo sect."

The Kendo sect was shocked after they heard what Yoshiko Sato said.

"Yoshiko Sato, you're the young lady of the Ninja Clan, how can you be Qingfeng's servant. This is humiliating, you're a disgrace to the Ninja Clan." the second elder recognized Yoshiko Sato and was infuriated by her behaviour.

Yoshiko Sato has helped Qingfeng of Huaxia, and has even told him sensitive information, what a traitor.

After she heard this, her alluring face grew pale, and felt tormented. She was hurt by what the second elder has said, and felt ashamed.

"Yoshiko, I've never thought of you as a servant, but as a friend." Qingfeng walked over and told Yoshiko gently.

Yes, Qingfeng used to treat Yoshiko as a servant, but after they've spent time together, Qingfeng has discovered that this woman is very loyal, a noble trait. 

Now Qingfeng truly saw Yoshiko as friends, he wasn't lying.


Yoshiko blushed when she heard those words, her heart raced as a response to Qingfeng's statement that they were friends.

In the past, Yoshiko was above everyone else and arrogant as the lady of the Ninja Clan. Pacific Islander men didn't mean anything to her, and neither did Huaxia men.

However as she spent more time with Qingfeng, she saw how much more powerful this Huaxia man was than Pacific Islander men. He was more charismatic, to the point that she became infatuated with him.

Second elder's expressions hardened as he saw Yoshiko's response.

After all, Yoshiko was one of the four most beautiful women in Pacific Island, with plenty of followers, but now she clearly seemed to have a crush on this Huaxia man. 

The second elder was furious; Pacific Island used to bully Huaxia, but now with Qingfeng, Pacific Island has been seeing a decline. First, the powerful Jing Gang Three and several other men were killed, now he's conquered their women.

Disgrace for Pacific Island, how can a Pacific Islander woman be with a Huaxia man?

Not only did the second elder feel incredible shame, the third elder and the array grandmaster also felt disgraced. Qingfeng has mocked their masculine pride.

Qingfeng even kissed Yoshiko to further anger the three men.

"Sigh, Pacific Islander women are gorgeous, I love them." Qingfeng smiled lightly and told the three men.

Qingfeng did this on purpose to mock these men. He knew that these men have had their share of tormenting Huaxia women, so he tormented a Pacific Islander woman.

Of course second elder, third elder, and the array grandmaster were absolutely outraged at the sight of Qingfeng's action.

These men all have tormented Huaxia women before, but now Qingfeng teased their own Pacific Islander woman, this angered them as Pacific Islander men.

"Qingfeng, how dare you treat our Pacific Islander woman like so, I must have you killed today." The array grandmaster Yugi Izu said with cold gloomy intention to kill.

"Master Yugi, don't waste words with him, unleash the matrix and kill him." Second elder's shouted with a grim expression.

Yugi Izu nodded, he held up a little black flag and coldly said, "Mist array, activate."

Just as he spoke, a white fog rose suddenly in the surrounding. The white fog was extremely strange, not only did it appear suddenly, it engulfed the space very fast, all of a sudden everyone was trapped within.

No one could see within twenty centimeters, like a blind person trapped in this strange white fog.

If one were to stand alone in this white fog, one wouldn't be able to see their own feet, not to mention others.

Mist array, as the name has stated, came with abundant mist, it blocked off the sight of those trapped inside the array.

The Pacific Islander doesn't have their own Array, but they're good at learning. These Array knowledge all came from Huaxia, and with their own interpretation, it became their own Array.

"Master, this fog is extremely odd, you can't see anyone while trapped in it, but they can see you. You've to be careful of their attacks." Yoshiko's expressions turned as she immediately alerted Qingfeng.

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