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Qingfeng Li stood on the podium and was surrounded by ancient martial artists from countries all over the Dragon Continent. All of them enviously looking at Qingfeng Li with a glowing light in their eyes.

In front of Qingfeng Li, there was a golden Imperial Jade Seal. Imperial Jade Seals were divided into many types. There were white, emerald and gold, with gold being the highest tier.

The Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal was gold, palm-sized, and engraved with nine dragons. Each dragon looked alive, hence the name, the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal.

Qingfeng Li took the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal in his hand, which was his reward.

"Little guy, this is not a simple Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal, inside contains a mysterious energy. You can try it by channeling your vital essence into it." Dark Night Emperor used voice transmission and said it directly to his mind.

Qingfeng Li nodded. He began channeling vital essence energy, and then funneled it into the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal.

Qingfeng Li's energy had just entered the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal and he already encountered a golden seal. Its shape was a golden ball, and the inside seemed to be a golden dragon flying, but the image was very blurred.

He channeled his spiritual energy directly into it after the vital essence.

When Qingfeng Li's spiritual energy entered the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal, the golden light ball of Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal suddenly emitted a golden light. It directly turned into a golden ball of light and instantly entered Qingfeng Li's head.

Fuck, how did the golden ball of light from Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal enter my head?

Feeling the golden ball of light on his head, Qingfeng Li was shocked. After he injected his Spiritual energy, the thing came out from Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal and entered him. It had followed the spiritual energy back into his mind.

"Senior, the mysterious golden ball from the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal went inside my mind. What should I do?" Qingfeng Li's face paled and he asked the Dark Night Emperor through voice transmission.

He knew that Dark Night Emperor knew a lot and probably could explain it to him.

"Little guy, do not worry. That Golden Ball is the mystical energy of Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal. It should not harm you. Leave this place first and we will look into it." Dark Night Emperor said using voice transmission. He did not seem concerned.

Qingfeng Li look concerned. The golden ball of light is in my mind, not yours. Of course, you don't look concerned…

However, Qingfeng Li knew that the Dark Night Emperor was right. This was not a place to linger. He stood in the middle of the podium for a long time. To the others, it would seem like they were just standing there for a long time.

The Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal, which was also golden, had become bleak now because Qingfeng Li got the mysterious energy inside. But nobody else noticed it.

Qingfeng Li took the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal to the Huaxia Martial Artist team and said to Fengwu Cao, "Here Director Cao, I'll give you this treasure from Huaxia.

There was a touch of happiness and a touch of excitement on the pretty face of the frosty Fengwu Cao. Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal was molded by Emperor Qin in history, a symbol of Huaxia. But it was acquired by Pacific Island and has been kept with them ever since.

Fengwu Cao didn't think Huaxia team would be victorious in this ancient martial arts competition held in Dragon Continent. He didn't have his hopes up, and did not expect Qingfeng Li to defeat all his enemies. Claiming the championship to get the Nine Dragon Imperial Jade Seal, truly Huaxia glory.

"Qingfeng Li, you made a great contribution to Huaxia. Name any reward you want." Fengwu Cao smiled and said.

One should know, Fengwu Cao was Huaxia's War Goddess. Although her face was beautiful, she never laughs, giving a cold feeling to everyone. But this time, it was an exception and she smiled at Qingfeng Li, because he made a huge contribution to Huaxia.

Fengwu Cao knew that Qingfeng Li's contribution was too great, winning glory for the country, washing Huaxia's shame away, reacquiring the national treasure, and also defeating the Pacific Island people in front of the entire Dragon Continent.

She thought, even if I promote Qingfeng Li all the way to Major General, it will be okay.

"Director Cao, I just want one thing. That is the dragon grass." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

The dragon grass was the second prize, obtained by Flower Fairy. She would definitely give the dragon grass to Fengwu Cao, so that's why Qingfeng Li made this request.

Fengwu Cao nodded her head and said, "Yes, I will give you the dragon grass."

After Qingfeng Li received the champion's award, Flower Fairy received the second prize dragon grass. While Xianzhi Qin went on to get the third prize middle-grade spiritual device.

After receiving the reward, the two women also handed it over to Fengwu Cao. Because she was the Director of Special Secure Bureau, a top representative of Huaxia.

"Qingfeng Li, this is the dragon grass you wanted." Fengwu Cao smiled and gave the dragon grass to Qingfeng Li.

This was a golden grass, emitting a bright golden light. The surface of golden halo flow. The internal contains a huge energy.

Qingfeng Li placed the dragon grass close to him. This was an important ingredient for his spirit level life prolonging elixir.

In Xianzhi Qin's beautiful voice, there was a glimpse of gratitude. She knew that Qingfeng Li had been able to make better demands just now. But for his father's longevity, he asked for dragon grass.

After the dragon continent ancient martial arts competition ended, ancient martial arts teams started to leave one after another. Their mood was very bad.

One should know, in the previous Dragon Continent ancient martial arts competition these teams were often rewarded. But in this year's competition, the Huaxia Martial Artist Squads were unstoppable. The top three were all acquired by the Huaxia Martial Artists Squad. Naturally, they felt uncomfortable.

Qingfeng Li's name quickly spread through the Dragon Continent because of his strong performance in the Dragon Continent ancient martial arts competition. Everyone knew the person named Qingfeng Li, and his fame continued to rise.

There are some people who adore him and some people who hate him.

Although the contest ended, the crisis quietly arrived.

Qingfeng Li has already felt several killing intents. These killing intents were all from Pacific Island. The biggest loss this time is Pacific Island as they held the contest, yet their people were eliminated by Qingfeng Li. The treasure was also in the hands of Qingfeng Li, it is only natural they wanted to kill him.

Ring ring ring...

A rushing telephone call rang and Qingfeng Li took out his cell phone and saw that it was Lion Demon King's call. He suddenly got excited. He had asked the other party to find the Purple Bat Demon King on Pacific Island, could it be that there is news?

Qingfeng Li just pressed the answer button, Lion Demon King's voice is anxious, "Young Master, we have found Purple Bat Demon King, he is teaching Chinese in the Pacific Island Sakura University. But someone wants to kill and he is being pursued. You should come quickly."

Listening to Lion Demon King's words, Qingfeng Li was surprised by the fact that he asked for help. He knew Lion Demon King would not ask for help unless it was desperate. They must be in great danger.

"Director Cao, Flower Fairy, Miss Qin, I have to go. Bye." Qingfeng Li greeted several people and immediately turned away.

Qingfeng Li wanted to save Purple Bat Demon King. And, he did not want to be followed by Huaxia Martial Artists Squad.

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