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Qingfeng Li left the Huaxia Martial Artists team and quickly ran towards Sakura University.

Sakura University is the largest university in Pacific Island, and is also the most famous university. It is the first university in Pacific Island and even the top university in Dragon Continent.

Sakura University had a lot of studies, including financial studies, social studies, medical studies, Chinese studies, and so on.

When Purple Bat Demon King fled to Pacific Island, he was hiding in Sakura University because he knew that the most dangerous place was the safest place.

Those who were chasing him will never think that Purple Bat Demon King would teach at Sakura University. This scheme has worked more than ten years and he was only recently discovered.

At Sakura University, a youngster was fleeing. This youngster was truly very young. He was only about 25 years old. He had a handsome face, high nose, sword eyebrows and eyes.

He was the Purple Bat Demon King, one of the top ten Demon Kings, and the youngest of the top Demon Kings.

Fifteen years ago, when Purple Bat Demon King followed the Conqueror Third Master Li, he was only ten years old.

You know, the average person is only a teenager when he is ten years old, still attending primary school, but Purple Bat Demon King was not the same. He was extremely intelligent since childhood and showed a high degree of refinement and talent.

An Ancient Martial Artist once gave him a speed cultivation technique "bat movement technique". Purple Bat Demon King was very quick after mastering this technique. When he was only ten years old, he ran like a car.

Conqueror fancy Purple Bat Demon King's talent for speed, so included him as one of the top ten Demon King.

Of the top ten Demon Kings, the Purple Bat Demon King is the youngest, but fastest. He is taken care of by the other Demon Kings.

The ancient martial artist who later taught Purple Bat Demon King's cultivation technique was killed by Vampire Sect. Purple Bat Demon King became furious and started looking for Vampire Sect for revenge. Because the person who taught Purple Bat Demon King's cultivation technique felt like his master, and they had an excellent relationship.

In order to take revenge for his Master, Purple Bat Demon King killed Vampire Sect's son. This caused a big disaster.

Vampire Sect is the top force among Huaxia's first-class forces. They are almost able to break through any kind of fortress with their numerous masters and strong players.

At that time, the Conqueror had disappeared, and the group of top ten Demon Kings was also disbanded. Purple Bat Demon King has a righteous spirit, and valued his relationships. He knew that if he stayed at Huaxia, Vampire Sect would go to the Qingfeng Li family and cause trouble. He didn't want to trouble for Qingfeng Li's family.

In order not hinder Qingfeng Li Family, Purple Bat Demon King fled to Pacific Island thousands of miles away. He spent the following year hiding as a professor at Pacific Island Sakura University.

Purple Bat Demon King not only looks handsome, but also very knowledgably. Many students like to listen to him., and it's very common for women to have a crush on him.

There was a Liying Wang coming from Huaxia that studies at Pacific Island who likes Purple Bat Demon King. This is the most popular girl in Sakura University. Her face is delicate, and her skin is white and tender. Her nose elegant, and her mouth is small like a cherry. She is truly a pretty girl.

Liying Wang liked Purple Bat Demon King and Purple Bat Demon King liked her because they were both from Huaxia at this foreign land.

Purple Bat Demon King eased his alert after falling in love. He often walked with Liying Wang on campus, causing a lot of people to be jealous.

An ancient martial artist student from Huaxia pursued Liying Wang and was beaten by Purple Bat Demon King. The ancient martial artist later investigated Purple Bat Demon King and exposed his identity.

After the identity of Purple Bat Demon King was revealed, Huaxia's Vampire Sect received this news and sent someone to Pacific Island to pursue Purple Bat Demon King. After all, Purple Bat Demon King killed his son. He was a big enemy.

"Purple Bat Demon King, where did you escape to." Seven people in blood cloak shouted.

These blood coat people were from Vampire Sect. As for Lion Demon King and Wolf Fang Sect, they were all blocked by Vampire Sect.

Vampire Sect sent more than thirty disciples to kill Purple Bat Demon King this time. They were all strong disciples. Not only that, they also had links with Pacific Island's karate family Sect, so they can prevent the escape route of Purple Bat Demon King. .

One should know, Purple Bat Demon King was very fast, liked a lightning bolt. He was just like a car when he was ten years old. His speed was like an airplane. He jumped up and left only his phantom in the air. You can only see his afterimage, and won't be able to follow his real body.

No matter how fast Purple Bat Demon King was, it won't work. Because Vampire Sect had the help of a karate family sect. The karate family sect was very powerful on Pacific Island. They could clearly see where Purple Bat Demon King went through their camera and monitor, and then telling Vampire Sect where to intercept him.

As it turned out, Purple Bat Demon King had approached a dead end. This dead alley had high walls on both sides. And in front of him was a high wall as well. He was trapped inside, unable to escape.

"Hey, Purple Bat Demon King, you have been away for so many years. Today is the day of your death." Vampire Sect said fiercely. He was letting out a huge killing intent.

Standing behind the Purple Bat Demon King were eight Vampire Sect disciple and four Pacific Island Karate disciples. The Huaxia evil forces colluded with Pacific Islanders. This made Purple Bat Demon King very angry.

You know, Purple Bat Demon King is a patriot. He taught in Pacific Island and he only teaches Chinese, to strengthen the Chinese culture. He did not expect Vampire Sect to shamelessly join forces with Pacific Islanders.

Purple Bat Demon King looked at Vampire Sect disciple to his back, filled with killing intent in their eyes. He quietly took a black hidden weapon and put it in his hand.

The black weapon only had the size of an egg but had extremely sharp edges. It was pitch black and emitted a faint black light. This boomerang was a powerful weapon.

Purple Bat Demon King was extremely fast and in combination with this boomerang, it can generate very powerful attack power.

"Boomerang." Purple Bat Demon King whispered. His right hand flicked the boomerang and it flew out of the air. Crossed an arc in the air, and instantly shot on the neck of a Vampire Sect disciple.


A lot of blood flowed down the neck of that Vampire Sect disciple. He looked at Purple Bat Demon King with horror and then fell to the ground and died.

"Everyone be careful, Purple Bat Demon King has a boomerang." Vampire Sect's disciple said. They all looked very furious.

The boomerang was very famous fifteen years ago. It had killed countless Ancient Martial Artist and was a powerful weapon.

At this time, a blood coat old man stepped out from behind and said, Boomerang was extremely powerful. You guys were no match for you, retreat.

Seeing this old man, the surrounding Blood Coat Disciple retreated. They knew they can't beat Purple Bat Demon King, but the old man can. He was Vampire Sect's Left-Wing Protector, a powerful martial artist in grandmaster realm, late-stage.

"Demonic Blood Realm." Left-Wing Protector said in a deep voice and released the Demonic Blood Realm, directly covering the Purple Bat Demon King.

Purple Bat Demon King was paled and wanted to move, but realized that his body could not move. He was not at grandmaster realm and could not escape and was trapped by the Left-Wing Protector.

The Left-Wing Protector smiled coldly and said, "Purple Bat Demon King, back in the days you killed our Master's son, now it's your turn.

Qingfeng Li arrived just in time. He saw that Left-Wing Protector ready to kill Purple Bat Demon King, his face suddenly darkened.

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